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Dr. Frederick N. Dick
Confederate Soldier, Doctor

Dr. Frederick N. Dick was born at Greenborough, North Carolina, in 1844. He was a Confederate soldier, enlisting at the age of fifteen years, and serving through the war. He claimed Residence in Guilford County, North Carolina at the time of his enlistment in the Confederate Army on 8 March 1862, at the age of 18, enlisting in G Company, 44th Infantry Regiment, North Carolina. He was promoted to Sergeant on about 1 September 1862, and to 1st Sergeant on about 30 September 1862, then to 3rd Lieutenant on 10 May 1863. In 1863 he was taken prisoner at Johnson Island. He served in a North Carolina regiment under Colonel Bingham.

Dr. Dick moved to North Platte in 1868. He was a graduate of the Medical College at Baltimore, Maryland, and was the first doctor to locate in North Platte, practicing here up to the time of his death, which occurred in 1896, at the age of fifty-three years. He was appointed surgeon for the Union Pacific Railway in 1870 for the division from North Platte to Ogden, Utah, and east to Omaha. This territory was later reduced to Cheyenne to Omaha. He held this post during his lifetime, and also was county physician for two years, and coroner for several years.

Dr. Dick's father, John McCintock Dick, was judge of the supreme court of the state of North Carolina for many years, and his brother, Robert P. Dick, also held that honorable position. One brother, James Dick, was an attorney, and two others, William and Jonathan, were physicians.

Dr. Dick was married, May 2, 1871, to Miss Ella A. Webb, of Auburn, New York, daughter of Z. L. Webb and Polly Maria (Hoffman) Webb, both pioneer families in New York state. Mrs. Dick and Mrs. Peniston, are sisters. Dr. and Mrs. Dick were the parents of five children, who are named as follows: Parthenia N., wife of Albert Shaw, a ranchman of North Platte; John L., engineer on the Union Pacific Railway, residing in North Platte; Leslie E. Dick, night express agent of the Western Pacific company here; Anna R., and Robert P.

Dr. Dick's memory is held in great reverence by all who knew him. He filled an honorable position as a citizen and physician who was a thorough master of his profession. Mrs. Dick came here and went through a regular pioneer life as the young bride of her husband, and is highly esteemed by all. Dr. Dick was the owner of an extensive ranch located near North Platte, and also the first man to start a drug store in North Platte. He took an active interest in politics, was a strong Democrat, and elected as county commissioner in 1874, serving for two terms. He was also a member of the school board, and a devout Episcopalian. He practiced medicine until his death in the 1890's. The 1890 Business Gazetteer lists "Dick, F. N. - physician" and "F. N. Dick Company - drugs".

Compendium of History, Reminiscence and Biography of Western Nebraska, 1909, Alden Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois.

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