North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
May 17, 1918

Select 80 Names to Fill the Next Call

The local exemption board had selected sixty names of class one registrants as they appear in rotation from which to call the twenty five men, or such number as may be later designated, who are to leave within a five day period beginning May 25th. The number of names selected is taken in excess of the number that will be required in the next call for the reason that some may be exempt on account of agriculture or otherwise and some may have enlisted or will enlist before the issuance of the call. The publication of the list in advance will give the boys sufficient time to arrange for leaving in case they are called or give them an opportunity to claim exemption if they have grounds for such action.

The names follows:

Wm Keegan, North Platte
Ola Hokanson, Dickens
Harry Little, Stockville
S. C. Moore, Wallace
Fred Austez, Wellfleet
W. H. Cass, North Platte
Joe Waggoner, North Platte
Henry Kelso, North Platte
J. P. Rouche, Hershey
Samuel Evans, Hershey
Kalseyire Lugreyama, North Platte
James George, North Platte
John A. Laughlin, Sutherland
Floyd K. Shane, Sutherland
Frank Lusco, Brady
Wm. F. Sheedy, North Platte
Frank H. Coker, Sutherland
George Herb, Sutherland
Walter C. Ellis, North Platte
Charles McKnight, Moorfield
Howard Winters, Brady
James E. Miller, North Platte
William Pitzer, North Platte
Roy Freeman, North Platte
Frank H. Davis, North Platte
Henry Paul, Maxwell
Norman J. Harmer, North Platte
Antonio Zacardie, North Platte
Peter E. Falks, North Platte
Clyde Cummings, Sutherland
Rudolph Anderson, North Platte
Clarence Cumpston, Brady
Earl Lucas, North Platte
Russell Grandy, North Platte
J. A. Anderson, North Platte
Nick Adamy, Wellfleet
Ezra Dowhower, North Platte
Albert Westenfeldt, North Platte
Clifford Hazen, Wellfleet
Gaither Canble, Sutherland
Frank Bubak, Sutherland
Andrew Riffe, North Platte
Wm. A. Raatz, Wellfleet
Ambrose Jones, North Platte
Archie Stenner, North Platte
Jerry Parsons, Brady
Raymond Jacobsen, Denmark
Carp Angelo, Sutherland
Pearl Gruby, North Platte
Chas. Clement, Farnam
Joe L. Souder, North Platte
Walter Lee, North Platte
Vincent Soderman, Brady
Axel Isakson, Hershey
Homer L. Hand, North Platte
Martin Fikenscher, Brady
Wm. L. Kanffman, North Platte
Claude Wilson, North Platte
Leroy Dugan, Sutherland
Josheph W. Tighe, North Platte

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