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North Platte Telegraph

January 19, 1895


The event of the season was the third annual masquerade given last evening by Pahaska Tribe No.10. Pahaska has a reputation extending all over the state, for the high order of her masquerade balls and to say that they fully sastained [sic] their reputation last night would be putting it wild. Long before time for the curtain to rise for the musical burlesque, the galleries were jammed full with spectators, and one hundred chairs had to be placed down stairs to accommodate the late arrivals.

At 8 o'clock sharp, the musical burlesque "Pocahontas" commenced and was very creditably rendered by the braves of Pahaska tribe. L. B. Isenhart and [J.] Sullivan's makeup would put to shame the fashionable spinster of today. In fact all the characters were well sustained and the tableaux were gorgeous. [Illegible]When the grand march formed there was over one hundred couples on the floor while a great many occupied chairs around the hall. About 11:30 the order to unmask was given and many were the surprises as indicated by the numerous exclamations around, "Why I never knew you at all".

At the fourteenth dance an intermission of thirty minutes was taken for supper, which was served by the I.O.G.T. ladies, the Nebraska House and the Vienna. The orchestra did itself proud and never played in better form, as some of the round dances were called for a second time. A great many strangers from out of town were noticed in the throng, whose names we were unable to secure. The hall was beautifully decorated with Indian relics and souvenirs, from Col. Cody's collection, whom it is to be regretted was unable to be present, as he was called to New York at the last moment. The different committees worked very harmoniously and every thing went off the clock like system. The receipts were quite large and will go for charitable purposes and paying sick benefits in the tribe. As a source of enjoyment the committee of arrangements have reason to be proud of their efforts in making the third annual ball a success saucily and financially.

Below is a list of the characters represented: [In Alphabetical Order]

Rosa Albright, School Girl
Helen Anderson, Coon
Mrs. Armstrong, Aunt Cloe
Ella Armstrong, Roses
Grace Armstrong, Daisy
Beatrice Arundale, Swiss Peasant
Katie Ashworth, Flowers
Allie Babbit, Sailor
Georgie Ball
Etta Barraclough, Snow Storm
Annie Bershide, Fancy Costume
C. Bogue, Reuben Glue
Aug. Bosler, Old Man
Annie Bowe, Night
Della Boyd, Queen of Hearts
W. H. Boyer, Little Lord Fountleroy
Brangh, School Girl
Vina Brangh, Dancing Maid
Mrs. Wm. Burroughs, School Girl
Miss Campbell, Red Riding Hood
Katie Crabtree, Fancy Dress
Mrs. Bud Cridelbaugh, Grandmother
M. Cryderman, Spaniard
Mrs. Day, Fancy Costume
John Dick, Hard Times
Jessie Distel, Night
John Dwyer, Pastry Cook
Rose Elder, Sailor Girl
John Ell, Soldier
Lois Emmons, Ragmuffin
Ethel Evans, Wood
Wm. Fikes, Hot Stuff
Bessie Finney, Flower Girl
Stella Finney, Sailor
James Frazier, Indian
Ed Friend, Band Boy
Hank Gilfoyle, French Sailor
Rosa Ginsburg, Day and Night
Eva Pete Golden, Soldier
Grace Dick, Daudy Coon
F. Graves, Weluer-Worst Pete
A. Greeley, Barber
Mrs. Gress, Old Niger
Susie Grinnel, Topsy
Mrs. Hall, Gypsy
M. C. Harrington, Prince of the Carnival
Pete Harrington, Little Cook
Tom Healy, Domino
Cal Heck, Ball Player
Frank Herod, German
John Herod, Gypsy
Kate Herod, Sunflower
Mrs. Herod, Butterfly
A. G. Howard, The Vienna
Kid Hughes, Dude
Eva Huntoon, Colored Girl
Dave Irwin, Monkey
Ella Johnson, Sheet and Pillow Case
Anna Jones, Bo-Peep
Hohn Jones, One John
Ray Keith, Clown
Harry Lamplugh, Japanese
Wm. Landgraf Jr., Coon
Tom Lynch, Mexican
Tom McGlone, Indian
May McGovern, Baby
Hannah McGraw, Pop Corn Girl
Joe McGraw, Section Hand
Hattie McLean, Gypsy
Hattie McMacon, Zouatze Soldier
J. McMichael, Sailor
Rose McMullen, Independent Era
Arthur McNamara, Old Man
Chas. McNeel, Young Man
John McNeel, Young-Man-Afraid-of-His-Mother-In-Law
Mrs. Menyon, Pawnee Squaw
F. Miller, Fancy Dress
Nola Minshall, Scotch Lassie
M. V. Mitchell, Uncle Sam
Lucy Mobely, Flower Girl
Chas. Monagan, Rail Roader
W. H. Moran, Hot Stuff
Frank Murray, Biker
Laura Nauman, Esquimau
Wm. Null, Afraid-of-His-Squaw
Robt. Peale, Old Man
Anna Penniston, Dutch Girl
Elsie Penniston, Topsy
Nellie Penniston, Clothes-Pin Girl
Phil Picard, Chinaman
Theo. Picard, Chrysanthemum
Guy Pitts, King of Hearts
Charles Powers, Buffalo Bill
Katie Quinn, Miss Columbia
Tom Quinn, Negro Barber
Jas. Rhody, Hay Seed
Jacob Richards, Dude
Mrs. S. Richards, Evening Dress
Annie Rosendal, School Girl
Lena Ruggy, Emerald Star
A. Rush, Farmer
Annie Rylander, Fancy Dress
Geo. Schatz, Bicycle Rider
John Schatz, What-Is-It
Dave Scott, Little Kid
Eva Scott, Night
John Scott, Hayseed
Mrs. Scott, Mother Hubbard
Jas. Shaffer, Ball Player
Bertha Shaner, Harlequin
Coe Marquis Sheeney, Mrs. Marquis, 19th. Century
Mrs. Sherwood, Turoda
Seth Sherwood, Lone John
Laura Shibe, Gypsy
Ernest Snelling, Chief Standing Bear
John Sowtow, Young Man
Lem Steele, Hod Carrier
John Taffe, Frog
Fred Waltermath, Knight
Ed Weeks, Mexican
Jim Weeks, Skater
C. A. Weir, Dude
Freda Wendt, School Girl
Mrs. Winn, Jockey
Mrs. Woolman, Old Lady
Caunon, Dave, What-Is-It [Illegible, best guess]
Haiutine, W., Ball Player [Illegible, best guess]

Note: This is a copy of the original newspaper article, without corrections.