North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
September 4, 1917

Lincoln County Men Called to the Colors

The following Lincoln County men certified in the district exemption board by the county board, have breen passed by the district board and are now subject to call to the colors. Five per cent of these men will be called today, forty per cent about September 15th and the remainder at a later date.

Nelson, Nels Chris
Wing, Goerge
Haase, John
Eves, John P.
Dancer, Milo M.
Eshelman, Earl J.
Lilas, Herman
Teasley, George McC.
Palmer, Francis E.
Thompson, John M.
Rodinquez, Alfred
McCord, William S.
Schoolcraft, C.J.
Casey, Ernest R.
Knapp, Frank D.
Peterson, Arve
Wyman, Frank E.
Woodring, William C.
Shaul, Clarence E.
Maurer, Roy
Stuart, Frank C.
Bicking, John
Nolas, John
Miller, Henry
Ross, Amas A.
McClean, Charles
Peres, Julian
McCordm Ernest
Larson, Axel C.
Smith, Elmer Ray
Lum, Orion LeRoy
Bailey, Cluade R.
Sewecke, Otto
Conklin, Harry P.
Leach, Herbet A.
Perkins, Charles A.
Mizuno, Jonal
Anradio, Julian
Breues, Salvador
Gonzales, Jose A.
McNeel, Clarence L.
Gonzalea, Hipolite
Young, Floyd M.
Gilman, John P.
Westernfeld, Carl E.
Falk, Isaac E.
Belazquez, Alanacle
Snyder, Jeremiah
Larson, Auril V.
Waugh, Thomas E.
Fountain, Leo
Berry, Ernest L.
Stebbins, Robert E.
Thomsen, Paul J.
Johnson, Robert C.
Razo, Rayo
Irvin, William J.
Bird, Lee Wilson
Ekstrom, Clifford
Donegan, Cyril P.
Harris, Jesse D.

First Draft Men Leave Thursday Morning

The first drafted men to leave North Platte for the training camp at Ft. Riley will depart on No. 16 at 7 AM next Thursday morning. The men who will go are:

William C. Woodring, North Platte
Carl Westenfeld, North Platte
Charles Perkins, North Platte
Clarence Shaul, North Platte
Lee Bird, North Platte
Earl Eshelman, Hershey

These constitute the first call of five per cent of Lincoln county's quota of 115 men. The next call, to be made this month, will be for forty per cent.

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