North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
June 11, 1918

The Young Men Who Registered Last Week

Following are the names and addresses, together with the order of registration of the young men who registered with the local board last Wednesday:

1. Lucien Neville Bowers, North Platte
2. William M. Jensen, Curtis
3. Bert Augustus Hunter, North Platte
4. Alf V. Elander, Brady
5. Bural H. Haynes, Brady
6. William Russel Boggs, Hershey
7. William Clarence Dean, North Platte
8. Seth Helberg, Brady
9. George Pullman, North Platte
10. John Gortan Gates, Chappell
11. J. Bryon Fletcher, North Platte
12. George Benjamin Wilson, North Platte
13. Oliver Edward Johnson, Brady
14. Kenneth S. Weinberger, North Platte
15. Stewart Gamble, North Platte
16. Leslie J. Coker, Sutherland
17. Lawrence G. Dahlstrom, North Platte
18. Aciel R. Crider, Hershey
19. Arthur Howard Greeley, Stapleton
20. Leo Joseph Miles, North Platte
21. Louie Jorgensen, Sutherland
22. Henry Alfred Walz, Stapleton
23. Peter Jepsen, Denmark
24. Jess Keslar, North Platte
25. Clare Homer Brown, North Platte
26. Arthur Ervin Jennings, Maywood
27. Elari T. Hall, North Platte
28. Marion Barnes, North Platte
29. Raymond A. Elliott, North Platte
30. William E. Bennett, Wallace
31. Chester Mapes, Sutherland
32. Earl Woodruff, North Platte
33. Milton Rist, Wallace
34. Eugene A. Conover, Sutherland
35. Roy G. Runnels, Wallace
36. Howard Curtis, North Platte
37. Roy Carl Oman, Brady
38. Raymond Walters, Wallace
39. Thomas Agan, Wallace
40. Osa Kelso, North Platte
41. Floyd Lisle Ferrell, Wallace
42. Chas. Jas. Leth, North Platte
43. Wm. E. Wayman, Maxwell
44. Peter George Meyer. North Platte
45. Edward J. Wilson, North Platte
46. Frederick Jobman, Gothenburg
47. Andy Ughrin, Wellfleet
48. Lynn Everett Crosgrove, Farnman
49. William Nelson Jepson, Maxwell
50. Sidney Benjamin Besack, North Platte
51. William McKinley Ross, Stapleton
52. Leo Clifton Critchfield, North Platte
53. Carl R. Greisen, North Platte
54. Raynor Felix Hise, Hershey
55. John Winn, North Platte
56. James Hanery Wilkins, Curtis
57. Earling Warren Qualley, North Platte
58. Tony Kersting, North Platte
59. Bruce Isaac Dempcy, Morefield
60. Rex Miller W. Jacobson, Denmark
61. Ival Bertis Johnson, Gothenburg
62. Henry Camblin, Brady
63. Thompson Alexander Bigham, North Platte
64. Oscar B. Peterson, Farnam
65. Paul Farnstrom, Gothenburg
66. Arvid B. Banks, Farnam
67. Russell Sawyer, North Platte
68. Ora F. Wilson, North Platte
69. George W. Yonker, Wallace
70. David Herman Wing, North Platte
71. Elmer Benjamin Belford, North Platte
72. Theodore Alfred Trembly, Maxwell
73. William Jennings E. Nelson, Maxwell
74. George Austin Hawkins, North Platte
75. John Razes, North Platte
76. K. Nagano, North Platte
77. Lester Anthony, North Platte
78. Glenn Henry Moore, North Platte
79. Edmund Patrick Boyle, Hershey
80. Jay Ernest Sanford, North Platte
81. Ernest Raymond Ball, North Platte
82. Andrew Odean, Hershey
83. Charles Wright, Stapleton
84. William J. Van Metre, Ingham
85. James D. Pease, North Platte
86. Elmer G. Tumblenon, North Platte
87. Harvey Fulk, Wallace
88. Ralph E. Hanson, North Platte
89. Fred Favinger, Wallace
90. Clarence Sylvester Anderson, Wallace
91. John Walter Parkhurst, Brady
92. Wesley Conrad Beauchamp, Hershey
93. Frank Campbell, Dickens
94. Walter Fred Remus, Wellfleet
95. Stacy Charles McMichael, Wellfleet
96. Thomas Jefferson Baley, Denmark
97. Charles McKinley Glaze, Wellfleet
98. Kenneth Abercrombie, Brady
99. Peter William Klinge, Maxwell Star Route
100. Edward Dale Smith, North Platte Route 1
101. Wm. Delbert Matin, Hershey
102. Leo James Greenwood, Wellfleet
103. William Edward Snow, North Platte, Tryon Route
104. Major Ambrose White, North Platte, 222 West Fifth
105. Fred Ellsworth, North Platte, 1120 West Fourth
106. Clarence Edward Brown, Maxwell
107. Lee Elsworth Anderson, Gothenburg, Route 3
108. Paul John Pearce, Arnold, Rt. 2
109. Verne Clyda Stinnette, Moorefield
110. William J. Broder, North Platte
111. Archie O. Discoe, North Platte, M. R. No. A
112. Ross D. Shaner, Maxwell
113. William W. Calhoun, North Platte
114. Opie Hicks, Farnam
115. Otto H. Westenfeld, North Platte, 809 East 8th
116. Leslie Cross, Ingham
117. Owen Fred Houser, Maxwell
118. Frank Murray, Brady
119. Lawrence Floyd Peterson, Gothenburg
120. Conrad William Schamann, North Platte 721 West 9th
121. Ruben Coleman, North Platte
122. Charles Buford Portrey, North Platte
123. James Lester Johnston, Sutherland
124. Byron Ernest Ware, Maxwell
125. Louis Godeker, Jr., Sutherland
126. Ostar Floyd Olson, North Platte
127. Frank H. Dudley, North Platte
128. Russell Roy Nelson, Brady
129. George Franklin Halsey, Wellfleet
130. Henry J. Johnson, North Platte 222 East 11th
131. Robert T. Miles, North Platte
132. Emerson Edison O’Neill, Dickens
133. Glenn A. Cummings, Sutherland Star Route
134. Alvie Ray Carpenter, Maxwell Star Route
135. Claud Page Ekstrom, Brady Rt. 3
136. Henry Gordon Rebhausen, North Platte 102 So. Locust
137. Frank Sukraw, Maxwell
138. Edwin Homer Potter, North Platte Route 3
139. Arthur Manuel Widstrand, Hershey
140. Floyd Wolcott, Wellfleet

American Casualties

Up to yesterday the casualties among the American expeditionary forces were as follows:

Deaths in action and from wounds, disease, accidents and all other causes numbered 9,927, while 4,046 men have been wounded and 342 are missing in action, including men held prisoners in Germany.

The departments recapitulation follows:
Killed in action (including 291 at sea): 1,033
Died of wounds: 310
Died of disease: 1,192
Died of accidents and other causes: 392
Wounded in action: 4,046
Missing in action (including prisoners): 342
Total: 7,315

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