North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
September 18, 1917

County Men Exempted by the District Board

County Clerk Allen received yesterday a list of Lincoln County registrants who have been exempted from military service by the district exemption board. There are forty-one of these men, a large majority of whom are farmers by vocation. The list is:

Harry A. Potter
Arthur Wimberly
Chester Ellsworth
Herman Timmer
Ray Widner
David Feathers
Robert Miller
Joe C. Baker
Will C. C. Luschen
Carroll Bliss
Gunner Young
Peter Sutter
Clarance Newman
George Amen
Frank Alcott
Oscar Oman
Bert Miller
Howard Combs
Richard Daugherty
Noah Harrison
Will D. Spurrier
Leslie Woods
George Bacon
Louis Bennett
Issac Harris
Vernon Atkinson
Walter Falk
Nick Camblin
Albin Ericsson
Guy Yohe
Martin Meyer
Herman Surber
Mart McConnell
Carl Larsen
Charles Peters
Ben Dikeman
Charles McKeen
Harvey Vian
Jefferson Newman
Peter McKinley

Examining Second Call

The county board of examiners started yesterday to examine the second call of drafted men. There are one hundred and fifty in this squad. Yesterday sixty four were examined, twenty-six of whom claimed exemption. The number discharged was not learned. The board will continue the examinations today and will probably not be able to finish before noon tomorrow.

Drafted men are given an Enthusiastic Farewell

Forty stalwart and sturdy young men, representing the second call of men from Lincoln county, left for Ft. Riley yesterday morning. The departure was marked by a fitting demonstration in which hundreds took part, and each man going could not help but feel that he was leaving behind many friends -- some unknown to him -- who wished him well.

The drafted men assembled at the court house at 7:30, and with members of the G.A.R. and S.W.V. as color bearers and escort and headed by the munincipal band, the large procession moved down Dewey street to the depot. Along the line of march the sidewalks were well crowded with people and at the depot there was a crush. The men were formed in line and while the good-byes were said the band rendered several selections.

While the boys were in line at the court house they were presented with comfort bags by the Red Cross Society and enroute to the depot were showered with flowers and presented with button hole boquets by girls of the parachial and public schools.

There were some weeping mothers, sisters and sweethearts, but generally speaking relatives stood the parting strain well. Practically all the assembled people grasped the hands of the boys and wished them well. As the train pulled out the band played the national air, there was much cheering and waving of hats and the departing boys heartily responded to these last farewells.

On the train were the contingents from Sedgwick County, Colorado, and from Keith County.

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