North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
February 22, 1918

More Men are Given the Physical Examination

Ninety more registrants were called for physical examination by the local board the early part of the week. The first thirty more will be given the examination today and an equal number tomorrow. Those examined yesterday were:

Francis I. Jacox
John Godeker
Harry F. Yonker
Phillip J. Hild
Henning B. Leaf
Wm. J. Schram
Clayton Wheelock
Gaither Cauble
Alonzo Poynter
Frank Bubak
Gail L. Kennedy
Andrew Riffe
Wm. Raatz
Ambrose Jones
Frank Gessel
Archie Stenner
Crete Kronquest
Alberet Weinberg
Clark Folden
Jerry Parsons
Raymond Jacobson
Thomas Hoatson
Alfred McDermott
John Goodenow
Carp Angelo
Lloyd Snow
Carl Smith

The following will be examined today:

Paul Greeley
Charles Clement
Joseph Souder
Walter Lee
Roland Lindberg
Harry Jorgensen
William Thayer
Vincent Soderman
Roy Hansen
Axel Isakson
Christopher Raney
Homer Hand
Carl Koester
Martin Fischencer
Claud Wilson
Leroy Dugan
Joseph Tighe
Peter Mortensen
Willard Cammeron
Chas. Lucas
James Donegan
Fred Hansell
George Duncan
Alfred Peck
Orval Jeffres
Gokichi Gato
Everett Rouse
Stampher Schmalzried
Roy Van Buskirk
Geo. Anderson

The following will be examined tomorrow:

Martin Hansen
Charles Brand
John Logis
Gustav Weinbarg
Roy Harman
Joe Baley
Victor Schuler
Otis Hutchinson
Thomas Hill
Gerald Conneally
Clyde Brown
John Masters
Clyde Peterson
Arthur Stewart
Bartle McGovern
Edward Jennings
Thorwald Hansen
Lawrence Earhart
Lucius O’Brien
Elmer Burklund
Chas. H. Smith
Louis Broeder
Bert Pearce
Andrew Pitzer
Alfred Baker
Alonzo Wright
Belvin Darrah

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