North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
February 1, 1918 Section 2

Registrants Ordered for Physical Examination

Registrants ordered to appear for physical examination tomorrow, Febr. 6th, are:

Glen J. Cox      Sutherland
Clark Ledioyt      North Platte
Frank J. Sadel      North Platte
Edward H. Hein      Hershey
Harry Little      Stockville
Leif O. Johnson      Brady
Saml. G. Moore      Wallace
W. C. Stine      North Platte
Edward B. Margileth      North Platte
Aaron Bartholomew      Tryon
Axel V. Borgman      Brady
Fred W. Amstus      Wellfleet
Wm. H. Cass      North Platte
Sylvester E. Johnston      Atlanta
James S. Boyle      North Platte
Lester L. Drake      Maxwell
Joe Waggoner      North Platte
Merle E. Cox      Sutherland
Edwin Larson      Brady
Glenn Bookwalter      North Platte
John J. Koch      Sutherland
John Conner      North Platte
Jacob P. Rousche      Hershey
Samuel Evans      Hershey
Katanico Sugujama      Twin Falls
Emil Oman      Brady
Carl Day      Wallace
Henry Kelso      North Platte
Roy Murray      Brady

Those called for Thursday, Febr. 7th, are:

Floyd K. Shane      Sutherland
Fred W. Hein      Hershey
Victor Danielson      Sutherland
Frank Lusco      Brady
Melvin T. Johnson      Brady
Wm. F. Sheedy      North Platte
Wm. T. Bickley      Brady
Raymond Wright      Brady
Frank H. Coker      Sutherland
George Herb      Sutherland
Walter C. Ellis      North Platte
James H. Tagader      North Platte
Sheridan H. Goodwin      Maywood
Saml. C. Agan      Wallace
Ray W. Steele      Arnold
Carl C. Johnson      Hershey
Harry Peters      Moorefield
Charles McKnight      Moorefield
Wm. E. Downs      North Platte
Howard Winters      Brady
James E. Miller      North Platte
Marion E. Bailey      Hershey
William Pitzer      Mullen
Ray Freeman      North Platte
Frank H. Davis      Sterling
John A. Falk      North Platte
James George      North Platte
John A. Laughlin      Sutherland
Abe Unruk      Sutherland
Carl J. Skaggs      North Platte

The following men have been ordered to report Friday:

Henry Paul      Maxwell
Norman J. Harmer      North Platte
Henry Koester      Wellfleet
Chester G. Triplet      Sutherland
Antonia Zaceadis      Henderson, Cal.
John Caldwell      North Platte
Calvin A. Dixon      Sutherland
Lee Babbitt      North Platte
John M. Bagle      Hershey
Ray J. Mullany      Stapleton
James O. Gilbert      Sutherland
Earl Pittman      North Platte
John B. Covey      Curtis
Elmer E. Lofdahl      Hershey
Peter E. Fakas      North Platte
Geo. C. Israel      Maxwell
Clyde O. Cumings      Sutherland
Rudolph A. Anderson      Laramie, Wyo.
Robert A. Newman      Columbus
Roy S. Steel      Arnold
Clarence W. Compston      Glen Rock
Earl A. Lucas      Grand Island
Geo. A. Brooks      Maxwell
Allen P. Lief      Brady
J. A. Anderson      North Platte
Nick Adamy      Reliance
Ezra J. Dowhower      North Platte
Albert W. Westenfeld      North Platte
Clifford C. Hazen      Wellfleet
John P. Arensdorf      Sutherland

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