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North Platte Telegraph

November 25, 1893


Some months ago R. H. Stuart and several other citizens commenced making arrangements to organize a company of home guards in this city, but they met with many discouragements and obstacles, some of our citizens going so far out of their way as to communicate with the state officials, and endeavor to persuade them against sanctioning the movement, and even a would-be newspaper of this city stated that an "attempt would be made to organize the guards." But paying no heed to these slurs and discouragements, the promoters kept steadily at work and gained their point.

On Wednesday morning Governor Crounse, Adjutant General Gage, Lieutenant Hotchkiss and Captain Culver arrived in the city and made arrangements to muster in the guards, after which Governor Crounse and Adjutant General Gage, having important engagements at Lincoln, returned home on No. 4. In the evening the guards were mustered in at Lloyd's opera house by Lieutenant Hotchkiss and Captain Culver, after which a grand banquet was held at Schuffs restaurant where eloquent speeches were delivered by Judge Hoagland, Lieutenant Hotchkiss, department Commander Church and Captain Culver.

And now North Platte can boast of having a company of Nebraska home guards, which will be known as the "W.F. Cody Guards." The company is composed of fifty members, as follows:

C.F. Scharmann, captain
H.O. Evans, first lieutenant
H.F. Jeffery, second lieutenant
S.C. Macomber, first sergeant
David Scott, second sergeant
J.F. Grau, third sergeant
W.R. Morgan, fourth sergeant
R.M. Mason, fifth sergeant
C.F. Burroughs, first corporal
Wm. Breterneitz, second corporal
George Hatfield, third corporal
J.C. Austin, fourth corporal

J.W. Adams
H.G. Atkinson
P.C. Bobbitt
Ed Bogue
C.R. Breterneitz
C.E. Brown
O.W. Brown
Thos. Cartwright
G.D. Chamberlain
H.C. Davis
C.R. DeMott
H.N. Dolph
G.W. Eves
J.W. Fisher
F.R. Ginn
A.F. Hammond
Joseph Koons
Mose McFarland
J.M. Mooney
E.J. Rannie
W.R. Rannie
J.O. Raynor
Chas. Samuelson
A.M. Scharmann
J.M. Simpson
N.A. Slader
Alex Stewart
C.G. Stuart
W.C. Tarkington
E.G. Weston
W.L. Willerton
G.C. Yost
Henry Yost

C.S. Stuart, musician

The TELEGRAPH greets the Cody guards with three cheers and desires that all honor will be bestowed upon them and the faithful and untiring efforts of Roy H. Stuart and his assistants in their successful effort in securing the mustering in of the company.