North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
January 29, 1918

Summon Registrants for Physical Examination

The classification of Lincoln County registrants was completed by the local board the latter part of last week. Of the nearly 1,700 registrants classified, 512 were placed in Class A, but of this number between fifty and seventy-five per cent claims either occupational exemption or the grounds of having dependencies.

Yesterday the first squad of class A men were summoned to appear for medical examination on Friday of this week.

This thirty consist of the following:

M. L. Chappell
George Wing
Guy W. Cole
G. McC. Teasley
James N. Walker
G. W. Roberts
Frank C. Stuart
Carl J. Cornelius
Christian P. Sutter
Orion L. Lum
Frank Barnes
Edward Isaacson
Charles H. Kidwell
R. B. Henderson
Albert R. Larson
Harry A. Potter
Andrew Jensen
Henry Deverey
John E. Gilman
Leslie R. Wood
Howard B. Combs
C.L. Liaton
Alfred Franzea
J.P. Naftzinger
George T. Meyers
Lawrence Zollars
Earl C. Leaf
Ward W. Cary

Today cards will be mailed out to thirty more who will appear for examination next Saturday. This second squad is composed of the following:

William Knotts
Harry Polander
Joseph Schaltz
Richard Parker
Hugh Fry
Frank Garman
Benjamin Johnston
Oscar Echoff
George Starr
Glen Moore
Ferris Seely
Arthur Qually
Clifford Anderson
Dephis Clouatre
Stuart Depuy
George H. Powell
Andrew Lewis
Duane Smith
R.F. Benzel
Harry A. Diehl
Arthur Hunt
William Washalz
Elmer Seller
Elmer Howard
Guy Jones
Haas Rasmussen
Henry Bretzler
Karl New
Leo Harman
Lloyd Peterson

Each day thirty cards will be sent out until the 512 men have been notified to appear.

Those claiming exemption under vocational or dependencies appeal automatically to the district board at Omaha, nevertheless they must appear for medical examination.

While the number of all registrants who claim exemption in one form or another has not been figured up, the exemption board estimates that ninety per cent have made such claims.

Colored Slackers Bound Over

Two negroes, one claiming Alabama as his residence, the other Mississippi as his home, were arrested at Lexington yesterday on the charges of failure to register.

They were brought to this city [North Platte] last evening and arraigned before U.S. Commissioner Elder. Both pleaded guilty and were bound over to the Federal Court. Not in position to further bond, the mokes will be fed and lodged at the county jail - which is also a Federal jail.

Alien enemies in Lincoln County should remember that they must register with the postmaster of the office at which they receive their mail on some day before February 4th and 9th inclusive. A severe penalty is attached for failure.

Help win the War

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First National Bank of North Platte, Nebr.

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