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ADAMS -- I am researching the Adams, Edwards and James Cunningham families who migrated to North Platte ca. 1870. The Cunningham's had a grocery store in North Platte. Any information would be helpful. Contact: Denise Cope

ALBRECHT -- Seeking information on Adolph Albert ALBRECHT and wife Alma MEYER. They lived in North Platte from about 1860 to about 1900. He was a violin maker and had a shop there. Children included Carl Emil Albrecht born January 16, 1865 in North Platte, Oscar, Otto, Amr, Hattie, and Olga. State of Nebraska has no birth, marriage, or death records for the time frame. Any help appreciated. Contact: Joe Donahue

ALLEN - looking for additional information on the Allen family who lived in the North Platte area. My great grandfather Arthur S. Allen, b: 19 Jun 1883 at Omaha, NE, d: 15 May 1927 at North Platte or Farnham. We thought he drove a delivery route with either a truck, or mules, up to about 1927.
Contact: Lindy Allen

ANDERSON - looking for the family of Albert Hans Anderson and his wife Lena. Albert was born in Sweden, 24 April 1870 and died in Hershey Precinct 11 in May 1933. Any information on this family will be greatly appreciated. Contact: Linda Stewart

ANDERSON - Harry Leo ANDERSON and his wife P. Ruth (Matthewson) Anderson from Hershey Ne. They were married in 1918 in Denver. I lost them until I know for a fact that they had my husbands' father, Darryl in 1930 in Hershey. Am trying to find any information about Harry and his background such as where he was born. I have more information about P. Ruth Anderson, and am willing to share. Contact: Kathy Anderson

BEDKER, CLEM, ROBERTS -- Seeking information and photos for the family of John Powell ROBERTS, b. 28 May, 1882, in either Doniphan or Nemaha county, Kansas. He was the son of Powel(1) Onbey and Martha Jane (CLEM) ROBERTS. John's wife was named Edith, and I know they lived in North Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska, in 1922 through 1950. I am also seeking info and photos for John's sister, Mary Josephine (ROBERTS) BEDKER, b. 24 March, 1884, Centralia, Nemaha county, Kansas, and d. 7 Dec., 1950, in either North Platte, NE, or Centralia, KS. Her husband was Lewis Elmer BEDKER, and I know that they lived in North Platte in 1919-1950. John and Jose were the half-siblings of my great-grandfather, William Austin ROBERTS. Contact: Jennifer Wathen

BEISNER/BURNS -- Seeking info on ggrandfather August George Beisner born 18 Apr 1875 in Iowa, died 27 Oct 1945 in North Platte. Lived at 220 S. Chestnut, married Bessie Mae Burns on 4 Dec 1899. Bessie was born in 1881 (siblings Ira and Albert), parents: Frank P. Burns and ?), Clarence Beisner born 26 Jul 1905 in Farnam, died 5 Nov 1930, married Evelyn Adrianne McNickle. Contact: Kathy Powell


BELL -- looking for any information on Emma Bell, who was married 6 times. She was a Whiting and a Mabrier. She lived in North Platte until she died in September 1924. Can't find an obit on her or her children: Jack, George and Charlotte (Whiting). She was a Choctaw indian but don't know how to even prove it. Her husbunds names were Charles Whiting & James Mabrier. Contact: Patty McClannahan"


BLOOM/BLUM -- seeking further information on Harold J. BLUM/BLOOM married to Julia E. GRUBB. They had a daughter named, Ethel May, born 28 Aug 1895 in North Platte. She was married in 1910, probably in North Platte, to John Alva ANNABLE. I have information on she and John after the marriage and would be willing to share. Contact: Audrey Annable Franklin


BOOMGARDEN -- Seeking information of the following family: Haukea (Hattie) BOOMGARDEN,
b. Dec 1878, near Adeline, Ogle County, Illinois, m. ? HARPER. They had one daughter, Minnie. The family moved to North Platte, Nebraska. Contact: C. Robert Appledorn

BOWEN -- Seeking any information I can get on a Jerry BOWEN who died in North Platte on March 5, 1919. Especially interested in where he was from, his parents' names, and any family he may have had. Any help will be deeply appreciated. Contact: Joyce Bowen


BROWN -- Celia Mae BROWN married William Allen STONE, 1897, Brady Island, Lincoln County. Their child: Nettie Margaret STONE, b. 1910m Brady Island, m. Edward J COLE, about 1927, location unknown. Nettie already had a child at this time, so may have been married before but don't know for sure. Her name at time of this marriage may not have been STONE. The child of Nettie STONE and Edward J COLE: Willis Edward COLE, b. 1928, Lexington, Dawson Co, NE; child of Nettie STONE and ?: Margie (Margaret?) STONE?, b. abt 1927, probably Lexington. Nettie was married many more times but we know of only one other husband, the last one, DeForest Schoeman. The mother of Celia Mae BROWN's mother was Celia STROUT. The mother of of William Allen Stone was Mollie HILL, and the father of Celia Mae was Charles BROWN. BROWN: Charles, father of Celia Mae. Any help would be appreciated. Contact: LaWanda Nepstad

BROWN -- Looking for information on George W. BROWN who married Mary J. CLARK in Fullerton, Nance Co., NE. George W. BROWN is listed as living in North Platte, NE in 1935. Interested in contacting anyone is is reseqrching George's family? Contact: Connie Jones

BUNDY -- Seeking information concerning Elmer BUNDY and Ruth WELLS. Elmer Bundy was born about June 1860. His fathers name may be Russell BUNDY. In 1876 he was in the calvary unit with Benteen at Little Big Horn. He married Ruth Wells in about 1894-1896. At that time Ruth had a small daughter, Jenny (later Jenny Potter of Gothenburg). Together they had two children, Mary Ann and Hugh. The family moved to Idaho in about 1905-07. I have quite a lot of information conderning Ruth Wells. I know very little about the Bundy family. Contact: William S. Remington

BUNNELL -- Roy BUNNELL b. 1879 Illinois was living in North Platte in 1920 (located in census). His father was Thomas Clawson BUNNELL (b. 1853 Indiana) and his mother was LouElla SHIRLEY (b. 1859 Illinois). I have lost Thomas Clawson and LouElla BUNNELL - they seem to have avoided the census takers every time after 1880! Roy's children were: Harley, Arden, Clauson/Clawson, and Frederick. Also, the estate papers of Samuel COON of Vermilion Co. Illinois said his granddaughters Esse, Dollie, Hazel, and Goldie COON were living in Lincoln Co. Nebraska in 1907. The girls' mother was Anna Catherine (BUNNELL) COON. Any information on anyone listed appreciated.
Contact: Linda Doty Winter Months, Alternate E-mail: AaronLC @aol.com

CARLILE -- I am searching for information on my grandfathers first wife. My grandfather was George Daniel Harrison CARLILE. He married Evelyn HANSEN in North Platte, NE on March 31, 1913. They had one son George Willads CARLILE born March 14, 1914 and died March 30, 1914. He is buried in the Good Hope Cemetery. Evelyn was the daughter of Willia and Mary HANSEN. On June 5, 1917 when my grandfather registered for the draft he was listed as being single. Does anyone have any information as to what happened to Evelyn Hansen CARLILE? Thanks for your help. Contact: Phyllis Magelky

CASPARY -- Am trying to find confirmation of Caspary family living in North Platte, Nebraska in 1880(s). Contact: Carolyn Gasperich


CLABAUGH -- Seeking information on MARIE BOWEN CLABAUGH, wife of JOHN F. CLABAUGH, and daughter of JERRY BOWEN. I know they were living in North Platte in 1919 and she would have been 24 years old at that time. Would like to know if they had children plus any other info on them that anybody might have. Contact: Joyce Bowen


COCHRAN -- looking for information on Levi (Lee) COCHRAN migrated to Lincoln County from Pennsylvania, some time after 1910 and before 1920. He married his second wife Mary? around 1916 in NEebraska. In 1920, he lived on South Walnut Street in North Plate. I have information that I am willing to share. Contact: Dolores Moon


COOPER -- Searching for ancestral information pertaining to John Edward COOPER, born 7 March 1852 in New York state (precise location unknown), son of Edward and Anna COOPER. Migrated to Lincoln County, NE (1870-1880s), homesteaded and married Caroline BACON (1870-1880s). Buried in the North Platte cemetary in 1924. Contact: Donald Cooper

COPPLE -- looking for information concerning Larry B. Copple who was married to Jane L. Copple. They resided in North Platte during the years 1939 and 1940. Any information would be appreciated. Contact: Melita Doyle

COVER -- looking for information on the family of Nello Strathmore COVER, who was born in Winfield, Kansas on 11 Aug 1877. He married Nellie WEST on 12 Apr l902 in Brady, NE. The Nello and Nellie's children were Bill, Duane, Joseprine, Lee, Cliff, Floyd, Lucille, and Dale. They lived in Brady and Grand Island. Nello worked for the Union Pacific R.R., then had a store in Brady, after loosing his leg in an accident. Nellie's father was Henry WEST. Henry lived in Brady and had six daughters (Angie, Rose, Sarah, Nellie, other names unknown). Nellie's name could have been Mary Elinore. Sarah stayed on the farm and it was still living in the 60's. Any help would be appreciated. Contact: Linda Garner

CROSBY -- I am seeking any information available on Elery Adelbert CROSBY, born Dec. 11 1858, died Nov. 20 1943, father of George H. Crosby, father of Edgar Crosby, a farmer married to Yvonne KING of Sutherland, NE. Contact: Steven (Kasey) Crosby

CROSBY -- I have information about Elery Adelbert Crosby and am trying to locate other relatives, including Steven (Kasey) Crosby who asked for this information. Contact: Dorothy Powers

CROSS -- Descendants of Minnie HUSTON, born 1890, died 1954. She had two sisters, one named Gertrude. When the youngest child got in trouble, she was given a choice: "He goes to reform school or you both leave town." Minnie married Charles DOUGHERTY who died in North Platte, Nebraska in 1955. The descendants are:
1. Fern DOUGHERTY, married Clinton CROSS. The second husband of Fern was Arnold PETERS. Her third husband was Hoppy HOPKINS, and her fourth husband was Leslie KAHLER.
2. Charles DOUGHERTY, Jr.
3. Bonnie Jean DOUGHERTY.
4. Robert Pierce DOUGHERTY, born Feb 18, 1911 in South Dakots, died 1965 in North Platte. Robert married Vivian Delores HOPKINS born May 22, 1914 in Seneca, Thomas Co., NE, and died March 31, 1976 in North Platte. The second wife of Robert is Florence.
5. Boyd DOUGHERTY born May 14, 1915 died May 1981. Any help of this family would be appreciated.
Contact: The Goad Family.

CUMMINGS -- Looking for others researching Enoch CUMMINGS (son if Israel) born Jan 1854 in Missouri. He married Elizabeth ELLIOTT?. They lived in Lemon Pct, Lincoln Co. in 1900. Known children of Enoch and Elizabeth CUMMINGS are: (1) Charles R. CUMMINGS, born Dec 1881 in Nebraska, (2) Floyd C. CUMMINGS, born Jan 1884 in Nebraska, (3) Leta V. CUMMINGS, born Jun 1889 in Nebraska.
Contact: John Skostick


DAVIS -- I am looking for information on my great-great grandparents, John and Mary (Andrews) DAVIS. They were in Lincoln County in 1872 where my great grandfather Joseph Davis was born. John immigrated from Wales in about 1865. Mary was born in Arena, Wisconsin in 1848. How did they meet? Were they married in Nebraska?

The family left Nebraska in about 1881. Rumor is that a herd of cattle was driven through their fields and ruined the crops. John strapped on a gun, packed a small bag and left. Three days later he came back home, the bag full of money. The family packed up their worldly goods and left the state.

Their children were: Joseph (b: 15 Feb 1872); Anna (b: abt 1874) Mary Adella (b: 25 Nov 1876 in Jefferson Co, NE); David (b: abt 1879 in NE); Leonard (b: Mar 1882 in OR or Mar 1886 in NE); Pearl (b: Feb 1885 in OR); Lillian (b: Sept 1888 in OR) and Ernest (b: 6 Apr 1892 in ID).
Any information would be appreciated. Contact: Arlene Davis

DAVIS -- John Anthony Davis supposedly married a Sally HINTON. One of their children was Molly DAVIS. John A. DAVIS was living in Wellfleet, Lincoln County, NE in 1893. He received a pension for his service in the Civil War. I would appreciate information on this family. Contract: Jennie Wright

DAVIS -- searching for information on Newel Davis and his wife Clara Priscilla Harris. They were married in Cato, Manitowoc Co., WI and moved to the North Platte area in the 1870/1880's. Clara died in North Platte on March 19, 1941. Contract: David Weller

DEEGAN -- trying to research my G-G-Grandfather's brothers, who I understand settled in North Platte in the 1870's. They were John Deegan, Jeremiah Deegan, and Patrick Deegan. That is all the information that I have. Any leads or direction I might go would be appreicated. Contract: Clara Garcia


DISHONG -- looking for information on the family of Jacob W. DISHONG and his wife Nancy (Crawford) DISHONG. I am related to their daughter, Sophia, who was born in 1870 in Lincoln County. Contact: Kathy Thompson

DOUGHERTY -- Descendants of Minnie HUSTON, born 1890, died 1954. She had two sisters, one named Gertrude. When the youngest child got in trouble, she was given a choice: "He goes to reform school or you both leave town." Minnie married Charles DOUGHERTY who died in North Platte, Nebraska in 1955. The descendants are:
1. Fern DOUGHERTY, married Clinton CROSS. The second husband of Fern was Arnold PETERS. Her third husband was Hoppy HOPKINS, and her fourth husband was Leslie KAHLER.
2. Charles DOUGHERTY, Jr.
3. Bonnie Jean DOUGHERTY.
4. Robert Pierce DOUGHERTY, born Feb 18, 1911 in South Dakots, died 1965 in North Platte. Robert married Vivian Delores HOPKINS born May 22, 1914 in Seneca, Thomas Co., NE, and died March 31, 1976 in North Platte. The second wife of Robert is Florence.
5. Boyd DOUGHERTY born May 14, 1915 died May 1981.
Any help of this family would be appreciated. Contact: The Goad Family.

DRAKE -- Looking for information regarding Jonathan D. DRAKE and his family that lived in Lincoln, Buffalo, and Frontier counties of Nebraska from about 1885 until 1930. His children included: Grace Drake Journey, Lester Drake, Claude Drake, Jennie Drake Stroud, Frank Drake (m. Jane Trembly), Fred Drake, Edith Drake Smith, and Maude Drake. Also looking for info regarding Jonathan's father, John Drake and his wife, Cathrine who arrived in Frontier County, NE about 1895. May have lived in Lincoln County previously. Jonathan's brother, Cornelius Drake also lived in the area.
Contact: Pam Journey

DRAPER -- looking for connections to Judson Wolvert DRAPER, born 21 May 1869 near Schuyler, Neb. His father was William DRAPER, listed as a Neb. farmer on death certificate. Judson died 20 Dec 1943 in Enterprise, Oregon. He was married to Sarah Francis Baldwin, and they had 2 children: Vera Kyle and Kelso Mills. Contact: Bill-Michelle Fisher


ERICKSON -- Anders ERICKSSON (Andrew ERICKSON), b. 2 Jan 1855, wife Kristina Sofia b. 26 March 1858, children: Hanna Sofia b. 1883, Einar b. 28 Nov 1884, Signe Teresia b. 15 Feb 1890, Karl Axel b. 9 May 1892 and Gerda Erika b. 10 May 1894. They left Varnum, Sweden, in 1894 and probably joined Kristina Sofia's sister Ulrika who lived somewhere in Nebraska before and after 1913 with her husband (name unknown) and two daughters. If you recognize the names, please contact: Kjell Nordqvist

EWING -- Looking for information on Harry Walter EWING. Moved to Nebraska around 1899. Attended Tablerock elementary schools. Played football for the Cornhuskers, 1906-1910. Graduated from Law School, University of Nebraska, about 1910. Married Irma May FRANKLIN 1911, in Aurora, Nebraska. Contact: Bobbi Hawk

FOSSER -- Natives of Indiana, Oscar SOULES married Ellen FOSSER in Indiana or Nebraska, and were living in Nebraska before 1881. Children are Alvina (born 1870), Charles (born 1874), Minnie (born 1876), Mary Ann (nickname Mamie, born Feb 25, 1881), Roy (born Jan. 1890) and Warren (born 1892). Charles married Mary MIDDLETON June 7, 1897 in Lincoln County, NE. Oscar Soules was born Sept 10, 1837 in Indiana and died April 20, 1906 in Lincoln County, NE. Ellen (Fosser) Soules was born Dec 1851 in Indiana and died after 1900. The 1900 Census shows Ellen (Fosser) SOULES had 8 children, 7 were living. Contact: Kay Diers


FURNISH -- looking for information on Abigail E. (CRANDELL) FURNISH, born 1832 and died 1904, and Mordica FURNISH, born 1820 and died 1950. They were married in Indiana. Buried in Wellfleet Cemetery. Contact: Helen Wilson


GARVER -- I am looking for information on Lewis Butler MADDEN and his wife Mary (Marie) McDonald (Donna) GARVER. They should have been in Nebraska, possibly in the Davey area, in 1900. I have not found them on the 1900 census. Their daughter, Bessie Alice MADDEN was born in Davey on Oct 16, 1901. Their two older children, Lewis and Ruth, were also born in Nebraska. They moved by train, with their livestock, to Idaho in 1904. Lewis was probably from Ohio and Mary was born in 1875 in Plymouth, Indiana. Contact: Barbara

GREELEY -- looking for information on Henry W. Greeley, who migrated to Nebraska before 1910 from Pennsylvania. His wife was Sarah Caroline COCHRAN. They lived on E. Eighth Street in the city of North Platte in 1920. Contact: Dolores Moon

GUMMERE -- looking for information on the GUMMERE family. According to the Obit of Hannah Gummere HUGHES, her father, John Gummere, mother Lucy Comstock, four sisters, and three brothers, moved to Southerland from Paxton in the spring of 1902, and were living there at the time of Hannah's death in January of 1905. I am hoping to find someone else that is researching this family, and might help me with the names of the brothers and sisters, and where they might have gone after they left Southerland. Contact:

HACKEY -- looking for any information on the surname HACKEY. Found my gr-gr-grandfather on the 1880 census. Listed in Lodge Pole, Cheyenne Nebraska. Chas. Hackey, born abt. 1851 in PA. Wife: Jenny born abt. 1851 in Michigan. Daughter: Pearl Hackey, born abt. 1871 in Michigan. Son: Earl Hackey born abt. 1876 in Nebraska. There is also another child possibly named Louise. Then my gr-grandfather, John Percy Hackey: born 6 Oct 1881 in North Platte, NE. Moved to Michigan sometime after John Percy's birth. Contact: Robin Ylatupa

HALL -- I am looking for information from friends, relatives and decendants of The HALL family. William Harmon Hall had a farm in Tryon and was a prominent part of the community there. He married Rosa Fritsch. Their children were: Fern (married a DRURY); Merle; Harold V.; Bernice (married a FATTIG); Elmer; and Augusta.
William H. was the son of Robert Milton HALL (1840-1905). He married Mary Abigail COONS (1847-1932). They lived in Valpariso, Saunders County, Nebraska until Robert died. Their children were George Davis HALL (married Irene Alvina BUDDEMEIER), Bertha HALL (married Corb PHELPS hen Dick MOSS), John HALL and William H. Hall.
Looking for information about William HALL would married Pearl ?. I think he is the son of John HALL as mentioned above, but I cannot be sure. William died within the last few years. His widow does not want to talk about her family. Contact: The Schendel's

HALL -- Andrew J. HALL and Hannah Elizabeth Kerns HALL, lived in the North Platte area. Andrew Hall worked for the railroad. One of my grandmother's sisters was born in this area. Mary Frances Hall was born in North Platte on 19 Oct 1875. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Contact: Vivian Sternenberg

HALLIGAN -- Looking for information on husband of Mary E. McCOY, b. March, 1894 in Phillips, Hamilton County, NE. Mary married a HALLIGAN and was living in North Platte in 1922. If you have information on Mary's husband or her descendants, please contact me. Contact: John McCoy

HANSEN -- I am searching for information on my grandfathers first wife. My grandfather was George Daniel Harrison CARLILE. He married Evelyn HANSEN in North Platte, NE on March 31, 1913. They had one son George Willads CARLILE born March 14, 1914 and died March 30, 1914. He is buried in the Good Hope Cemetery. Evelyn was the daughter of Willia and Mary HANSEN. On June 5, 1917 when my grandfather registered for the draft he was listed as being single. Does anyone have any information as to what happened to Evelyn Hansen CARLILE? Contact: Phyllis Magelky

HARPER -- Seeking information of the following family: Haukea (Hattie) BOOMGARDEN, b. Dec 1878, near Adeline, Ogle Co, Illinois. Married ? HARPER They had one daughter, Minnie. The family moved to North Platte, Nebraska.
Contact: C. Robert Appledorn

HARRIS -- I am looking for information on Orville HARRIS and Katherine Seybold HARRIS who lived in North Platte around 1880.
Contact: David Weller


HARTMAN -- looking for information on William Charles HARTMAN, born 28 September 1859, died 2 June 1948. Married to Nancy Kenison, born 2 April 1859, died 17 April 1895. They lived in Staplehurst. Any information on Nancy's ancesters, both buried in Staplehurst. Nancy had a brother, Abiathar Kenison, who lived there and was killed by fall from a horse, as teenager. Contact: Patricia Swanson

HENDERSON -- searching for information on my gggrandparents Jasper HENDERSON, born 21 April 1859 in Winnebago, Illinios and Ivy TERRY born 11 July 1871. Both passed away in Sutherland, Lincoln County, Nebraska. Contact: Jolene Swezey

HEWITT -- Seeking information on the family name of HEWITT. Isaac Hewitt married Catherine Marie (Tuckson) McCatry. They had 5 children: Jacob Wesley, Eva Pearl, Otis Lincoln, Carl Ralph and Florence Lillie. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Contact: Ben Woods, Jr.

HOAG -- I am searching for the parents and siblings for Faustine MURRY, b. Mar 25, 1897 North Platte, NE. Married (1) Glenn HOAG, (2) Walker PEDDICORD, both in California.
Contact: Bob and Barbara Peddicord

HOFFA -- Looking for any information on Abram Hoffa, who died 8 Nov 1893 in Garfield, Nebraska. His wife was Nancy Dungan Hoffa. Would love to get my hands on a copy of obit or any info on his parents.
Contact: Betty Hoffa

HOLLENBECK -- I am looking for info on a Mary Louisa (Hepker) Hollenbeck who died in North Platte, NE on 19 Nov 1911. She was the wife of John Thomas Hollenbeck. Any information will be appreciated. Contact: Deb Ussery

HOLLIDAY -- Searching for information on McKnight HOLLIDAY, believed to be a rancher, who died in 1931 and buried at North Platte. Contact: Roland Thessen

HOOVER -- looking for information on Albert Mark Hoover or Mildred Irene Vaughn. They had many girls. They both died in Northport, Lincoln County. Contact: Amy Wickwire

HOWE -- I am looking for info on Preston Loren HOWE, b: 4 May 1904, d: 13 Dec 1963. Preston's parents were Charles Abraham Howe, b: 31 Oct 1873, d: 16 Dec 1951 and Margaret Louise Vette, b: 11 Feb 1878, d: 17 Jan 1944. Other siblings of Preston include: Raymond Henry Richard Howe, Harry Edward Hutchinson Howe, Sylvia Mae Howe, and Mary Ellen Howe. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Contract: Allison Gambill

HUCK -- Looking for information on my uncle Jacob HUCK, who was born in Lincoln County on March 10, 1914. Contact: Inez Jackson

HUDSON -- am researching the family of Lyons HUDSON who settled in Madison County in about 1900. His wife was Daisy, and the children were Merritt, Gerald, Lloyd, Regena, Etta, Thelma,Charles, Mae, Eleanore and Grace. Lloyd HUDSON lived in Lincoln county until his death 1n 1982. Would like any information on any of these Lyons. Contact: Kenneth Elston

HUNTER -- Looking for information on David HUNTER and Margaret L. (Lothian) HUNTER. David b. May 1843, in Scotland; Margaret b. 21 Oct 1856 in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. Found this family in the 1900 census, living in Sutherland Precinct, Lincoln County. Haven't located them any where else yet. Family history has it that Margaret died and was buried at North Platte. Contact: Norman Duff


IRVINE -- looking for information on a a Mrs. IRVINE who married Richard Lewis TAYLOR after 1889. Richard (Dick) Taylor was formerly of Exeter, Fillmore County, Nebraska. He was born in Kentucky in 1854. This was a second marriage for Richard Taylor, who was manager of a lumber yard in Dawson County, Nebraska in 1889 and some years after. Richard and Mrs. IRVINE moved to northeast Oklahoma. In 1926 Richard was listed among the surviors in his sisters obituary as living in Oklahoma City, OK. Looking for information which can place Mrs. IRVINE or the IRVINE family in Lincoln County. Contact: Monette Sutherland

JEFFERS -- I am researching William J. JEFFERS and Elizabeth GANNON. They were parents of famous North Platte native William M. Jeffers (1876-1953) who was a Union Pacific President 1837-1946 and WWII "Rubber Czar". I would especially like to know where they came from and when they settled in Lincoln County. Any information about this family would be appreciated. Contact: Ann Y. Sullivan

JOHNSON -- Searching the surnames: JOHNSON, Sorensen, Thom/Thoms, and Soles/Sowles/Soules. William THOMS married Minnie JOHNSON (born 10/6/1901 in Gothenburg, Dawson Co. NE) in Nebraska, South Dakota or Minnesota before 1922. Had children named Lucille (born in Watertown, South Dakota), Clarencea and Wesley. Two of Minnie's brothers were Melvin and Ellsworth (called AL). Their parents were John H. JOHNSON (born 12/31/1876 in North Platte, NE) and Mamie or Mary SOULES. Looking for marriage date in western Nebraska. Looking for more info on Miss SOULES. John H. Johnson's parents were Olaf and Kristinse SORENSON. They lived in Dawson County for a short time and then moved to a farm south of Brady, Lincoln Co. NE. They had 11 Children: John H., an infant named Harry, Harry S., Mary Wihelmina, Louisa (married Walfred Larson), Annie (married George Bailey), Mayme (married Charles Lierk), Benjamin, Milton, Leif (married Sadie Youngberg), and Ray. These children lived in Lincoln County and Dawson County, Nebraska.
Contact: Kay Diers

JOLLIFFE -- James Hillman JOLLIFFE married Julia Ann Miller, 27 April 1862, in Franklin Co, Indiana. He and his family are enumerated in the 1870 and 1880 SaltcreekTtwp, Franklin co, Indiana census. I think I have found him in 1900 Lincoln Co, Nebraska. Can anyone confirm? Children were Mary Catherine b. 1863, Ida b. 1869, Martha Melinda b. 1870, Daniel Enoch b. 1872, William Wayland b. 1865, and Edith Desta b. 1868. Contact: Kathleen Rizer

JONES -- Interesting in contacting anyone researching the James Leroy JONES family. James Leroy JONES (probably born March 1860 in Astoria, Fulton County, Illinois), and Ingabee SANDY ( b. 23 Dec 1867 in Warren Co., Iowa). Children were: (1) Roscoe Virgil Jones (b. 11 Jun 1900 born in North Platte), married Ingabee SANDY; (2) Russell Fauntleroy JONES (b. 1 Oct 1896), married Hester May COLE; (3) Bernal Sandy JONES (b. 27 Feb 1899), married Alma May MARSHALL; (4) Ralph Mervin JONES (b. 9 Apr 1903); (5) Joy Benjamin JONES (b. 16 Nov 1904), married Lula Mary COOK; (6) Myer David JONES (b. 28 Oct 1911). Contact: snokes @tscnet.com

JOURNEY -- Looking for information on Soloman JOURNEY who lived in Maxwell from 1912 to 1928. He arrived in Lincoln County about 1912/1915. He and Grace Drake JOURNEY lived in Maxwell for many years. Their children: Ruby, Vera, Clifford, Marion were all raised there. Soloman died 1928; buried ?. Any information would be very helpful in writing a Journey family history. Contact: Pam Journey

KARRE -- Two Karre brothers came to Nebraska, from Germany, in about 1870. Wilhelm settled in York County, but some of his descendants moved to Lincoln County. Looking for information on the Karre's who settled in Lincoln County, their ancestors and descendants. Contact: Cindy Karre



KLEIN -- looking for information on Albert "Gus" KLEIN, who was born 11 May 1885 in Omaha. His parents names were Henry and Kathrine Klein of Russia. Any info would be appreciated. Contact: Jackie Furuheim

KLEINSCHRODT - John C. Kleinschrodt, born 1855 in Illinois, and Anna nee Fackler, together with daughters Chloie, May, Carrie and Myrtle (all born in Iowa), lived in Lincoln and Phelps Counties, Nebraska, from about 1890-1893. Son Leroy was born 5 Feb 1891 in Holdrege, Phelps County. They later moved to Whiteside County, Illinois. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Contact: Juergen Kleinschroth

KRUGER -- seeking any information on my GGgrandfather, Wilhelm Kruger, born 29 November 1857, Blubek, Germany. According to Mills County, Iowa marriage records when he married my GGrandmother, Emma Freidrick on 15 January 1884, his place of residence was listed as North Platte, Nebraska and his occupation was listed as a carpenter. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Contact: Barb Krzycki


LAND -- looking for Jackson LAND, born 1820 in Kentucky, died in Lincoln County in 1892. If you know anything about him, please contact me. Contact: Marty Hunt

LEWIS -- Looking for children of Virgil D. LEWIS and wife, Martha. Virgil married Martha Irena KUHNS, daughter of Charles & Minnie Kuhns of Maxwell, NE. Their childrens names are, Martha Vergene, Beverly Ann, Dell K. and Virgil D. Jr. I have family Research and Photo to share. Contact: Richard Kritcher Sr.

LORRAINE -- Looking for information on my gr-gr-grandparents Charles LORRAINE and Anna KUCERA. I don't know much else about them except they both died in Lincoln County, Nebraska. Charles is buried in North Platte. Contact Jolene Swezey

LUNKWITZ - Looking for information on Martha (BOETTSCHER) LUNKWITZ. Martha was born 16 March 1876 in Germany. She died 11 Nov 1961, and is buried in the North Platte Cemetery, next to her first (?) husband, William LUNKWITZ. William died 20 Dec 1945. In about 1949 or 1950 Martha married Carl KRAUSE. Contact: Jane Case

LUTZOW -- Seeking information on Lesa Marie LUTZOW, b: 1963. Lesa resided in North Plate, Lincoln Co, NE from about 1983 to at least 1986. She may have married, in 1987, to a gentleman who was a hog farmer. Contact: Jim Ames


MADDEN -- See Garver

MAIN - looking for information on family from Wallace, Lincoln County. My gr-gr-grandparents had a farm there. John MAIN born: 2 April 1868 and Elizabeth SHARMAN born 21 Nov 1867, at Great Yarthmont, England. I'm also interested in information on John' s parents. Contact Jolene Swezey

MARTIN - I am researching my father Cecil Douglas MARTIN, born 6 Feb 1895 at North Platte, NE. He had a brother E. B. Martin and I just found a baby's name in the Gaslin Cemetery. Marian MARTIN d. 11 May 1900 son of E. B. Martin. I have a little more information on my father but nothing on his family. Contact William Martin

McCOY -- Looking for information on husband of Mary E. McCOY, b. March, 1894 in Phillips, Hamilton County, NE. Mary married a HALLIGAN and was living in North Platte in 1922. If you have information on Mary's husband or her descendants, please contact me. Contact: John McCoy

McGLOIN -- searching for MCGLOIN relatives of my ggrandmother, Margaret MCGLOIN Murray, from Chemung/Steuben counties of New York. Found family pictures of MCGLOIN cousins taken at three different studios in Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm guessing they're late 1800's pictures. Contact: Terry Murphy

McMICHAEL -- looking for any information about the McMichael Brothers, General Contrators" (James A and Howard R McMichael), in North Platte, Lincoln County around 1919. Especially looking for any information about Howard E McMicheal, born 21 Feb 1878, died 20 May 1951. He was married to Clara S. Rowley. The history of Nebraska says that Howard moved to Loveland, Colorado. I am a decendent that lives in Loveland, and would be very interested when he resided here, and also interested in hearing from anyone who knows about the brothers business or more about Howard R McMichael. Contact: Christene Geis

McWILLIAMS -- Would like to hear from anyone researching Robert John McWILLIAMS, b: 1822, in Ireland, d: ca 1874, probably Iowa County, WI. Robert married Rose Ann COURTNEY, b: 1830 in Wisconsin, d: 1916.

Rose Ann (Courtney) McWILLIAMS and her son John Robert McWILLIAMS must have moved to Lincoln Co., NE between 1880-1885. They are found in the 1885 Nebraska State Census living in North Platte, First Ward. John Robert is listed as age 28, single, born in Wisconsin, and occupation of railroad fireman.

John Robert McWILLIAMS married Elizabeth WALLACE in North Platte on 30 Jan 1888. Elizabeth (Lizzie) was 27, of North Platte, was born in Wisconsin. The brides parents were Thomas Wallace and probably Margaret KEELEY, although Mary HAWKINS is buried in the family plot.
Contact: Kara McWilliams

MEAD -- Jeanette "Nettie" SPIVEY, with family connections in North Carolina, was married to a ? MEAD and had a least two children: Minnie MEAD born 22 March 1872 in North Platte, NE, and a sister Emma MEAD. Nettie later married Frank Orr and moved to Montana. Contact: R Michael

MENGLE -- I have only begun research on this branch of my family. My grand-aunt IDA MENGLE married ELMER THOM(P)SON. Ida would have been born c 1890-1900, maybe in MO or NE. Their descendants, my 2nd cousins?, had in their living room in the 1950's a full-length oil portrait of Bill Cody. This was said to be an heirloom originally given in appreciation of services rendered. Exactly what services are unknown to me at this time. I have an undefined idea that it may have had something to do with Scouts' Rest Ranch as my mother and her sisters (b about 1910) all had, as teenagers, summer jobs as "guides" there at the ranch. All of my family has either passed on or lost touch so I am rather flying blind here. Do you have any ideas for contacts that might have info on this? Contact: Sue



MILLER -- looking for information on R. H. Miller, a resident of Lincoln Co. in 1883. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1857. Married Minnie Taggart in Sidney, NE on 23 Dec 1883. They had a least one daughter, Lillie. Any help much appreciated. Contact: Jana Taggart Petermann

MOORE -- Vinson MOORE is in the Union Pacific Seniority LIst for 1920. His mother was Martha Estella GODWIN, father was Uriah MOORE. Vinson married Luella Blanche Davis 26 Aug 1922 probably in Shadron, Nebraska. This was his second marriage. I am seeking any information on his pedigree and descendants. Contact: Dan Ross

MORGAN -- I am looking for connections to the following family. Willard W. MORGAN: b: 6 Mar 1821, Rochester, NY, d: 18 May 1889 at Belvidere, NE. Willard married Miranda LYON on 1 Jan 1848. Miranda LYON: b: 3 Jul 1827, Portageville, NY, d: 27 Dec 1906 at Belvidere, NE. Some family members believe that either Willard or Miranda were of American Indian heritage. Willard and Miranda had the following children: (1) Willard A. MORGAN: b: 16 Feb 1850, Gainesville, NY, d. 16 Dec 1942, Thayer County, NE. Willard is listed as the last Civil War Veteran of Thayer County. Married: Ida May CHASE. (2) Janette MORGAN: b: 21 May 1856, Burr Oak, Hall County, MI, d: Feb 1934, North Platte, NE. Married: William Alexander GAUNT, b: 7 Jan 1841, Germantown, PA, d: 27 Sep 1925. (3) Fred MORGAN: b: 31 Mar 1857, Burr Oak, Hall County, MI, married Mary HARRIS. (4) Julie Ann MORGAN: b: 11 Sep 1859, Burr Oak, Hall County, MI, d: 24 Mar 1937, North Platte, NE. Contact: Patrick Deuel

MURRAY -- Seeking information on the MURRAY family. Grandfather is Alvia Lynn Murray, his father was known as "Red". In the early 1900's moved to Saskatchewan. Contact: Terry Murray


MYERS -- looking for information on my grandfather, Martin H MYERS. He lived in Wallace before the turn of the century. He was a sheep farmer and also ran a hotel in Wallace. While my grandmother and children were out west visiting, my grandfather was shot and killed. I have very little infotmation about my grandfather except what was written in a book that his wife, Emma Rosalie Reynolds Ronk wrote about her pioneer life. Martin was killed in the summer or fall of 1900. After his death, my grandmother moved to Southwest Iowa. If anyone has any information regarding my grandfather, his siblings and/or parents I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I have very little information about this side of my family. Contact: LaDonna Myers Pafford

ORR -- see MEAD

PARSONS -- George W. PARSONS, his son ? Roseland Parsons married Jennie A. ?. they lived in York, York Co, NE in 1875 where their son Charles Roseland was born. They possibly homesteaded there as a Jennie A. Parsons is listed as a homesteader there; they lived in McCook, NE in July 1898; they lived in Trenton, NE from at least 1907 - 1930. Their son Charles Roseland Parsons was in the 3rd Nebraska Volunteers July-Nov 1898, and his occupation is listed as farmer on his discharge papers. Trying to find out if my George W. Parsons was the same one who lived at Brady Island (Brady, NE) from 1860's - 1927 who had a son C. R. Parsons living in Lexington in 1937. Contact: Karen Stern


PERKINS -- Looking for information on Everett PERKINS that was living in Sutherland in 1930. His wife was Grace and they had 6 children on the 1930 census. Contact: Larry Brule

PICKLE or PICKEL -- Looking for decendents of Lorenzo PICKLE or PICKEL and Nancy Freeman. Some of their children: Viola, Ruby, Delbert, Dorothy, Gertrude, Albert, (Orlando?) Alvie, Loren. Some family members were in North Platte in the early 1900's. Contact: Leita Spoto

POWELL -- Would like to find descendants of William and Luther POWELL, children of Charles Henry and Nellie POWELL. Wm & Luther were born in Illinois in the 1870's and came to Nebraska with their parents after 1880. They were living in Lexington and North Platte when their mother died in 1930, and between them had five children and three grandchildren. One of the boys may have used the name Lewis or Mason for a first name. I have a photo of these two young men with their Kansas Cousins, John and Reuben Powell, plus thirty years of research to share. Contact: Gayle

POWELL -- Wish to locate member (or friend) of family of Will and Adda POWELL who lived at 616 E Sixth Street, North Platte in 1920. The children at home at that time were Myrtle, Florence, Evelyn, Ralph, and Neil. (born between 1902-1913) Will was a carman for the UPRR. He is a cousin of my great-grandmother, Sadie Powell Crow, and I have a photo of Will, his brother and their Powell cousins from Kansas, as well as a great deal of genealogy information to share. Contact: Gayle

RASMUSSEN -- looking for information on the RASMUSSEN family, Martinus and his wife Matilda who lived in Cottonwood Precinct, Lincoln County, from 1901 thru 1935. Cottonwood Precinct, when it was in existance, surrounded Fort McPherson. Looking for descendants of 3 of 6 of the daughters of the Rasmussen's, Marie, Martha and Hanna. Contact: Richard Kritcher

RING -- Seeking information on John (Johannes) RING and possibly his brother, name unknown. Both left Dietel, Russia in mid 1900's, arrived in Nebraska. Records indicate that John lived in Lincoln County prior to marriage to Eva Hilderman who lived in Windsor, Colorado. Eva was also from Dietel. Thanks for any input. Contact: Francine (Ring) Anton


ROBINSON -- Phillip A. ROBINSON, Last known residence was in North Platte, in 1950. Was born in Lane County, Kansas in about 1896 to Mary C. Rush Robinson and Phillip Anderson ROBINSON Sr. - who was born 1862 in Wetzel Co., West Virginia. Any help with this would be wonderful!
Contact: Verna Bice

ROBY -- Henry Harvey ROBY married Cora Lucele Sperry on 25 Feb 1915, in North Platte. A son Eligah was born to them, his nick name was Babe. The family later moved to Butler County, Nebraska. Babe died in Los Angles, California in 1974. Would like to know the names of the other children in the family. Contact: Nancy Hartman

ROGERS -- looking for information about Charles B. ROGERS and his wife Clarinda A. (Clark) ROGERS. They were living in the Fox Creek Precinct in Lincoln County, Nebraska. I believe Clarinda passed away before 1920, because Charles is living with his son Chauncey B. ROGERS. So Charles passed away after 1920. Charles B. was born about July 1838 in Brownville, Jefferson County, New York. Clarinda A. (Clark) ROGERS was born about March 1839 in Canada. Their children were: Alice, Elizabeth, Alvin, Louisa, Phebe, Charles M., Bertha, Homr G., and Chauncey B. Rogers. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Contact: Sharon Allen


ROSE -- Seeking to correspond and exchange information with researchers and descendants of the family of Herbert ROSE and his wife Charlotte "Lottie" BRUNNER. Herbert C. ROSE and Charlotte BRUNNER were married in Buffalo, New York in 1911. They moved to Nebraska in 1911, living at Sutherland. Contact: Linda Dotzour

ROWEN -- searching for information about Bessie Bell ROWEN, born 06 July 1882 in Missouri. We believe Bessie Bell Rowen Neal to have died and been buried in North Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska. She married Leander Neal on 26 August 1901, most likely in North Platte, Lincoln County. Leader Neal was born in Illinois, date of death unknown. Their children were: Ben Neal born about 1903, probably in North Platte; Gladys Neal, born about 1906, married a Sonneman, probably in North Platte; Tildia Neal, born about 1908, married a Shriver, probably in North Platte. Any information about Bessie Bell Rowen and Leander Neal and their children would be appreciated. Contact: Geri Buss


SCHWERDT -- Seeking information about George and Mary SCHWERDT and their 8 children - Sophia, John Phillip, Laura, Adolph, Bertha and 3 others. Mary was probably born in Allegheny City, PA (now part of Pittsburgh). She was the daughter of George and Marie DEIMLING. According to family tradition the couple was married in Nevada, about 1860, and then lived in North Platte, or the Lincoln County area. Any leads will be greatly appreciated. Contact: V. C. Smith

SCHALLENBERGER -- searching for information on my grandparents, who lived in Lincoln County in the late 1910s. Larsh Shallenberger and Amy Benjamin were teachers who taught in one-room schools around Brady. They met in Lincoln County, and married in 1920. Larsh was born and raised in Otoe County, Nebraska. Amy was born in Wales, immigrated with her family in 1895 to Platte, then Nance County. I would be interested in communicating with anyone who might have any memory of them. Contact: Dave Shallenberger

SCHLEMMER -- Fred P. SCHLEMMERs Social Security application dated 1962 stated he lived in North Platte, and he died in North Platte. Searching for information on him or anyone else looking for the same family. Contact: Bobbi Bartels

SCHROCK -- tracking the Andrew SCHROCK family. Andrew homesteaded 2 miles NW of Wellfleet about 1916, apparently raised a family but disappeared sometime after. Probably born circa 1850. Would appreciate any information anybody might have on this lineage. Contact: Lloyd Sorenson



SMITH -- Charles Amos Smith married Molly B. DAVIS, when & where? They were living in Wellfleet when my grandmother Ruby Davis SMITH was born in 1888. This family moved to CA before 1910. I would appreciate any information on this family. Contract: Jennie Wright

SMITH -- Looking for a German family by the last name SMITH (?) that were farmers in North Platte in 1937. They had several children and gave at least 2 girls up for adoption to the RENWALD family. The first girl was in 1937 and the second was in 1941. Any information would be helpful in our family tree. Contact: Cheryl Radicia

SMITH -- looking for any information on Luches Smith, born 23 February 1866 in Illinois and died 29 October 1929 in North Platte. He married Rachel Almina White on 23 October 1893 in either North Platte or Somerset. She was born 24 September 1877 in Somerset, NE. They had 11 children, born mostly in Lincoln County. Any help would be very much appreciated. Contact: Kelly Heffner

SNODGRASS -- Looking for info on Marlene Yost SNODGRASS, possibly born in the 1930's. Her parents where Ora Yost and Steamer Greer. I have no first name ofor her husband. They lived in North Platte area. Contact: (a href="mailto:gyost@webtv.net">Gerry Yost


SPENCER -- my great grandfathers' brother Emory B. SPENCER who married Julia Ann CHASE, daughter of Ed and Nact J (Daugherly) Chase were living in Wallace, Lincoln County, Nebraska in the years 1908 and 1914, probably much longer.I am interested in locating the following information. Emory B. SPENCER, b. 1855-56 in Madison County, NY moved to Tama County, Iowa with his twin sister Emily and brother Ellis L. and his parents Perry R. and Adelia (SMITH) SPENCER) I was able to trace them to Tama County, Iowa on the 1870 and 1880 Census. After that I have found that they have moved on. Emory B. married Julia Ann Chase in September 26, 1889. and that in 1908 and 1914 Emory and wife were living in Wallace, according to obituary notices in Tama County, Iowa of Julia Chases' parents Ed and Nancy Chase.

I'm interested in learning the names of their children, what Emory SPENCER was doing for a living (he was a farmer in Tama County), if there are any grandchildren still living in that area, death dates and where these people are buried. Contract: Jean Payton


STALCUP -- Searching for information on the STALCUP family. Minnie STALCUP married Andrew SCHINDLER, they lived in or near Hastings, Nebraska, and both died about 1890. Looking for birth, marriage and death information on Minnie, Andrew, and their children. I believe they had 3 children, Sarah, Freddie and another son whose name I don't know. I have some information on Sarah, but nothing on the other two children. Any help would be appreciated. Contract: Joan Cotherman


STOCKTON -- Lincoln and Jessie Stockton lived in Brady Island, Nebraska and their son, Roscoe K. Stockton was born there in 1889. A few years later, they moved to Denver, Colorado. I do not know who Lincoln's parents were and would like to find out their names and if they also lived in Nebraska. Also, when did the Stocktons come to Nebraska and what did they do there?
Contract: Nancy Stockton Bernhardt


STRICKLE -- looking for information on Kathryn Sterkel/ Strickle, daughter of Jacob/ John and Christina Sterkel/ Strickle. She was born on 18 October 1911, in Lincoln County. She married Wilham Gieck in September 1929, and died on 15 March 1968, in Las Vagas, Nevada. Contact: Ronald Bleazard

STROUD - Earnest C. STROUD and Minnie (McVey) STROUD had two children, Richard (Dick) Stroud, and Helen Katherine Stroud. Helen Stroud my grandmother was born 1 Oct 1909 in Seward. The Stroud's lived in Seward, Lincoln, and North Platte. Helen died when my father was 25. His dad had moved them away from the rest of the family when he was about 12. They never kept in contact with Helen's parents. We know nothing of the Stroud family, but think that Earnest and Minnie are buried in Nebraska. Helen Stroud married Cecil Harvey Jennings, and they moved to Rockport, MO after their marriage. They had 8 children, my father being the second oldest. Helen is buried in Rockport, alone, with one infant son. Dick Stroud was in the service in Nebraska. Earnest C. STROUD probably worked for a railroad, and moved whereever the railroad went. They lived in North Platte, at some point after living in Seward. Any help would be appreciated. Contact: Brenda Huddleston

SULLIVAN -- Seeking information on brothers John and Patrick SULLIVAN, Union Pacific engineers from North Platte who were said to have operated trains for the first Buffalo Bill Wild West in 1883. Patrick had a daughter, Mary SULLIVAN RODDY, who also lived in North Platte for a number of years. Trying to link family to a John Harrington SULLIVAN (1856-1951), who was one of the cowboys in this first show, performing under the name "Broncho John," and left the following season to go with "Doc" Carver's spinoff wild west show. Contract: Larry Sullivan

TAYLOR -- Looking to share and find more family of Harry Morton TAYLOR, born 23 Apr 1884 Lincoln County, NE, son of Richard Lewis TAYLOR b 24 Aug 1854 Lewis Co KY and Ella Cornelia BARNES, b 26 Aug 1857 Brookfield, Waukesha Co, Wisconsin. All word of Harry vanished in 1889 until 1907 when in Canton, Stark County, Ohio he married Vaughn "Vonnie" L. WINGARD b 26 Jan 1886 Leechburg, Armstrong Co PA d 30 Apr 1912 Canton, Stark Co, OH, daughter of John Wal WINGARD b 1855 Armstrong Co PA and Rosa Emma HEILMAN b 1863 Armstrong Co PA. Harry was found on the census in 1910 with this family in Canton.

Harry left after Vonnie's death in 1912 and the next word of him was his death on 08 Nov 1935 in Multnomah, Portland, Oregon. The informant on his death certificate was his second wife, Stella (?) TAYLOR.

Richard Lewis "Dick" TAYLOR was manager of a Lumber yard at Farnam in Dawson Co NE. Several years after Ella's death in 1889 he married second, Mrs. IRVINE and they removed to Oklahoma where, Richard worked in the mining industry. On returning from the war his eldest son, Frank Lester TAYLOR, b 10 Jan 1880 McCook, Red Willow, NE joined Richard in Oklahoma. A third son, Roscoe Willis TAYLOR, b 9 Dec 1887 in Farnum, NE married Christine HOUSE and removed to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Harry's grandparents were Nesbit TAYLOR b 1826 Lewis C KY died 1904 Exeter, Fillmore, NE (son of Richard TAYLOR b 1793 Maysville, Mason Co KY and Eliza Jane D. WILSON dau of George and Sarah "Sallie" INSKEEP/INSKIP) and Mary Wallace SINGER b 25 Dec 1826 Lewis Co KY d 1907 Exeter, Fillmore NE (dau of Lewis SINGER b 1792 VA and Jane F(itzhugh) b 1801 VA).

Nesbit and Mary Singer TAYLOR removed to Exeter, Fillmore KY from their home in Covington, Kenton Co KY in 1871. The part of their acreage that was on the west edge of Exeter later became the Nesbit TAYLOR addition to Exeter. Both Nesbit and Mary are buried in the Exeter Cemetery. Contract: Monette Sutherland




TODD -- Searching for information on the TODD Family, living in Wallace, NE in 1898. Father William Reason Todd, Mother Elsie Jane SMITH: Children Wesley TODD, Leroy TODD, Lester TODD, William H TODD, Ethel TODD and Beulah TODD. Beulah TODD was the school teacher in Shawnee, Wyoming in the early 1920's. Contact: Kent Pilcher

WAGONER -- I am looking for information on my great-great grandparents: J.A. WAGONER and EMMA KERWOOD WAGONER. Their daughter Marion Evelyn WAGONER was born in approx. 1901 in York, Nebraska. When she married in 1919 her residence was listed as North Platte and she stated she was 18 years of age. I am guessing that since this was Marion's first marriage and she was only 18 that her residence of North Platte was with her parents.

My grandmother remembers Emma WAGONER of being from an Indian background, but would like to know which background or native. Any information you can provide on J A WAGONER and EMMA KERWOOD WAGONER or their daughter MARION EVELYN WAGONER would be most appreciated.

Marion Wagoner married Charles M. Bail on 2/10/1919 in Des Moines, Iowa. She left Charles and their daughter Lucille, who was then 4 yrs of age, in the year 1924 and has never been seen or heard from since. Thank you for any help you can provide. Contact: Teri Wilkins

WALKER -- Seeking information on Conrad F. WALKER and his wife Rosa Marie SCHAFER of North Platte. Conrad died in January 1937 and Rosa died December 1934, both in North Platte. I have no marriage records, names or places for their brothers or sisters. Rosa was born in Ontario, Canada in 1853. Any information on Conrad and Rosa, who are my great-grandparents, would be greatly appreciated. Contact: Janice Anderson Hayek

WELKER -- I am looking for information James Hubert Welker born 31 Aug 1892 in North Platte. He married Carrie Odessa Russell. Thank you. Contact: Michelle White


WELSCH -- searching for information on Lyman H. WELSCH, who lived in North Platte in the early 1900s, and worked for the postal railway. Contact: Barb Cook

WENDEBORN -- searching for information on relatives of my grand father Frederick Wendeborn, who homesteaded south of Hershey in 1884. Contact: Marvin-Dorothy Wendeborn

WHITNEY -- Luella Jane WHITNEY, b. 1 May 1875, daughter of Francis Henriette BAIRD & Allen WHITNEY, lived in North Platte during the 1900's. She was married to John LISTER, a widower. Luella died in North Platte on 23 Nov. 23 1970. I would be thrilled to exchange family history with anyone connected to this line. Contact: Brenda Baird Magee

WILLEY -- looking for a Shawnee Indian woman, by the name of Mary Jane, possibly Willey might be the last name. She was born 16 Aug 1823 in Marietta, Ohio. She married Eli Willey on 10 May 1843 in Marietta, Washington County, Ohio. She died 26 July 1898 in North Platte. She was the mother of my gg grandfather, John Woodbridge Willey. Eli Willey was a Morman and had two wives, Mary Jane left her son, to be raised by his father and the 2nd wife. Contact: Debbie Koch

WILSON - searching FOR info on Abraham Lincoln WILSON, birth date of 1860. Abraham'S daughter came from North Platte and was born around 1925 and we believe she was born in North Platte. She married Wilmer Lesley Greeley and moved to Oregon. If has information on the Wilson family I would appreciate the info. Contact: Robert Jim Milton

WOOD -- looking for information on my wife's great-grandmother Lydia Wood, formerly, Lydia Lee and husband Joel Melvin Wood who reportedly lived in Lincoln County, NE in April of 1893. Contact: Richard Ward

YEAGER -- seeking information on Henry D. YEAGER, born January 1, 1864 in Frankling County, PA. He was married to Anna Marie Messinger, born 8 July 1866, in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany. This couple was married in North Platte, Nebraska on 7 September 1887 and their first daughter, Angeline B Yeager, was born in North Platte on 10 February 1888. This family later on relocated to Carroll County, Illinois. Looking for information on their lives in Lincoln County. Contact: Sondra Marshall

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