North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
June 7, 1918

June Call Will Take Ninety of Our Boys

Clerk Allen of the exemption board received two calls for men Wednesday evening, the first calling for Thirty six, the second thirty-seven and those with the call for seventeen men for special training at the state university at Lincoln swells the total to ninety men.

Seventy-three of these men - those included in the two calls made Wednesday will entrain in a five day period beginning June 24th. One half of them will be sent to Ft. Riley, the other half to Camp Funston.

The seventeen men called for special training at the state university will leave June 15th. Up to last evening fourteen of the seventeen needed to fill the university call had signed up, designating the vocation or calling they desired to take up.

Today Clerk Allen will mail out the notification cards to 111 men from which will be selected the seventy-three men who are to entrain on June 24th to 28th.

June 7, 1918

Today Clerk Allen will mail out the notification cards to 111 men from which will be selected the seventy-three men who are to entrain on June 24th to 28th. This list includes the following:

Loenzo Mecomber, North Platte
Geo. F. Case, North Platte
Joe D. McCracker, North Platte
James R. Tollen, Brady
Carl Anderson, Sunol
Elmer Kilmer, Arnold
Schuyler Wilcox, Farnam
Delbert R. Bonner, North Platte
Earl Johnson, Brady
John G. Dancer, Sutherland
Henry Lunkwitz, Hershey
Alfred Bremers, North Platte
Ross Hutchinson, Pocatello, Idaho
Wm. Moore, Maxwell
Belvin DeRolf, North Platte
Albert Baker, North Platte
Oscar Brestel, Brady
Jno. A. Mead, Hat Creek, Wyo.
George Freed, North Platte
W. R. Devine, Farnam
Jens Jensen, North Platte
Virgil L. Root, Brady
Roy Favinger, Wallace
Geo. E. Duncan, Grant
Genry Gambrel, North Platte
Roy Van Buskirk, North Platte
John Logis, North Platte
Henry Caulkins, North Platte
Ottis Hutchinson, San Francisco
Edward Jennings, Sutherland
Bert M. Pierce, Arnold
Rowley Crogan, Arnold
Grover C. Venner, University Place
Geo. D. Carlyle, North Platte
John Makris, North Platte
J. F. Dancer, Sutherland
Earl Lucas, North Platte
Rudolph Anderson, Emporia, Kan.
Homer Eberle, Beloit, Kan.
Ellis Barraclough, North Platte
W. D. Brooks, North Platte
Ray Echoff, Sutherland
Alexis Stearns, North Platte
Clarence Cumpston, Casper, Wyo.
Willard Cameron, Dickens
Orville Jeffries, Hershey
Everett Rouse, North Platte
Stampher Schmalzried, North Platte
George W. Anderson, Dickens
Axel Johnson, North Platte
Thos. E. Hill, Moorefield
Nick Chiros, North Platte
Bartel McGovern, Maxwell
Chas. F. Strauss, North Platte
Chas. H. Smith, North Platte
Clyde M. Brown, Wellfleet
Louis Broeder, North Platte
Carl W. Smith, Nampa, Idaho
Howard Wills, Salt Lake City
Paul Scharmann, North Platte
Chas. E. Sypher, Somerset
Walter Bockman, North Platte
Roy Ziegenhaugen, Hershey
James Clark, Brady
J. F. Campbell, Dickens
Walter Cronin, North Platte
Voorhees Curtis, North Platte
Harry Jenkins, Hershey
Clarence Smith, Wellfleet
Dale Murphy, Brady
Claude Moore, North Platte
Leslie Griffiths, Dickens
Charles R. Leach, Arnold
Arthur Gregg, North Platte
David Manna, Brady
Arthur Carver, Brady
Ellis Howard, Wellfleet
Fred Kilroy, Maxwell
Arthur Howe, Barnes, Kan.
Frank Stant, Pinckneyville, Ill.
George Myers, North Platte
John Perkins, Brady
Harry Fisher, Maxwell
David Swendt, North Platte
Clifford Morris, North Platte
John Durner, Somerset
Gus Hemmerite, Hershey
Alfred Neilson, Curtis
Clinton Runner, Hershey
Henry Hendrickson, Brady
Frank Robinson, Maxwell
Frank Schwanz, Maxwell
Geo. I. Bostwick, Hershey
George Swanson, Brady
Marcus W. Swank, Gothenburg
Earl Burke, Maxwell
Ben Mayfield, Farnam
Edward Anderson, Omaha
Edward Stuart, North Platte
Russell Cox, Sutherland
Wm. L. Roberts, Maxwell
Adam Christ, North Platte
Ray Hunter, North Platte
George Mengle, North Platte
Oliver Mayfield, Wellfleet
Walter Anderson, Brady
Everett Beatty, Stapleton
John Ferryman, Omaha
Fred Schroeder, Curtis
David Yost, Maxwell
Wm. C. Wright, North Platte

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