North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
August 10, 1918
Discharges for Physical Disability

Following are those who failed to pass the physical test before the board of examiners of the selective draft. Any or all of these are subject to recall should the government so direct.

Fred A. Anderson, North Platte
Frank N. Arensdorf, Sutherland
Melvin S. Banting, North Platte
Ray B. Beatty, Sutherland
Harry Beegie, North Platte
Jose Compas, Sutherland
Henry Deveny, Dickens
Ralph H. Dompey, Sutherland
James F. Dunn, North Platte
Nathan Forsberg, Brady
Alfred Fransen, Hershey
Henry Gaum, Brady
Guy Granger, North Platte
Leroy W. Halligan, North Platte
George Hanlon, North Platte
Elden Hardenbrook, North Platte
Jesus Hermades, North Platte
Ralph Holberg, Brady
Andrew Jensen, Wellfleet
John Kidwell, Wallace
Watson Kunkel, North Platte
Alfred Larson, Brady
Ira McCoig, Maxwell
Homer Mylander, North Platte
Albert McGregor, Sutherland
Harley L. Pennington, North Platte
I. C. Pettijohn, Wallace
Earenst F. Richiger, Denmark
Vernon E. Roberts
Robert Salcetti, North Platte
Theodore E. Samuelson, North Platte
Ralph R. Sawyer, North Platte
York E. Saxton, Sutherland
Reuben A. Scott, Sutherland
James E. Sebastian, North Platte
Nathan W. Scott, Stapleton
Earl C. Stinnette, Morefield
George W. Teasley, Dickens
Leroy Teeters, Moorefield
William R. Todd, North Platte
Harry Wiig, Sutherland
Frank Wyman, North Platte

Note: This is a copy of the original newspaper articles, without corrections.

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