North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
August 14, 1917

Draft Exemptions

There seems to be considerable missunderstanding as to the powers and duties of the local boards under the selective draft law.

There are but two classes in which the action of the local board is final.

First -- those who fail to pass the physical examination receive their discharge from the board.

Second -- Those that pass the physical examination and do not make any claim for exemption are certified for service by the board.

The local board have no juristiction of exemptions under the industrial occuption. These claims are passed upon by the district board that meets in Omaha.

Claims for exemption on account of dependent relatives are passed upon by the local board subject to review by the district board.

There is no provision in the law requiring the exemption of any drafted man on account of dependent relatives. The law places this matter in the discretion of the president and the local boards are governed in this matter by the rules and regulations made by the president.

Under these rules and regulations the local board cannot arbitrarily decide that a drafted man shall be execused from service, because he may have wife, children or dependent parents unless it further appears to their satisfaction that such dependents would become a public charge in case he was taken.

Any person receiving notice that his claim for exemption on account of dependents has been denied by the local board has the right to appeal from the decision of the local board to the district board where he can present additional evidence to bring his case within the role laid down by the president.

In all cases where the local board excuses a drafted man from service on account of dependents, the government automatically appeals from such decision to the district board.

Draft Board Completes Its Work

After several days of work the draft board completed their work yesterday with the following result:
Number discharged .............. 42
Exemption claims refused ....... 64
Not asking exemption ........... 59

Those not filing exemption claims:

Frank Orcott, North Platte
Leo Fountain, North Platte
William C. Woodring, North Platte
Elmer Wilcox Shaner, Maxwell
Arve Peterson, North Platte
Chas. Leroy Perkins, North Platte
Frank Duncan Knapp, Maxwell
Ernest Raymond Casey, North Platte
William Smith McCord, Hershey
Ernest McCord, North Platte
Julian Peres, Sutherland
Axel Carl Larson, North Platte
Amos Andrew Ross, North Platte
Cyril Paul Donegan, North Platte
Julian Andrado, Sutherland
Paul John Thomson, North Platte
Ernest LeRoy Berry, Wallace
Lee Wilson Bird, North Platte
Clifford Ekstrom, Brady
Jeremiah Snyder, Maxwell
Thomas Edwin Waugh, North Platte
Floyd Morton Young, Sutherland
Robert Charles Johnston, North Platte
Alanacle Belazquez, Hershey
Carl Ernest Westenfeld, North Platte
Isaac Edward Folk, Brady
Harry P. Conklin, North Platte
George Wing, North Platte
Nels Chris Nelsen, Curtis
John Haase, Sutherland
John Palmer Eves, North Platte
Alfredo Rodiquez, Sutherland
Orlon Leroy Lum, Dickens
Clarence L. McNeal, Brady
Otto Gewecke, Farnam
Richard Henry Dill, North Platte
Rayo Razo, North Platte
David A. Clark, Brady
Herbert Alvin Leach, Sutherland
Salvador Brems, Sutherland
Auril Victor Larson, Dickens
Robert Emmett Stebbins, North Platte
Elmer Ray Smith, North Platte
Jose Angel Gongalez, Hershey
Hipolite Gonazales, Sarben
Jesse Burton Harris, North Platte
William Jacob Irvin, Wallace
Henry Miller, Hershey
John Bicking, North Platte
John Mathew Thompson, North Platte
Frances Eugene Palmer, Sutherland
Herman Lilas, Hershey
Earl Jacob Eshelman, Hershey
Milo Marshall Dancer, North Platte
Clifford Julius Schoolcraft, Maxwell
Clarence Edgar Shaul, North Platte
Roy Maurer, Farnam
Frank Clair Stuart, North Platte
John Nolas, North Platte

List of Those Exempted.

Elmer A. Crosby, Sutherland
Ulyssis G. Phillips, Wallace
Boyd Elmer McGuire, North Platte
George A. Morgan, Wallace
Nels Forstedt, North Platte
Henry E. Lee, North Platte
John Malsuse, Hershey
Bert Edwin Ward, North Platte
Archie Bradley, North Platte
Ray A. Lincoln, North Platte
William E. Gregory, North Platte
Jim Yama, North Platte
Clyde W. Dark, Dickens
Roy V. Gaunt, North Platte
Carl J. Cornelius, Brady
Steve Cole, North Platte
Charles L. McKean, Hershey
George Sivits, North Platte
George V. Brownfield, Hershey
James Halvas, North Platte
Thomas T. McCabe, North Platte
Walter Eshelman, North Platte
George F. Saunders, Hershey
George W. Klenk, North Platte
Oscar John Sandall, North Platte
George E. Schlitz, North Platte
Patrick F. McEvoy, North Platte
Will E. Hudson, Hershey
Edwin E. Wright, North Platte
Seth Bergstrom, Brady
K. Kori, North Platte
Eli W. Hansen, North Platte
L. C. Sawyer, North Platte
Lloyd Powers, North Platte
Ray Smith, Wellfleet
James W. Inman, North Platte
Thomas D. Ogden, Maxwell
John Randall Babbitt, North Platte
James Ray Dorram, North Platte
John Schneiter, Hershey
Earnest C. Ridinger, North Platte
K. George Chiros, North Platte

Those whose exemptions were rejected:

Ray Robert Miller, Sutherland
Ray Hazen Widner, Sutherland
David Charles Feathers, Maxwell
Herman Timmer, North Platte
Chester Ellsworth, North Platte
Arthur D. Wimberly, North Platte
Harry A. Potter, North Platte
Louis G. McNeel, Sutherland
Herman A. Surber, North Platte
Jesse A. Miller, Wallace
James Nath Walker, North Platte
James C. Baker, North Platte
Martin F. Meyer, Paxton
Guy W. Yoke, Dickens
Walter L. Falk, North Platte
Nick Camblin, Brady
George W. Roberts, Maxwell
Albin Erickson, Brady
Carl Harris, Wallace
Vernon E. Adkinson, Gothenburg
Lewis W. Bennett. Wallace
Christian H. Schimel, Maxwell
Major C. Walz, North Platte
Peter McGinley, Sutherland
Jefferson C. Newman, Wallace
Mark McConnell, Hershey
George H. Duke, North Platte
Leroy Carrigan, North Platte
Carl A. Larson Ingham
John M. Decker, North Platte
Leonard S. Banks, Farnam
Benjamin Dikeman, Sutherland
Harry C. Vian, Ingham
Charles Peters, Sutherland
Will J. Luschen, Wellfleet
Carroll F. Bliss, Sutherland
Gumar C. Young, Brady
John Carl Hollman, North Platte
Peter Christian Sutter, Hershey
Clarence H. Newman, Dickens
Leonard B. Redmond, North Platte
Charlie G. Russell, North Platte
Warren A. Doolittle, North Platte
Jonai Mizuno, North Platte
George H. Bacon, North Platte
Richard Daugherty, Sutherland
Luroy F. Soules, North Platte
John E. Gilman, Brady
Samíl G. Poulos, North Platte
Leslie R. Wood, North Platte
William D. Spurrier, North Platte
Albert A. Ginapp, Grady
Auble A. Hotchkiss, North Platte
Howard B. Combs, Bignell
Howard J. Diener, North Platte
Gilbert V. Anderson, North Platte
Bert Miller, North Platte
Noah F. Harrison, North Platte
George A. Amen, North Platte
Oscar C. Oman, Farnam
Jesse Andrew Robinson, Wellfleet
Lawrence Zollars, Maywood
Leslie D. Sims, Wellfleet

Selected for Training Camp

Three North Platte men have been selected as members of the select squad to be sent to the officiers training camp at Ft. Snelling [Minnesota]. They are Miner Hinman, late owner of the Overland garage and resident of the city since birth; Oren E. Garrison, freight conductor on the Union Pacific, and for many years a resident of North Platte; and Harry P. Conlin, traveling man who was formerly employed as clerk in the Rexall Drug store. Ray Tighe, who is now with the aviation corps in Texas, has been named as alternate.

Hinman, Conlin and Garrison leave for Ft. Snelling August 27th.

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