Hotel Rome ad

a post office 8 miles southwest of Maxwell on the UPRR the banking and shipping point. Mail stage tri-weekly from Maxwell, fare 50 cents.

Pell, J.L. - grocer
Snyder, C.E. - grocer
Wheeler, A.F. - blacksmith

a station on the the UPRR 6 miles west of North Platte the banking point and post office.

Population 400. An incorporated village, station name Brady Island on the UPRR 23 miles southeast of North Platte. Has Catholic and Methodist churches, a hotel, 2 banks and 2 grain elevators. A weekly newspaper, the Vindicator, is published. Land sells at $10 to $75 per acre. Ships hay, grain and livestock. Exp Am. Tel WU.

Essie Beatty - postmaster
Bank of Brady (capital $20,000) JH Kelly, president, SD Ralston, Cashier
Bolen Denver - billiards
Bown & Trotter - (Nye C. Bowen, Clyde M. Trotter) garage
Brady Hotel - Andrew J. Clapp, proprieter
Brady State Bank (capital $15,000), WW Winquest, president, RD Rasmusson, cashier

Hamilton ad

a post office 18 miles north of Curtis on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad (CQ&QRR), The banking and shipping point.

Thomsen, Thos F - general store

a station on the UPRR 5 miles west of Sutherland, the banking point and post office.

Population 150. A village on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, 10 miles east of Wallace. Land sells at $5 to $15 per acre. Ships live stock. Exp Adams. Tel WP.

Jno Gildes - postmaster
Ballard, J.A. - produce
Buckley, M.F. - garage
The First State Bank - (Capital $10,000), Chas Liston, President, J.W. Pielsticker, cashier
Fitch, Jesse H. - garage
Gildea, John - general store
Hart, V.C. - railroad express and telegraph agent
Hastings & Hatcher Lumber Company
Minnick, Fred - drugs
Thomas, Chas - motion pictures
Thomas, John R. - general store

Brumley ad

a station on the UPRR 6 miles southeast of North Platte, the banking point and post office.

a discontinued postoffice 13 miles southwest of Arnold on the UPRR, the nearest shipping and banking point. Mail to Gandy.

a station on the UPRR 2 miles north of Sutherland, the banking point and nearest shipping point.

Fisher ad

Population 380. On the UPRR 13 miles west of North Platte. Has Methodist, Presbyterian, German Evangelical and Swedish Lutheran churches, a bank, a hotel, an opera house, flour and alfalfa mills, 2 grain elevators, an electric light plant and water works. A weekly newspaper, the Times is published. Land sells at $75 to $150 per acre. Ships gain, hay, beets and live stock. Exp Am. Tel WU.

Rasmusson, Fred A - postmaster
Abbot & Thompson (James W. Abbott, G. Sharpley Thompson) - real estate
Bank of Lincoln County (capital $20,000) - E.F. Seeberger, president, Earl Brownfield, cashier
Beam, Harvey W. - meats
Beeler, Arnold - general store
Brown, George W. - general store
Copeland & Son (Fred and James) - livery
Copeland, Roy M. - railroad express and telegraph agent
Eshleman Brothers (Frank B. and William H.) - flour mill(br) Eyerly, Oliver H. - insurance agent
Farmers Co-operative Assn - (Frank P. Diverson, manager), lumber
Ganson, John F. - general store
Hershey Alfalfa Mill - Herman Schuster, manager
Hershey Auto Company - (James W. Abbott, Ray Morgan), automobiles
Hershey Hotel - William H. Matheson, proprieter
Hershey Telephone Company - William H. Jenkins, manager
Hershey Times - Fred A. Rasmussem, publisher
Lanig Brothers - (William P. and John), blacksmiths
Leypoldt Opera House - Edward B Leypodt, manager
Leypoldt & Wilkstrom (Dorsey M. Leypoldt, Carl Wickstrom), grain elevator
McClain, Charles E. - barber
Marquette, Edward - harness
Mathewson, William H. - proprieter, Hershey Hotel
Morgan, Ray - garage
Munger, Levi B. - drugs
North Platte Land & Water Company - J.W. Abott, superintendent
Paxton & Hershey Water Company - Olaf Modee, superintendent
Porter & Munson - (Harry M. Porter, William G. Munson) conf
Rasmusson, Fred A. - publisher, Hershey Times
Richardson, Sidney J. - physician
Sadler, William W. - physician
Village Light & Water Plant - Sherman G. Wilber, Comnr
Ware & Leister (Everett Ware, Alf A. Lesiter), farm implements
Young, William W. - hardware

a station on the Union Pacific Railway, four miles southeast of Maxwell the banking point and post office.

a post office on the Chicago, Burlington & Quioncy Raildroad 6 miles west of Farnam, the banking point.

Axtell Brothers - general store

McGraw ad

a discontinued post office 10 miles southwest of Arnold on the UPRR, the banking and shipping point. Mail to Table [in Custer County].

Population 300. An incorporated village on the Union Pacific Railway 14 miles southeast of North Platte. Has Baptist, Nazarene and Catholic churches, a bank, a hotel, a grain elevator, an opera house and electric light plant. A weekly newspaper, the Telepost, is published. Land sells at $10 to $75 per acre. Ships hay, grain and livestock. Exp Am. Tel WU.

Kuhns, Charles H. - postmaster
Carothers, Harry - meats
Coates Lumber & Coal Company - Guy Coates, manager
Diedrichs, William - opera house
Eames, Eugene J, Jr. - publisher, Maxwell Telepost
Everly, Charles - garage
Fetter, John W. - drugs
Hansen, Lara J. - fuel
Kennon, Clyde E. - physician
M K Hotel - Mrs. Lucinda Ellsworth, proprieter

A discontinued post office 12 miles southwest of Staplehurst on the Union Pacific Railway the banking and shipping point. Mail by R F D from Gandy.

A station on the Union Pacific Railway 3 miles east of Hershey the banking point and post office.

Population 6500. The county seat and an incorporated city of the first class and a passenger division point on the Union Pacific Railway which has large machine shops, round house and the largest ice storage plant in the world, at the junction of the North and South Platte rivers 291 miles west of Omaha. Has Adventist, Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Christian Science, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian churches, 3 banks, 3 hotels, a public library, 3 hospitals, a $100,000 Federal building, a chamber of commerce, a theatre, a creamery, 3 grain elevators, an artificial ice plant, electric light and gas plants and water works. A daily newspaper, the Telegraph, a semi-weekly, the Tribune, and a weekly, the Telegraph, are published. Land sells at $10 to $100 per acre. Ships hay, grain, live stock and produce. The US Court, land office and weather bureau have offices here. The State Experimental Farm is located 2 miles south. Exp Am. Tels WU and Postal.

McAvey, Patrick H. - post master, Tels W. U. and Postal
Adair, William - proprieter, North Platte Laundry
Adams, Charles F - dentist
Amen, Geo. A. - tailor
American Express Co. - C. H. Sturdivant, agent
American Investment & Loan Co.
          Jno. Bratt - president
          E. R. Goodman -secretary and treasurer
Antonides, Danl. J. - hardware
Artificial Ice & Cold Storage Co.
          G. C. White - president
          Theo Lowe Jr. - secretary
Austin, Cassius M. - jeweller
Bailey, Lem - billiards
Baker, Barton B. - physician
Bare, Ira L. - publisher, North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
Baskins, C. Leslie - lawyer
Beal & Wilhite - ( Jno. Beal and Alf Wilhite) barbers
Beeler& Crosby ( Jos. G. Beeler and Maynard E. Crosby) lawyers
Besack, Danl W. - livery
Best Laundry - Chas. E. McLane, proprietor
Birge W. W. Co.
          W. W. Birge, president
          R. D. Birge, secretary and treasurer, lumber
Block, Harry - ladies furnishings
Bowen, Chas. J. - livery
Bratt Goodman & Buckley ( John Bratt, Edward R. Goodman, Newton E. Buckley)
           -Real Estate, Loans and Insurance
Brock H. Clay - dentist
Brodbeck & Son ( Chris and Harry A.) meats
Broeker F. Jno. - tailor
Brooks, David M. - vulcanizer
Brooks, Harry A. - photographer
Brown Nurse Memorial Hospital
          Margaret Hall, manager
Buchanan, Butler ( Buchanan & Patterson)
          - Secretary Union Realty & Investment Co.
Buchanan & Patterson ( Butler Buchanan, Thomas Cl Patterson)
          Real Estate, Lands, Loans and Insurance
Buck, Earl K., Wm. J. Rath - manager shoes
Bullard, Frank C. - agent U P R R
Burke, Edw. - tailor
Buskirk, Roy V. - proprietor, North Platte Overland Garage
Canright, Eugene - shoemaker
Carson & Landgraf ( Perry A. Carson, Wm. J. Langraf) - barbers
City Hospital - Grace W. Pinckney, superintendant
Clabaugh, Jno. F. - real estate
Clinton, Mrs Augusta D. and Chas. S. Clinton, manager - jeweller
Coates Lumber & Coal Co.
          Elmer Coates, president and manager
          A. A. Tanner ( Lincoln), secretary
          J. A. Aspegren ( Lincoln), treasurer
          - Lumber, Coal and Building Material, Phone No. 7 Yard and Elevator at Maxwell, Nebraska
Coleman, Wm. M. - meats
Conley, Frank - barber
Cressler, Olin H. - dentist
Crook, Eugene - loans
Crystal Theatre - Ralph A. Garman, manager motion pictures
Davis J. S. Auto Co. - J. S. Davis, manager
          Automobiles and Supplies Agency for Buick and Mitchell Cars, 4th cor Locust ( see advertisement)
Dent Geo. B. M. D. Surgery
Derryberry & Forbes - S. R. Derryberry, president and treasurer, M. J. Forbes, secretary - hardware
Derryberry & Forbes Implement Co.
          S. R. Derryberry - president
          H. B. York - secretary
          Robt. Dean - treasurer
Dickey, Robt. R. - baker
Dickeys Sanitary Laundry - Edmund Dickey , proprietor
Diener F J & Co. (Fred J. Diener) Real Estate Loans and Insurance
          620 1/2 Dewey
Diener Fred J. ( F. J. Diener& Co.) Notary Public
          620 1/2 Dewey
Diener & Fleishman (Wm. H. Diener, Harry G. Fleishman) shoes
Dixon, Harry T. - jeweller
Donelson, Hubert A. - confectionery
Drost, Louis C. - osteopath
Duke, Leir R. - wallpaper
Echelberry, Chas. - second hand goods
Edmisten, Jas H. - real estate
Elder Ora E. - Abstracts Room, 4 Keith Theatre bldg.
Eshleman & Kenworthy ( Wm. H. Eshleman , Geo. H. Kenworthy) billiards
Evans & Evans ( Everett H. and Jno. E.) lawyers
Fenner, Harold A. - Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon
Fetter, Earl W. - physician
Fidelity Reserve Company
          Dr. Barton B. Baker - president
          Charles F. Temple - secretary
          Charles F. Spencer - treasurer
          Life Health and Accident Insurance I O O F bldg.
Fillion, Joseph F. - Plumbing and Heating
          Tin and Sheet Iron Roofing, Eave Trough and Spouting
Fink, Arthur F. - harness
First National Bank ( capital 100,000 )
          E. F. Seeberger - president
          F. L. Mooney - cashier
Ford, Ralph L. - clothes cleaner
Gaunt, Hugh L. - grocer
Gerle, Karl - tailor
Gettleman, Jacob J. - cigars
Gibbs, Geo. N. - lawyer
Gilbert, Irvin A. - barber
Grant, Jno. - lawyer
Great Western Accident Insurance Co. - Albert A. Schatz, manager
Green, Thos. L. - billiards
Green, Wm. T. - plumber
Halligan, P. Rolfe - county attorney
Hansen, Frantz W. - plumber
Harcourt, Wm. R. - clothing
Harrington Mercantile Co. The - Wholesale Hay and Grain
           C. Paul Harrington - secretary treasurer and manager
Hayes, Peterson E. - shoemaker
Hegarty, Jos. H. - insurance agent
Hemphill & Son ( Jno. B. and Harry H.) - printers
Hendy-Ogier Auto Co. The ( Wm. J. Hendy and Edward N. Ogier)
           Automobiles Accessories and Supplies, Home of the Famous Ford and
Studebaker Cars
           Phone 34 - 4th corner Dewey
Heyse, Wm. - bottler
Hoagland & Hoagland ( Joseph S. and Walter V.) - lawyers
Holderness, Wm. J. - electrician
Hollman, J. Carl - lawyer
Hohn, Thos. - shoemaker
Hotel McCabe - Claude O. Weingard , proprietor
Huffman, Gust. S. - cigars
Hupfer, Chas. C. - restaurant
Jeffries, Jno. E. - blacksmith
Josey, Walter E. - restaurant
Keefe, Jas. T. - lawyer
Keith Theatre, R. A. Garman - manager
Kelly, Alb. P.- publisher North Platte Telegraph
Kerr, Theodore J. - physician and surgeon
          Office Hours 9 to 12 A.M. and 2 to 6 P.M.
          First National Bank bldg
          Residence 209 W 6th
          Office, Phone 68 - Residence, Phone 304
Knox & Walter ( Jno. M. Knox and Chas. H. Walter) - livestock
Koronesm Geo. M. - restaurant
Lamb, Restore N. - feed
Lamphlaw, Harry - ice
Lane, Alb. L. - dentist
Lathan, Perry J. - chiropractor
Leader Mercantile Co. - Julius Pizer, president
          Anna Pizer, secretary and J. E. Nelson , treasurer - dept. store
Lemon, Mrs. Ida - restaurant
Leypoldt & Pennington ( Dorsey M. Leypoldt and Harley L. Pennington) - grain
Lierk & Sandall ( Chas. Lierk and Oscar Sandall) - grocers
Lincoln County Agricultural Society
          R. C. Pielsticker - president
          A. N. Durban - secretary
Lincoln County Medical Society
          Voorhees, Lucas - president
          T. J. Kerr - secretary
Lincoln County Poultry & Pet Stock Association
          M. C. Rogers - president
          J. A. McDonald - secretary
          J. H. Van Cleave - treasurer
Lindblad, Elmer - blacksmith
Lipschitz, Louis - junk dealer
Lloyd Opera House
Louden, Jas. L. - grocer
Lucas Voorhees M. D.
          - Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Lyman & Sullivan (Wm. Lyman, Frank P. Sullivan)
          Plumbing, Heating and Gas Fitting
          518 North Locust
McCabe, Nicholas - physician
McDonald, Jas. B. - clothing
McDonald State Bank (capital $100,000)
          Chas. McDonald - president
          W. H. McDonald - cashier
McLane, Chas. E.
          - proprietor, Best Laundry
McMichael, Jno. W. - barber
McMichael, Wills & Co. ( Jos. McMichael, Jacob E. and Jno. A. Wills)
          - grocers
McNamara. Charles J. - city engineer
          Irrigation, Concrete Construction, Sewers, Plans and Estimates
          McCabe building
Maloney, Wm. R. - furniture
Mann, Edw. W. - insurance agent
Marti, Fred - meats
Meyer, Paul G. - civil engineer
Miltonberger, Ira L.
          - Estate and Insurance
          - Justice of the Peace
          1202 N. Locust
Mitchell, Harry E. - dentist
Monroe, Ward E. - painter
Morgenson, Julius - livery
Morgenson & Louden ( Julius Morgenson and Percy O. Louden) - garage
Morrill, Delbert E. - dentist
Muldoon & Oberst ( Alb Muldoon and Byron Oberst) - lawyers
Mutual Building & Loan Association
          T. C. Patterson - president
          Saml. Goozee - secretary
          F. E. Bullard - treasurer
Mutual Investment Co.
          W. H. McDonald - president
          M. B. McDonald - secretary
Nelson & Co. ( Nels Nelson and Chas. F. Spencer) - general store
Neville, Keith - governor
Newton, Clarence M. - stationer
Newton, Mrs. Lucy - hairdresser
Noble, Jno. A. - grocer
North Platte Cemetery Association
          T. C. Patterson - president
          G. E. French - secretary
          W. H. McDonald - treasurer
North Platte Chamber of Commerce
          O. H. Thoelecke - president
          A. N. Durban - secretary
          J. B. McDonald - treasurer
North Platte Creamery ( Elmer Seller and Theo Meyers)
North Platte Drug Co.
          Nicholas McCabe - president
          Chas. Tighe - secretary and treasurer
North Platte General Hospital
          Minnie Siemen - Superintendant
North Platte Laundry, Wm. Adair - proprietor
North Platte Light & Power Co. , C. R. Morey - manager
North Platte Lumber Co.
          Mrs. B. B. Field - president
          L. B. Dick - treasurer
North Platte "Overland" Garage Roy V. Buskirk - proprietor
North Platte Public Library, Loretta Murphy - librarian
North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune
          Ira L. Bare - publisher
North Platte Telegraph , Alb. P. Kelly - publisher
North Platte Water Dept. , Hershey S. Welch - commissioner
O'Conner, Walter - notions
O'Hare, Anna & Josephine - bakers
Otten, Wm. - cigars
Pass, Chas. J. - florist
Patterson, J. Otto - drugs
Patterson Thomas C. (Buchanan & Patterson ) - president Union Realty & Investment Co.
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Philadelphia Joseph H. Hegarty - special agent
Peters, Mrs. Louise - proprietor of The Timmerman
Pierson, Jno. R. - billiards
Platte Valley State Bank (capital $50,000)
          F. C. Pielsticker - president
          M. E. Scott - cashier
Pon & Kway ( Leo Pon and Leo Kway) - restaurant
Porter, Harry M. - bottler
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. , Jno. F. Clabaugh - manager
Poulos Bros. ( Jno. and Saml.) - confectionery
Pritchard, Wm. T. - veterinary surgeon
Razes, Nickolas - cigars
Reagan, Wm. E. - blacksmith
Rebhausen, Mathias S. - barber
Redfield, Josiah B. Physician and Surgeon
          X-Ray and Electro-Therapeutics
Reese, Harry R. - clothes cleaner
Reynolds, Bert M. - architect
          104 W 3rd
Reynolds, Wm. L. - grain elevator
Rinckner Book &Drug Co.
          F. W. Rinckner - president
          E. W. Rinckner - secretary
          H. W. Rinckner - treasurer
Ritner, Mrs. H. M. - proprietor of The Ritner Hotel
Ritner Hotel The - Mrs H. M. Ritner, proprietor
          European Plan Steam Heat, Hot and Cold Water
          Rates: 50 cents
Ritner, Wm. C. - marble works
Rogers, Martin C. - harness
Ronigh, J. Victor - automobiles
Rush, Arthur - grocer
Russell, R. Silas - blacksmith
Samuelson, Harry - men's furnishings
Schmalzried, J. Fred - cigar manufacturer
Schwaiger, Rupert -cigars
Sebastian, Jas. E. - insurance agent
Shuman, Wm. E. - lawyer
Simms, John S. M. D.
          Surgery and Gynecology
Simon Bros. ( Lee F. and Carl E.) - tinsmiths
Smith, Geo. P. - meats
Sorenson, Peter M. - cabinetmaker
Specht, Edw. - vulcanizer
Stamp, Chas. H. - baker
Standard Oil Co. - Frank F. Murray, agent
Star The - clothing
          E. J. Vanderhof - president
          J. G. Swope - secretary
State Experimental Farm, W. P. Snyder - superintendant
Stebbins, Isaac L. - meats
Stensvad, Edw. A. - produce
Stone, Jos. H. - drugs
Stroud, Clarence E. - second hand goods
Suburban Irrigation District
          Chas. McDonald - president
          J. G. Beeler - secretary and treasurer
Thoelecke, Otto H. - Real Estate, Bonds and Insurance
          202 1/2 E. Front
Timmerman, Albert E. - soft drinks
Timmerman The, Mrs. Louise Peters - proprietor, hotel
Tramp, E. T. &Sons (Earnest T., Herbert F. and Arthur F.) general store
Trotter, Clyde M. - automobiles
Twinem, Jno. S. - physician
Ugai Richi - restaurant
Union Realty and Investment Co.
          T. C. Patterson - president
          Butler Buchanan - secretary
Union Stock Yards Co., Jno. Burke - president and manager
United States Court, Geo. E. Prosser - dep clerk
United States Land Office
          Arnold F. Beeler - registrar
          Eugene J. Eames - reciever
United States Weather Bureau, Alphonso W. Shilling - observer
Van Cleave, Jno. H. - blacksmith
Vanscoy, Ernest E. - second hand goods
Von Goetz, Victor - photographer
Vroman, Ralph W. - bicycles
Waltemath Lumber &Coal Co.
          Henry Waltemath - president
          W. F. Waltemath - secretary
Weingand, Claude O. - proprietor, Hotel McCabe
Westenfeld, Fred D. - grocer
Western Union Telegraph Co. , Thomas V. Austin - manager
Whelan, Chas. T. - soft drinks
Wilcox Department Store
          J. Q Wilcox - president and treasurer
          R. F. Cotterell - secretary
Wilcox &Halligan (Wesley T. Wilcox and Jno. J. Halligan) lawyers
Wilson, Geo.M. - shoemaker
Wollenhaupt, Jno. - tailor
Woodgate &Abernathy ( Frank H. Woodgate and Jno. Abernathy) marble works
Woodhurst, Wm. H. C. - insurance agent
Wurtele, Fred J. - physician
York, Riley - feed

JS Davis ad

A station on the Union Pacific Railway 3 miles east of Hershey the banking point and post office.

A post office on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad 9 miles northwest of Wellfleet the banking point and post office. Land sells at $5 to $30 per acre. Ships live stock.

Axtell, Wayne E. - post master
Fletcher, C. A. - blacksmith
Hastings & Hatcher - A. Samuel Abitz, manager, general store

A discontinued post office 13 miles northeast of Brady on the Union Pacific Railway the shipping and banking point.

Pop: 500. An incoporated village on the U.P.R.R. 19 miles west of North Platte. Has Christian, Methodist, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches, a bank, a grain elevator, a hotel and an opera house. A weekly newspaper, the Free Lance, is published. Sand Hill land sells at $6 to $12, unirrigated $25 to $45 and irrigated $75 to $150 per acre. Ships grain, hay and live stock. Exp Am. Tel, WU, F.A. Cox, post master.

Briggs, E W & Son -
     Edgar W Briggs, manager - feed
Brown, Edgar C - hardware
Burklund, Chas W - general store
Chaussee, Wm. L - restaurant
Coker, E & W (Edw and Walter ) - general store
Coker, Frank - feed barn
Conway Opera House, Ernest E Brownell manager
Cox, Frank A - farm implements
Farmers State Bank (Capital $25,000, Surplus $2,000)
     David C Wilson - President,
     Reuben A. Scott - Vice President
     Clarence A. Lau - Cashier
     Otto V. Johnson - Assistant Cashier
Farmers Union Co-operative Assn.
     Wm. C. Knight - manager, general store
Gordon, Geo 0 - physician
Guffey, James G. - vet surgeon
Huffman, Marion - Proprietor
The Lincoln Highway Garage
Humphrey, James - barber
Johnson, Noah - feed
Keith & Lincoln Counties Irrigation
District D. C. Wilson - secretary and treasurer
La Rue, Edwin - furniture
Lau, Clarence A. - Cashier
     Farmers State Bank and Insurance Agent
Lincoln County Lumber Co - Geo Jorgensen, manager
Lincoln Highway Garage
The Marion S Huffman Proprietor
A. W. Hoatson Manager
Lindsay, Nellie - milliner
Long, Cleve M. - confections
McNeel Hotel,
John A McNeel - proprietor
Peterson, Axel W - drugs
Pierson, Fred - real estate
Platte Grain Co. - Geo Jorgensen manager
Porter, Edward J - physician
Reynolds, Castillo M - automobiles
Reynolds & Martin
Castillo M Reynolds
Grace B Martin
Publishers, Sutherland Free Lance
President - J F Humphrey
Stelzer, Otto - blacksmith
Sutherland Free Lance - Reynolds & Martin publishers
Sutherland Lumber Co - G C White, president
Frank Coates, secretary and treasurer
Sutherland Pharmacy, Frank R. Garman, manager drugs
Sutherland Telephone Co.- George C. White, manager
Thomas, Samuel A. - insurance agent
Uman, David - shoemaker
Vanarsdall, Vance W. - barber
Vanderhoff, Don. W. - physician
White & Emple - grocers
     James R. White
     Charles H. Emple
Wiig, Harold P. - railroad exp. And telegraph agent
Wood, Charles B. - hardware
Yates, Arthur B. - general store

A station on the Union Pacific Railway 5 miles northwest of Gothenburg the banking point.

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