North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
February 1, 1918

Registrants Are Summoned for Physical Examination

The following registrants of Lincoln county have been summoned to appear for physical examination next Sunday, the board concluding that as the work is rushing, the examinations might as well be given Sunday as any other day:

Chas. A. Nelson      Brady
Verne E. Peterson      Gothenburg
Wm. G. Rubenthaler      Gothenburg
John R. Wing      North Platte
Otto V. Johnson      Sutherland
Roy E. Roten      Maxwell
Ray L. Eberly      North Platte
Nick Kladeance      North Platte
John Gray      North Platte
Geo. I. Frazier      North Platte
W. W. Siebold      North Platte
Fred J. Anderson      Sutherland
Ray T. Harvey      North Platte
Claude O. Drake      Maxwell
Jesse J. Barnell      North Platte
Chas. A. Howard      Wellfleet
Anton Lewis      North Platte
Arthur A. Rowley      Sutherland
Fred W. Dick      North Platte
Geo. R. Razee      North Platte
Omar R. Roten      Maxwell
Walter S. Brewer      Sutherland
Frank R. Bechan      North Platte
Arthur Nelson      Denmark
Lewis F. Bechan      North Platte
John H. Cook      Maxwell
Saml. A. Johnson      Gandy
Earl P. Wyley      Sutherland
Frank C. Griffiths      Dickens
Wm. Connor      North Platte

The thirty registrants who are to appear for examination next Monday are as follows:

Herman W. Frederick      North Platte
Clarence M. Bean      North Platte
Harry G. James      Denver
J. F. Schaffer      Willard
Frank E. Haines      North Platte
Walter R. Beauchamp      Hershey
Francis F. Nolan      North Platte
Elbert T. McDermott      Farnam
Peter J. Hild      Brady
Harvey R. Anderson      Maxwell
Joe Partay      Hershey
Theodore Anderson      Brady
Thos. H. Case      Forks
Roy Lannin      North Platte
C. Paul Harrington      North Platte
Rufus C. Harvey      Sutherland
Wm. M. Ritner      North Platte
Frank H. Parish      North Platte
Fay E. Coates      Hershey
Lester Adams      North Platte
Elmer L. Smith      North Platte
Ora R. Carr      Bignell
Chas. I. Magie      Maxwell
Clarence E. Bells      North Platte
Harley R. Warner      North Platte
Arthur Hendrickson      Brady
Demitrius Karijoris      North Platte
Henry D. Carlson      Brady
Claude F. Argent      Wallace
Beryl Meyers      North Platte

These men have been called to report next Tuesday:

Wm. A. Garton      North Platte
Henry L. Anley      Brady
Adolph R. Shiveley      Curtis
Ellis Franklin      Pine Bluffs
Olaf Hokanson      Omaha
Herming Anderson      Brady
Earl Hardesty      Brady
Forest Eberly      North Platte
Clifford Qarter      Brady
Sidney Barrackman      Curtis
Gilbert Peters      Cheyenne
Gordon Powers      North Platte
Fred Evans      Hershey
Alfred Montgomery      North Platte
Wm. Schiltz      North Platte
Wm. Schroeder      Curtis
Robert Chamberlain      Sutherland
Cyrus Peters      Sutherland
Raymond Burger      North Platte
Wm. Keegan      Fremont
Stephen McWilliams      North Platte
Henry Robinson      Maxwell
Sylvester O’Marra      Kansas City
Thos. Parsons      Brady
Orla Wright      Wallace
Franklin Christensen      Curtis
Roy Hedberg      Chadron
Fred Isbrandten      Brady
Carl Ekberg      Brady
Glen Cox      Sutherland            

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