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Major A.M. Dill
First Union Pacific Pensioner

Major A.M. Dill first came to North Platte in 1877. He was employed by the Union Pacific Railway until 1902, at which time he retired at the age of 79. He was Union Pacific's first pensioner. For fourteen years, starting in 1877, Major Dill was foreman of the Union Pacific blacksmith shop at North Platte.

He began working for railroads with the New York and Erie Railway, in 1839, when they had only 12 miles of railroad completed. That was in the Piermont, Rockland County area of New York. In 1850 he took charge of a blacksmith shop at Elmira, New York, under W.E. Rutter, and in the following year he built a blackship shop of his own to build cars for the Buffalo & New York Railroad. This shop burned down, and at that point he moved to Canadaigua, remaining there until 1856. He then moved to Racine, Wisconsin, then two years later to Springfield, Illinois, where he worked for the Wabash railroad.

In Springfield, he became well acquainted with Abraham Lincoln. Major Dill was a native of Florida, Orange County, New York, being born there on December 6, 1823. He married Miss Julia A. Hoover in 1857, and their children were Charles A., engineer with the Union Pacific; W.E. Dill, an engineer with the Union Pacific who died in 1901 at the age if 35; a daughter, Mrs. W.L. Park, wife of the general superintendent of the Union Pacific Railway, who had been assistant dividion superintendent in North Platte; and Mrs. Perry Sitton of North Platte whose husband is of the Union Pacific Hotel.

Compendium of History, Reminiscence and Biography of Western Nebraska, 1909, Alden Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois.

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