North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
Tuesday, July 24, 1917
Lincoln County Men Subject to Call

Below is printed the names of over 400 Lincoln County men who are subject to call before the exemption board in the rotation in which they were drawn at Washington last Friday and the rotatiomn in which they appear in these columns. The quota apportioned to Lincoln County is one hundred and fifteen, and starting with the first appearing on the list the men will appear in consecutive order until the necessary 115 have been selected. It is figured that fully fifty per cent will have valid claims for exemption, and it is therefore probably that not more than 250 will be called before the board for the first call. The others will be subject to a later call which will probably be made within ninety days.

The date for appearance before the board has not been named, but probably within ten days. Certified lists of the numbers drawn will be sent from Washington to the county district boards today.

258 - Nels C. Nelson, Fox Creek
458 - George Wing Miller
1436 - John Haas, Sutherland
854 - Wilber Lyons, North Platte
1095 - By W. Cole, North Platte
1455 - Ray R. Miller, Sutherland
783 - George R. Tighte, North Platte
1117 - John P. Eves, North Platte
1572 - Roy H. Widner, Sutherland
1748 - David C. Feather, Maxwell
837 - Guy C. Granger, North Platte
337 - Herman Timmer, Hall
676 - Milo M. Dancer, North Platte

Note: This is a small portion of the draft list. The remainder of the 400 names will be added in the near future.

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