North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
September 25, 1917

One Hundred More Men Called for Examinations

Last evening the Lincoln County board of examiners issued a call for one hundred more men to report for examination next Friday and Saturday. This call has been made necessary by the fact that the net number of men that have been examined, passed and certified up to this date has not been sufficient to fill Lincoln County's quota of one hundred and fifteen.

So far Lincoln County has sent fifty-two men to Ft. Riley, leaving sixty-three to be available when called. This is a greater number than is at present certified, and it is not known how many are yet to be certified on the first lot examined or how many will be certified on the lot examined last week.

Under these conditions the local board deemed it necessary to call in another hundred men for examination. Those who have been notified to report are:

Those called for Examination for September 28th:

Karl B. Neu, Table
Levi Towers, North Platte
Henry C. Bretzer, North Platte
Walter G. Garteil, Somerset
Ferdinand Streitz, North Platte
Constantin Walz, Stapleton
Charles L. Gardsez (?), North Platte
Hans Rasmussen, Maxwell
James H. Hoppes, Gothenburg
Guy N. James, Sutherland
Harry A. McEvoy, North Platte
George Robb, Sutherland
John L. Grulke, North Platte
William F. Sander, North Platte
Elmer M. Howard, North Platte
Arthur M. Schneider, Maxwell
Elmer Seiler, North Platte
John Allen, North Platte
William T. Vasholz, Maxwell
Lloyd B. Stryson, North Platte
Lewis Norman, North Platte
Ben A. Johnson, Brady
John D. W. Lincoln, North Platte
Ralph M. Soper, North Platte
George B. Easton, North Platte
John Styskal, Wellfleet
Freeman G. Millett (?), North Platte
Bernado Espmoss, North Platte
K. Yamagachi, North Platte
James E. Yonker, Wallace
Pete Broderich, Sutherland
Henry W. Welch, North Platte
William E. Meyers, Sutherland
Roy C. Kelley, North Platte
Arthur W. Hunt, North Platte
Clarence B. Runner, Hershey
Pete Gercia, North Platte
Cecil E. Carson, Wellfleet
Harry A. Diehl, Hershey
Rudolph F. Nenzo, Wellfleet
Thomas W. Bayne, North Platte
Daniel L. Mitchell, Maywood
William L. Fristo, Wellfleet
Duane Smith, North Platte
Denetrios Koloynpsoulos, North Platte
Arthur F. Kalwert, Sutherland
Warren Soules, Brady
Arthur Yeynolds, North Platte
Andrew Lewis, North Platte
George H. Powell, North Platte
Joseph H. Golden, Gothenburg
Ira A. Sinclair, Sutherland
Eberly S. Thomas, North Platte
Fred C. Koester, Wellfleet
Charles A. Nelson, Brady
John G. High, Hershey
Thomas Cormack, Wallace
James P. Johnson, North Platte
John Boyle, Wellfleet
John A. Biddle, Wellfleet
Roy V. Cary, Hershey
Emil C. Kosbau, North Platte
William W. Vernon, North Platte
Jesse R. Little, North Platte
Vernest E. Peterson, Gothenburg
William G. Rubenthaler, Gotherburg
Samuel B. Baker, Wallace
John R. Wing, North Platte
Harry F. Weber, North Platte
Otto V. Johnson, Sutherland
Jay J. Smith, North Platte
Roy E. Roton, Maxwell
Ray L. Eyerly, North Platte
Nick Calivinos, North Platte
Ernest E. Brownel, Sutherland

Those called for Examination for September 29th:

John R. Churchill, North Platte
John Gray, North Platte
Frank M. Hughes, North Platte
George Frazier, North Platte
William W. Siebold, North Platte
Kimball F. Baldwin, Sutherland
Victor P. Oman, Farnam
Fred J. Anderson, Sutherland
Allen R. McDonald, North Platte
John L. Murphy, North Platte
Roy T. Harvey, Sutherland
Claude O. Drake, Maxwell
Robert Allender Schell, North Platte
James J. Barnell, North Platte
Charles A. Howard, Wellfleet
George A. Wilson, Sutherland
Lemuel W. Tool, North Platte
Anton Lewis, North Platte
Clarence C. Carver, Brady
Albert Rowley, Sutherland
Loy H. Eyerly, Hershey
Wallace E. Owens, North Platte
Frank Kirby, Maxwell
Alve H. Farrell, Wallace
Fred W. Dick, North Platte
George R. Razes, North Platte
Carl F. Scott, North Platte
Alfred Rasmussen, Maxwell
Omer R. Roten, Maxwell
Walter S. Breyer, Sutherland
William J. Jurney, Tryon
Megolas J. Mason, Stapleton
Ernest E. McFadden, North Platte
Samuel P. Gunderson, Wallace
John E. Schram, North Platte
Harry E. Easton, North Platte
William O. Wade, North Platte
Ernest Royal Mills, North Platte
Claude D. Clement, Farnam

181 are Examined and Eighty-One ask Exemption

The Lincoln County board of examiners last Thursday, Friday and Saturday examined one hundred and thirty-one military registrants. Thirteen of these were discharged as physically unfit for army service and eighty-one claimed exemption, leaving thirty-seven good, stalwart young men who having no cause for exemption would probably as soon fight as eat.

The percentage of those asking for exemptions was much greater than at the first examination. It is probable that some asked to be exempted on rather flimsy pretenses, figuring that if the excuse held well and good, if it didn't hold they would be none the worse off.

Considerable criticism of the work of the district board in Omaha is heard; this, breaking out in rather severe form at Gering last Saturday. There it was claimed that wealth and politics influenced exemptions. This charge is undoubtedly not true; at least such cannot be charged so far as the board has acted on Lincoln County men.

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