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Online Databases

The Union Pacific Seniority list was privately published by the compiler, John R. Thomas. Mr. Thomas was a railroader himself and felt this "directory" would be informative to others of his profession. John R. Thomas, 77, was buried in the North Platte Cemetery on August 14, 1967.

Mr. Thomas’ Introduction to his Seniority System list said:

"In order to keep the Seniority System up to date and correct from year to year I will make arrangements with the local greivance man of each list to furnish me a corrected list the first of each year. It will show up the errors if any in this book, also the men that have left the service of the Company, new ones and their dates that has hired out during the year of 1922, change in Occupation or location. When I get a correction from each craft in regards to the change a year has made, I will have them printed in pamphlet form so each owner of one of these books will be able to have one of them. A card will be mailed to him telling where he can get one and in this way he will be able to put the corrections in his book bringing it up to January 1, 1923, and feel sure it is correct to date. The book has been arranged for this purpose and in this way a correct record can be kept as long as a man is in the service of the Company at a very little cost to each individual."

"We all have friends in each class of work and it will be a pleasure to be able to tell how they stand in Seniority in their line of work. In this System a man can note the change each year of the different crafts as well as his own list. To keep up a book of this kind for a number of years. It will be interesting to look it over in years to come and will bring to memory old friends that would be forgotten otherwise. If the time comes when a new book is needed, one will be furnished and the old one can be laid away. I will be able to tell by my book just about how long this book will hold what changes is made in the future. In this way after the first years corrections come in, there can be no question after that in regards to the correctness of each list."

Notes of explanation:

First column is the name.
Second column is the hire date, if any.
Third column is the promotion date, if any, or the District they were assigned to.
Fourth column is their job title or "craft".
Fifth column is where they were stationed.
Second District is North Platte to Grand Island and Marysville, KS.
Third District is North Platte to Sidney and Sterling, CO, and Gering and South Torrington, WY.
Fourth District is Sidney to Cheyenne, WY
M P & C is Management, Personnel, and Clerks.
M P & M is Management, Personnel, and Maintenance(?)
Wyoming District is apparently made up of the Telegraphers.

Seniority List, Surnames A - E
Seniority List, Surnames F - L
Seniority List, Surnames M - Q
Seniority List, Surnames R - Z