North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
February 26, 1918

Final Examination of Class One Men

The final physical examination of class one registratns will be held at the federal building next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In these three days all of this class who have not so far been examined, will pass through the physicians hands. There are about 170 yet to be examined, and by working through the full day the physicians will be able to complete the work.

Those who are to appear for examination Friday are:

Alonzo Wright      North Platte
Belvin Darrah      North Platte
Ross Hutchison      Hershey
Wm. C. Moore      Maxwell
W. W. Burke      North Platte
Henry Lunkwitz      Hershey
Harold Fleming      Sutherland
Harry Walsworth      Sutherland
Alfred Remus      Wellfleet
Alfred Bremers      Bignell
Ellis Barraclaugh      North Platte
Homer Everly      Beloit, Kan.
Ernest Crogan      Arnold
Thos. Rowley      North Platte
Walter Backmen      North Platte
Paul Scharmann      North Platte
Ray Eckoff      Sutherland
Howard Wells      Brady
Chas. Seypher      Somerset
Alexis Stearns      Stapleton
James Clark      Brady
Andy Hite      Brady
Geo. Case      North Platte
Roy Ziegenhagen      Hershey
Lorenzo Macomber      North Platte
Chas. Wilson      North Platte
Joe McCracken      North Platte
James Toten      Brady
Roy Singleton      North Platte
Virgil Fowler      North Platte
Chas. Bacon      North Platte
Elmer Kilmer      Madison, Neb.
Schuyler Wilcox      Farnam
Delbert Bonner      Lincoln
Roy Favinger      Wallace
John F. Dancer      Sutherland
Earl Johnson      Brady
Avaline Gates      North Platte
Edward Conklin      Brady
Alvin Oman      Brady
John C. Stack      North Platte
John Mackros      North Platte
Virgil Roat      Brady
Grover Venner      University Place
Christ Mackis      North Platte
Geo. Careyle      North Platte
Wm. Elliott      North Platte
Gus Widstrandt      Hershey
Ray Rowley      North Platte
Anton Isakson      Brady
Jens Jensen      North Platte
Wm. Devine      Farnam
Oscar Brestel      Brady
Leonard Wolf      Hershey
John Mead      Aurora, Neb.
Richard Stegman      North Platte
Geo. F. Freed      North Platte
Jas. F. Campbell      Dickens
Walter Cronen      North Platte
Roy E. Walker      Sterling, Col.
Voorheels Curtis      North Platte
Harry Jenkins      Hershey

Those who report Saturday are:

Wm. Schick      North Platte
Ed. C. Sanders      Maxwell
Chas G. Lawrence      North Platte
Philip Musil      Dickens
A. J. Chessmore      Sutherland
J. C. Merril      Maywood
B. W. Bonham      Potter
John Smith      Tie Siding, Wyo.
E. H. Dow      Moorefield
E. H. White      Sutherland
Delbert Cordell      Dickens
Otto Lind      Brady
Carl McCracken      North Platte
Ben Mayfield      Wellfleet
Harold Lindberg      Brady
Earl Burke      Maxwell
M. W. Swank      Brady
Howard Perkins      Brady
George Swanson      Brady
George Bostwick      Hershey
F. R. Schwang      Maxwell
Clarence Funk      Sunol
F. E. Robinson      Maxwell
Henry Hendrickson      Brady
D. W. Hanger      Wallace
A. M. Neilson      Curtis
E. A. Duval      North Platte
Lyle Ludwig      North Platte
Gus Hemmeright      North Platte
A. M. Douglas      North Platte
John Durrer      Somerset
Cliff Morris      North Platte
Harry Fisher      Maxwell
J. B. Nichols      Ingham
George Meyers      North Platte
Frank Stanton      Carreyville, Wyo
Arthur Howe      Vermillion, Kan.
F. W. Kilroy      Maxwell
Harry Lannin      North Platte
Ellis Howard      Wellfleet
Arthur Carver      Brady
David Manna      Brady
C. L. Thomas      North Platte
Arthur Gregg      North Platte
A. J. Traub      North Platte
Chas. Leach      Arnold
Chris. Nelson      Maxwell
Lester Griffiths      Dickens
Earl Calhoun      Chadron
A. H. Briggs      Maxwell
John Jenkins      Kearney
George Liles      Hershey
Julius Forstedt      North Platte
Dale Murphy      Brady
Harry Bachman      North Platte
Godfrey Erickson      Brady
Clarence Smith      Wellfleet
Ed. M. Schatz      North Platte

Those who are to report Sunday are:

John Toillion      North Platte
F. S. Triggs      Maxwell
B. J. Johnson      Brady
Wilson Bollish      Wellfleet
Thos. Duke      San Luis Obispe, Cal.
Ray Essley      Stapleton
Edgar Anderson      Maxwell
Lesil Alexander      Arnold
Shelby Sperry      Wallace
Wm. Paulman      Hershey
Wm. Johnson      North Platte
Geo. Hansen      North Platte
John Skogman      Falsom, Ia.
George Gilbert      Sunol
Frank Sanford      North Platte
Floyd Black      Knoxville, Ia.
Wm. Mursgard      Arnold
Morris Sullivan      North Platte
Clyde Perkins      Brady
Arthur Smith      Sutherland
Harvey Sorenson      North Platte
Byron Hixon      North Platte
Jens Christensen      Tryon
Ed Anderson      Omaha
Ed Stuart      Sutherland
Russell Cox      Sutherland
Wm. Roberts      Maxwell
Adam Christ      North Platte
Roy Hunter      North Platte
George Mengles      North Platte
Oliver Mayfield      Wellfleet
Walter Anderson      Brady
Everett Batie      Stapleton

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