Lincoln County
Who's Who in Nebraska, 1940

Who's Who


Theo. Lowe, Jr.

INCOLN County, the home of the buffalo and the hunting ground of the Pawnee and Sioux Indians, is located in the Great Plains area and is the third largest county in the state of Nebraska. Known at one time as Shorter County, it comprised most of the western part of Nebraska and extended into Colorado and Wyoming. In fact no definite boundaries were ever established.
   The first white man to explore this region was Coronado, a Spanish cavalier, who came through in 1541. Then Perre and Paul Mallett explored the valley of the Platte in June 1739 and came as far as the forks of the North and South Platte rivers, about three miles east of North Platte.
   Major S. H. Long in 1819 followed the Platte to its source and in 1825, six years later, William H. Ashley, a soldier and fur trader from St. Louis, spent part of the winter at the forks of the river, the only place where fuel could be obtained. He found a band of Pawnee Indians here under the leadership of Chief Two Ax, and many pleasant days were spent preparing for the winter hunting and getting the lay of the country.
   Having obtained all the information he considered necessary, Mr. Ashley decided to leave late in January and prepared to get ready for the journey up the south fork. When Two Ax was informed of the plans, he went to Ashley and told him he could not go for four days as his men were about to make a surround. Mr. Ashley, a military man, knew the ways of the Indians and decided that it would be best to stay. He and his men saw one of those wonderful spectacles of the plains, a buffalo surround.
   The Indians left camp a few at a time and in two or three hours they had a solid mass of buffalo encircled. The circumference of the circle was about six miles. Then at a signal from the chief, passed on by the hunting party, all the hunters charged at once.
   In a short while the field looked like an immense slaughter pen. Floundering on the ground and mortally wounded, with arrows protruding from their sides, were fully fourteen hundred buffalo. The brave who had killed the most buffalo was the hero of the hour. He was acclaimed on all sides while the awkward youth who had scored lowest of all was the butt of jokes from the young squaws.
   Ashley and his party then departed without molestation and continued their way to the mountains. It might also be said that it was through Ashley's influence that the first wagon train left St. Louis in 1830 and passed through Lincoln County.
   In 1842 John Charles Fremont, soldier and explorer, passed through this county. He found some trappers located about fifteen miles east of the fork of the river on an island. The leader of the party was a man named Brady, so Fremont called the island "Brady's Island" and marked it so on his map.
   Traveling west, Fremont camped on a small creek just south of North Platte, which now bears his name. As the date was July 4, his men fired a salute with a small cannon.
   In 1847 the Mormons, under the leadership of Brigham Young went up the north side of the North Platte river and camped just north of where the city of North Platte now stands. They then continued on their way to Salt Lake. On Nov. 18, 1938 the Lincoln County Historical Society together with the Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association erected a bronze and concrete marker on this camp site.
   In 1849 gold was discovered in California and thousands from the east passed through the Platte valley on their way to the gold fields. At this time cholera was serious and from five to ten people from each train were buried at each stop along the road. Still the migration continued and this trail finally became known as the Oregon Trail. This trail is appropriately marked in Lincoln County by five bronze and three granite markers.
   The first permanent residence or trading post in Lincoln County was made at Cottonwood Springs in 1858 by Ike E. Boyer, his brother Nelson Boyer, and his wife, and a Frenchman named Robideau. They did a flourishing business with the Indians. In December 1858 a child was born to Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Boyer and was named Felix.
   News of Mr. Boyer's trading post spread far and wide and in 1859 William Bishop built the second house in Cottonwood Springs. He was aided by two Frenchmen, Vilantry and Gardipi. Mr. Boyer resented their coming and tried to have them locate farther west, but Mr. Bishop was determined to locate there and after he had built his store, the two men formed a friendship which lasted until death. Later Mr. Bishop located farther west and after the railroad was built, returned to Nebraska City.

in Nebraska


   In 1860 Mr. Charles McDonald located at Cottonwood Springs, built the third house or trading post and continued in this business until the town of North Platte was established. He then moved to North Platte and operated a store and a bank known as the Bank of Charles McDonald. It is now the McDonald State Bank.
   On Sept. 27, 1863 at Cottonwood Springs, Fort McKean was established, but the name was later changed to Post of Cottonwood Springs and on Feb. 20, 1866 was again changed to Fort McPherson. As this fort was on the Oregon Trail and the Pony Express routes, the garrison was kept busy looking after Indians and providing an escort to trackmen building the Union Pacific railroad. Fort McPherson became important as campaigns against the Indians were handled from here. The fort was abandoned Jan. 5, 1887. It was at Fort McPherson that William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody first came into prominence. He acted as a government scout and pony express rider.
   In 1869 Indians were so bad that General Carr determined to punish the Sioux who had been so troublesome in the Republican valley. With Buffalo Bill as scout, they found the Indians crossing over to the Platte valley and in the ensuing fight, more than six hundred braves were killed. This broke the Sioux power and was the last large fight in this part of the country.
   On Jan. 12, 1872, Grand Duke Alexis of Russia arrived in North Platte for a buffalo hunt and was received by General Sheridan and Captain Hays. The hunting party under Buffalo Bill and Captain Eagan with a company of cavalry left for Red Willow creek where Buffalo Bill had located buffalo. It was on this creek that the Grand Duke killed his first buffalo and after the hunt the Indians showed him their skill with bows and arrows.
   Buffalo Bill participated in many campaigns against the Indians and later made his home at North Platte, where he had large land holdings. His Scout Rest Ranch was located about two miles northwest of North Platte and his cattle range was on the Dismal river. It was at North Platte where his popular Wild West Show originated.
   On Oct. 1, 1866, Lincoln County was organized at Cottonwood Springs. It took in most of the western part of Nebraska and parts of Colorado and Wyoming. The first county officers were W. M. Hinman, judge; Chas. McDonald, clerk; O. O. Austin, sheriff; H. Morgan, treasurer, and A. J. Miller, commissioner.
   The first school was taught during the summer of 1868 in a log cabin. Theodore Clark was the first teacher and Miss Mary Hubbart, who later became Mrs. P. J. Gilman, was the second teacher.
   In October 1868, W. S. Peniston was awarded the contract for the first county jail at a cost of $2,500 and in 1876 the first courthouse was finished.
   In November 1866 the Union Pacific railroad was completed to North Platte and on Nov. 12, 1867 the county seat and all records were transferred to the town of North Platte. The first meeting was held at the house of W. M. Hinman on Nov. 16, 1867.
   Lincoln County continued to grow as a cattle country and both irrigated and dry farms did well. Stock raising was and still is the major industry. Many large and fine herds still graze on the wonderful sand hill grass.
   John Bratt was one of the earliest men in the cattle business and his range reached eighty to one hundred miles from North Platte. It was he who organized the Stock Growers Association in Nebraska and Wyoming.
   In September 1867, the Indian Chiefs were all called together to meet at North Platte where they were met by the commissioners appointed by the government to enter into a treaty with them. The commissioners were General Sherman, General Harvey and John P. Sanborne. A treaty of peace was entered upon. A great Indian village dotted the prairie where the present city jail now stands.
   In 1921 a new courthouse, one of the best buildings in Lincoln County, was built. However, the project was not completed without graft and several officers served prison sentences. However, this was soon forgotten and for the next twelve years under able officers, the county made rapid progress. New roads were established and graded and the wooden bridges across the Platte rivers were replaced with steel and concrete constructions. A new jail was built in 1933. Everything was paid for without a bonded indebtedness.
   The county has several irrigation projects and in 1934 the Platte Valley Public Power and Irrigation District built several large reservoirs for power and irrigation purposes. In 1937 the Tri-County project was organized and both of these companies will water thousands of acres in western and central Nebraska. Now, in 1939 the Tri-County is building the second largest earthen dam in the world across the North Platte river, north of Ogallala.

   ADAMS, J STERLING: Funeral Director; b Seward, Neb Aug 12, 1908; s of Orlando Adams-Lena Wilson; ed North Platte HS; Worsham Coll of Embalming, Chicago; m Ruth D Walsh Oct 26, 1932 Scottsbluff; 1927-31 with Johnson Drug Co, North Platte; 1931-32 with Kellam & Kellam Drug, Torrington, Wyo; 1933-34 with W R Maloney Undertaking & Furn Co, North Platte; 1934-1939 ptr Hutchins-Adams Funeral Home, North Platte; 1939- owner-mgr Adams Funeral Home, North Platte; brother Wilson T, connected with firm; Neb St & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; AF&AM; Pioneer Ad Club, past dir; C of C; Lincoln Co Wildlife Club; Episc Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing, gardening; off 515 E 5th; res 521 E 5th, North Platte.

   ALLEN, LEN NEWTON: Hotel Owner; b Webster Co, Ky July 27, 1893; s of Thomas H Allen-Ida Ann Hearin; ed Springfield Mo HS; m Genevieve Aneita Reynolds July 25, 1918 Kansas City Mo; s Eugene Thomas, Len William; d Dorothy Ann, Mary Aneita; 1911-12 with U P RR at Rock River Wyo; 1912-15 house salesman Love-Warren-Monroe Dry Goods Co Tacoma Wash; 1915-25 travelling



Who's Who

salesman Fitts-Smith Dry Goods Co, Kansas City Mo; 1925 owner & opr Springfield Mo Hotel; 1926 owner Yale Okla hotel: 1927- owner & opr McCabe Hotel & Coffee Shop, North Platte; during World War with USN mine force 10 mos, served 7 mos in Scotland; Amer Leg; VFW; 40 & 8: Neb Hotel Assn; Northwestern & Amer Hotel Assns; C of C; Pioneer Ad Club; Rotary; AF&AM; BPOE; off McCabe Hotel; res 1216 W 4th, North Platte.

   ALLEN, WALTER HOWARD: Store Manager; b New York City June 12, 1897; s of Smith N Allen-Ida A Bishop; ed Brooklyn Evening HS; Kansas City Jr Coll; m Beatrice Webb July 10, 1920 Kansas City Mo; s William H; d Beatrice L; 1913-30 stock clk, dept mgr, asst buyer, buyer Natl Cloak & Suit Co, New York; 1930 asst mgr Montgomery Ward & Co, Nebraska City; 1930-32 mgr, Beatrice; 1932-33 mgr, Dodge City Kas, 1933-35 mgr, Kearney; 1935-37 mgr, Fairbury: 1937- mgr, North Platte; during World War in Battery D 70th arty, AEF 23 mos sgt; C of C; res commission US field arty; Heroes of 76; Sojourners; VFW; Amer Leg; AF&AM; Ararat Shrine, Kansas City; Chris Ch; Rep; hobby, reading; off 421 N Dewey; res 310 S Willow, North Platte.

   ANDERSON, JOEL: Physician & Surgeon: b Finland May 11, 1884; s of Anders Saaksjarvi-Majalisa Virth; ed Finland; Bethel Acad, St Paul; Creighton U; Chicago Polyclinic; Chicago Post Grad Hosp, MD; m Bertha Katherine Larson July 1, 1914 Omaha; s Gustave T, Thorwald Robert; d Helen Mae; 1915 interne in Minn; 1916 prac in Gothenburg; 1927 in gen prac, North Platte; past mbr bd of trustees Bethel Inst, St Paul; past pres Lincoln Co Med Soc & Dawson Co Med Soc; past pres 11th dist Neb St Med Soc; AMA; staff mbr St Mary's & Gen Hosps; lic to prac in Wash, Cal, Mich, Neb; C of C; pres Kiwanis; past grand & past chief patriarch IOOF, pres dist assembly: AF&AM; Shrine; Scot Rite; Bapt Ch; Rep; hobbies, reading, golf, sports; off 416 1/2 N Dewey; res 702 W 4th, North Platte.

   ANTONIDES, FLORENCE AMY: High School Principal; b Hardy, Ia. Apr 8, 1883; d of Daniel Joline Antonides-Phoebe Ann Depew; ed Wallace; KSTC HS; KSTC, BSc 1935; U of N; Columbia U; U of Cal; Delta Kappa Gamma; 1889 came to Neb with parents; 1901-05 rural tchr in Lincoln Co; 1905-17 tchr, North Platte elementary schs; 1913-14 asst, biology laboratory KSTC; 1917-22 prin, North Platte Jr HS; 1922- normal training instr North Platte HS; 1933- asst prin North Platte HS; mbr HS activities bd since 1929, sponsor HS Girl Reserves, has sponsored HS classes; English tchr in adult night sch in North Platte 1 term; 1933 North Platte HS annual dedicated to her; mbr recreation bd WPA; in chg of NYA students in HS; mbr exec bd dist 4 NSTA, past pres normal training section; past st treas Neb Womans Ednl Club & past pres dist 4; ch mbr, past VP & past pres B&PW, North Platte del to natl conv in Des Moines Ia 1927; DAR regent 2 years; ch A K, PEO; OES; chmn Jr ARC during World War; Meth Ch; hobbies, reading, horse back riding; father was mcht in Wallace & North Platte; mother was Ill sch tchr before marriage; off North Platte HS; res 1003 W 6th, North Platte.

   APPLEGATE, LINCOLN C: Farmer & Stockraiser; b Marion Co, Ia Aug 14, 1866; s of G W Applegate-Mary J Palin; m Emily Richards Nov 24, 1897 Cheyenne Wyo; s Harvey J, Clarence, Woodrow, Walter; d Mary, Laura, Ellen, Elizabeth, Jeanett; 1886 came to Neb & settled near Sutherland; 1886 farmer & stockraiser, raised Angus cattle; owns 15,000 A of Lincoln Co land, including first homestead; has voted in same pct 53 years; hobby, keeping lawn & flowers; res Sutherland.

   BAKER, MARVEL L: Animal Husbandman: b Coles Co, III Jan 3, 1895; s of I W Baker-Ella C Anderson; ed Mattoon Ill HS; Kas St Coll, BSc & MSc 1924; Ia. St Coll; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Delta; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma Delta; m Florence C Wortham June 30, 1919 Coles Co Ill; s Montee R, John N; d Dorothy C, Frances M; 1913-15 tchr, Coles Co schs; 1915-17 farmed, Coles Co Ill; 1919-21 farmed in S W Kas; 1924-28 in chg livestock work, Neb Sch of Agr in Curtis; 1928-80 cash Security State Bank, Curtis; 1930- animal husbandman U of N substation in North Platte; mbr Amer Soc of Animal Production; hon mbr Neb Stockgrowers Assn; Rotary; AF&AM; Pioneer Ad Club; Presby Ch: Rep; during World War in 130th & 61st inf May 11, 1917-June 20, 1919, commd 2nd lt AEF, O/S May 1918 May 1919; off & res U of N experimental substation, North Platte.

   BARE, IRA L: Retired; b Mt Union, Penn Nov 24, 1860; s of Peter M Bare-Catherine Spanogle; ed Mi Union, Penn; m Mollie Thompson Mar 14, 1888 North Platte (dec); s Leslie S; d Geraldine (Mrs W H Munger); printer's devil, emp on various newspapers in Penn as printer, 1881 settled In North Platte; 1881-85 printer Western Nebraskan & other newspapers; 1885 estab Lincoln Co Tribune, ptr L A Stevens; 1887 pur Stevens int, opr Lincoln Co Tribune as semi-weekly, sold paper 1920; 1921-22 secy C of C; columnist for North Platte Daily Telegraph several years; 1910-12 receiver for US land off North Platte; 1903- dir Mutual B & L Assn, VP since 1934; past pres Lincoln Hist Soc; helped develop Lincoln Co & North Platte in past 50 years; past pres Rotary; chmn agrl com C of C; Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening, trout fishing; res 514 W 4th, North Platte.

   BASKINS, CONRAD LESLIE: Attorney; b North Platte, Neb Jan 30, 1889; s of Charles W Baskins-Florence R Ranch; ed North Platte HS; Bucknell U, BA 1910, MA 1912, mbr football team 4 years; U of N, LLB 1913; m Leah E Jenkins Dec 31, 1913 Sunbury Penn; s Charles W, Robert L; adm to Neb bar June 1913; 1914- prac law, North Platte; mbr of firm Beeler, Crosby & Baskins since 1919; city atty 4 years; firm represents McDonald State Bank, drainage dist I of Lincoln Co, Platte Valley Pub Power & Irrigation Dist; mbr Lincoln Co Bar Assn; past pres Western Neb Bar Assn; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; mbr sch bd 4 years; city coun 2 years; during World War in field arty, OTS Camp Taylor Ky: C of C; IOOF; past chancellor KP; past exalted ruler BPOE, past state pres; Dem; off 116 E 5th; res 216 W 1st, North Platte.

   BEATTY, ROBERT H: Attorney; b Brady, Neb July 29, 1887; s of William Beatty-Mary E Burke; ed U of N, LLB 1912; Order of Coif; m Ethel A Brown July 8, 1917 Lexington; d Margaret Jane, Mildred Louise; 1912 adm to bar; 1916- prac law in North Platte, first with Wilcox & Halligan; July 1919 org Halligan, Beatty & Halligan; Jan 1937 org Beatty, Maupin, Murphy & Davis; Lincoln Co Bar Assn; past VP Neb St Bar Assn, chmn com on judicial selection; Western Neb & Amer Bar Assns; during World War in OTC Taylor Ky 1917-18; Amer Leg; C of C; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Tehama Shrine; MWA; KP; Country Club; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, fishing, hunting. Father born in Ireland, came to Canada 1873, to Neb in 1875, was Lincoln Co cattleman; apptd Col by Pres Wilson. Off Beatty Bldg; res 703 West 3rd, North, Platte.

   BONNER, ADELBERT: Violinist; b North Platte, Neb Jan 7, 1891; s of John Nelson Bonner-Etta Stebbins; ed North Platte HS; Neb U Sch of Music, BMus; m Barbara Burt Mar 28, 1918 Seward; violin priv tchr; asst instr North Platte HS; duringWorld War enl June 24, 1918 non commd instr in casual detachment of med ofcrs training camp Fort Riley Kas, disch Dec 31, 1918; Lincoln Symphony; Amer Fedn of Musicians; AF&AM; hobbies, reading, walking, study of rail transportation; res 705 West 5th, North Platte.

   BONNER, MRS ETTA STEBBINS: Musician & Clubwoman; b St Joseph, Mo Sept 28, 1861; d of Lucien Stebbins-Elizabeth Perry Walsh; ed Pittsfield Ill HS; m John Nelson Bonner June 27, 1883 North Platte (dec); s Carl Stebbins, Adelbert Lester; d Elizabeth (Mrs W H Cramer, dec), Clarissa Helen (Mrs Thorval L Berg); July 16, 1873 came to North Platte, then a village; 1880-83 tchr, Lincoln Co & North Platte; piano tchr many years in North Platte; 1896-99 secy sch bd; Goddess of Liberty in 1876 during North Platte Centennial celebration of signing of Declaration of Independence, daughter Helen was goddess in 1926, 50 years later; 1901 del to natl conv Grand Internatl aux B of L E in Milwaukee, ch mbr & past pres North Platte aux; 1923 del to natl conv of DAR, ch mbr, past secy & past historian; 1929 natl convention, del Amer War Mothers Louisville Ky, past pres, past state chaplain, past state corresponding secy; past pres WRC, mbr 42 years; past pianist & past marshal OES; was 1st organist in Meth Ch; mbr Chris Sci Ch; Dem; hobbies, reading, music; husband was locomotive engineer for U P RR. Father was farmer & rancher in Lincoln Co, mbr legislature in 1898; res 705 W 5th, North Platte.

   BOOTH, CLARENCE M: Dry Cleaner; b Broken Bow, Neb Aug 15, 1898; s of Charles W Booth-May Gundy; ed Broken Bow HS; m Florence M Steen July 13, 1920 Primghar Ia; worked in clothing store while in


in Nebraska


HS; rwy mail clk on CB&Q RR short time; 1919-20 clk Woods Bros Clothing Store, Broken Bow; 1921 with E 0 Everetts Cleaning Plant; 1921- owner Model Cleaners & Hatters, North Platte, specializes in household fabrics; past secy & past pres Neb Assn of Cleaners & Dyers; has att every state meeting since 1923, also 9 natl meetings; past pres Rotary; past dir Pioneer Ad Club; Meth Ch; hobbies, woodwork, pets; off 208 E 6th; res 308 Tabor, North Platte.

   BOWERS, HAROLD FRANKLIN: Pharmacist; b Omaha, Neb Aug 4, 1902: s of Frank H Bowers-Ruth Ann Upson; ed Diller; U of N, PhG 1927; adm to prac pharmacy in Neb & Colo; Kappa Psi; m Rose Marie Fellers Oct 2, 1930 Palisade; s Harold Burns, William Wesley, James Herbert; 1928-36 emp in L G Dambach Drug Store, Palisade; 1937- owner & opr drug store, Sutherland; Neb & Colo St Pharm Assns; NARD; Comml Club; Lincoln County Wildlife Club; AF&AM; reserve marine, 5th corps area; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, collecting coins; res Sutherland.

   BOWMAN, JABIE LEASON: Auto Dealer; b Logan, Ia. July 25, 1895; s of Jabie I Bowman-Sarah E Jenkins; ed Custer Co; m Cora H O'Connor Feb 11, 1923 Julesburg Colo; d Lucile B, Mildred L; 1910 farmed with father, Custer Co; 1918 moved to North Platte; emp UP RR; 1922 with Midwest Refining Co, Casper Wyo; 1932- owner & opr auto bus North Platte; dir Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; VP North Platte Auto Dlrs Assn; Natl Auto Dlrs Assn; C of C; BPOE; Bapt Ch; hobbies, sports, hunting, fishing; off 309 E 4th; res 418 S Cottonwood, North Platte.

   BRAHAM, WILLIAM J: Superintendent of Schools; b Mercer, Penn; s of S R Braham-Mary E Whittaker; ed Walnut Hill Penn HS; Penn St Normal; Grove City Penn Coll; Columbia U; U of Chicago; U of Southern Cal; Harvard U; U of N, BA & MA; m Delpha C Campbell May 25, 1910 Grove City Penn; s Dale W; d Lois (Mrs John A B Simpson); 1903-06 tchr in Mercer Co Penn; 1909-10 prin Blairsville Penn HS; 1910-11 prin, Hebron HS; 1911-12 supt, Sidney schs; 1922- supt North Platte schs; 1926 exec secy Neb HS Activities Assn; past pres dist 4 NSTA, 1937 exec secy; past pres Neb Schoolmasters Club; NEA; C of C; Assn of Sch Administrators of Amer; Presby Ch; hobbies, sports & golf, won Neb Schoolmasters tournaments in Kearney 1929; off 323 Dewey; res 116 S Vine, North Platte.

   BROCK, HENRY CLAY: Dentist; b Fairbury, Neb Sept 20, 1876; s of Robert Brock-Margaret Towers; ed Fairbury HS; Northwestern U, DDS 1898, Delta Sigma Delta, past grand master Neb aux; m Alice Groff June 22, 1899 Fairbury (born Gage Co homestead); s Henry Clay Jr: 1898-1904 Fairbury dentist; 1904- prac in North Platte; org Lincoln Co Dental Soc, past pres & secy; past pres N W Dist Dental Soc; coun mbr Neb St Dental Assn; ADA; past mbr city coun; 5 years mbr, past secy Neb st bd of dental examiners; mbr C of C 35 years; past master AF&AM; past comm & high priest Palestine Comm; Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; father born on Canada farm now site of Toronto, butcher & stockbuyer in Fairbury 1869; off 6 Tramp Bldg; res 514 W 2nd, North Platte.

   BROWNFIELD, EARL: County Treasurer; b Urbana, Ill Apr 24, 1882; s of William Brownfield-Lora Savage; ed Ill; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Cora Crick June 12, 1907 Sutherland; 1904-06 with Amer Beet Sugar Co, Grand Island; 1906-07 with UP RR; 1907-31 bkkpr & cash Bank of Lincoln Co, Hershey; 1932- Lincoln Co treas; past mbr Hershey sch bd; past mbr village bd; C of C; BPOE; AF&AM; IOOF; Neb Co Treasurers Assn; Dem; off Courthouse; res 302 S Ash, North Platte.

   BROWNFIELD, I D: Postmaster; b York, Neb Apr 19, 1884; s of W L Brownfield-Lora H Elrod; ed Wallace; Mo Auction Sch 1917; m Loretta Louise Murphy June 14, 1922 North Platte; 1884 moved to Wallace; 1897-1935 farmer & stockman near Hershey; 1917-35 auctioneer; 1924-35 with firm of Brownfield-Fowler, dlrs in livestock; 1935- PM; Comml Club; Dem; hobbies, saddle & driving horses; res Hershey.

   BROWNFIELD, LORETTA LOUISE: Homemaker; b North Platte, Neb Jan 17, 1888; d of John B Murphy-Fannie Kennedy; ed North Platte HS 1907; KSTC 1909; m I D Brownfield June 14, 1922 North Platte; 1907-16 tchr in Lincoln Co schs; 1916-22 librarian in North Platte pub lib; since marriage has lived in Hershey & is now secy sch bd; past pres Neb St Lib Assn; past pres Womans Club; guardian Camp Fire Girls; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, reading, collection of china & glassware; res Hershey.

   BURKE, FRED L: Insurance Adjuster; b Arapahoe, Neb Aug 6, 1885: s of William L Burke-Julia Bremer; ed Arapahoe HS; m Christine Schmer Nov 12, 1921 North Platte; 1909-29 in real est bus in Maywood; opr livery barn, Maywood & Curtis 4 years; owner & opr Rushville Flour Mill 2 years; 1920-30 credit mgr North Platte Chevrolet Co; 1930- owner & opr Livestock Auction Market, ins adjuster; 1934- trustee in bankruptcy; mbr bd dir Interior Neb Livestock Auction Assn; past secy S W Neb Dist Fair Assn; first secy McCook-Maywood-North Platte Highway Assn; hobbies, fishing, hunting; parents came to Neb in early 1880's, father in real est bus & farmed 11 1/2 years near Arapahoe; off Pawnee Hotel; res 2006 E 4th, North Platte.

   CALLENDER, BURTIS 0: Oil Dealer; b Ind Apr 7, 1875; s of David N Callender-Mary A Rickley; ed Gandy; Pawnee City; LBC; m Minnie E Crawford Nov 28, 1903 Grand Island; s Walter, Richard, Bernard; d Alberta (Mrs William Davis); 1893 farmed with father near Stapleton; 1903 owner garage, Gandy; 1905 mgr lbr co, Stapleton; 1907 owner lbr bus, Keystone; 1925- owner-mgr garage North Platte; past mbr Neb Indep Oil Dlrs Assn; past sheriff Logan Co; mbr sch bd since 1932; past dir C of C; AF&AM, master; IOOF; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, baseball; res 1805 N Jeffers, North Platte.

   CAMBLIN, EVELYN MAC DONALD: Music Teacher; b Parsons, Kas Aug 27, 1909; d of R A MacDonald-Caroline Virginia Hall; ed Omaha Tech HS; Omaha U, BA 1936; KSTC; Gamma Sigma Omicron; m 0 F Camblin Dec 14, 1935 Julesburg Colo; d Mary Carolyn; 1931-32 music supvr Haigler; 1932-35 music supvr, Brady schs; 1935-36 music supvr, Talmage; 1936- instr voice & woodwind instruments in North Platte; articles Food for Thought and Musicians published in The School Musician & Is America Starving Musically? in Rhythm; 1927 represented Omaha in natl music supvrs band, Springfield Ill; was given autograpbed baton by Sousa; student dir Omaha U band; dir Lincoln Co rural schs chorus since 1932; composer Wenco March, played 1st time by Central & Tech HS bands of Omaha in Diamond Jubilee Parade, dir Presby sr youth choir, jr youth choir, church orchestra; mbr OES; Rebekah; Monday Musicale; hobbies, dolls, music; husband with Platte Valley Pub Power & Irrigation Dist, is mbr IOOF, AF&AM, former baseball player Western League; off 709 S Sycamore; res 709 S Sycamore, North Platte.

   CARR, EDWARD E: Attorney; b Palmyra, Neb May 7, 1891; s of 0 J Carr-Mary E McBride; ed Beaver City HS; U of N, LLB; Acacia; Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Alpha Phi; Ivy Day orator; m Cerise Murrish June 27, 1923 Hastings; s James E; d Virginia Mae; during World War joined US army in 1917, disch Dec 1918, lt in A S & recd certificate of honor from Air League; 1919 ent law prac in North Platte with Hoagland & Hoagland; 1920 with Hoagland-Carr law firm; 1931- mbr Hoagland, Carr & Hoagland; past pres Neb St Assn of Sch Bds & Execs; C of C; Lincoln Co & Neb St Bar Assns; pres North Platte sch bd; past pres Rotary; Natl Geographic Soc; IOOF; BPOE; mbr Red Cross of Constantine; past master AF&AM; past high priest RAM; past grand comm KT; York Rite; Tehama Shrine; Lodge of Perfection; Amer Leg; Meth Ch; Rep; off 508 1/2 Dewey; res 320 S Vine, North Platte.

   CASTLE, JENNINGS Y: Bank Cashter; b Wahoo, Neb Dec 5, 1896; s of Frank A Castle-Jeanette Young Steen; ed Boise Ida HS; Doane Coll; m Mabel L Johnson Nov 11, 1922 Seward; s Conan J; d Joan A; during World War was 2nd lt in field arty; Amer Leg; 1919-28 bkkpr, asst cash & cash Grant Co Bank, Ashby; 1928-36 Neb state bank examiner; 1936- cash McDonald State Bank, North Platte; owns ranch in Grant & Cherry Cos; pres C of C; committeeman BSA; treas & dir Kiwanis; Country Club; trustee Presby Ch; Indep; hobbies, golf, ranching; off McDonald State Bank: res 121 S Ash, North Platte.

   CHAMBERS, HARMON A: Pharmacist; b Pawnee City, Neb Mar 4, 1889; s of Charles W Chambers-Ida Jane Kenner; ed Table Rock HS; U of N; m Fern M Coates May 24, 1916 North Platte; s Robert H; d Mary Jane; 1909 with Owl Pharm, Beatrice; 1911 passed pharmacy exam; 1912-13 with Huntsman Drug, Hebron; 1914-15 with Iowa Drug Store; 1916 with Neely Drug Store,



Who's Who

Gering; 1917 estab Chambers Drug Store, Keystone; 1921 estab Chambers Drug, Sutherland; 1926 owner & mgr drug store in North Platte; C of C; past pres Rotary; Neb St Pharm Assn; Rep; hobby, writing; res 1221 W 4th, North Platte.

   CHURCH, MRS ANNIE M: Retired; b Welsh Run, Penn Oct 23, 1856; d of Adam Ferguson-Ellen Mary Shannon; ed Mercersburg Penn Acad; Wilson Coll, Chambersburg Penn; Womans Med Coll of Chicago, MD 1882; m A H Church Oct 23, 1877 North Platte; d Joybelle (Mrs S B Parr); 1882-96 prac med in North Platte; past treas dept of Neb WRC 110, treas 12 years; asst librarian in North Platte 8 years; has written hist sketch of early days in North Platte, copies of which are filed in Memorial Continental Hall, Washington D C & Neb Soc of DAR filing & lending bur, Lincoln; 1887-89 asst to husband who edited Western Nebraskan, husband also apptd 1st judge in 13th judicial dist by Gov John Thayer; contributor to North Platte papers since 1877; during World War was mbr Canteen Co D of ARC; past pres PEO; Womans Club; Episc Ch; hobby, reading; res 414 W 3rd, North Platte.

   CLINTON, CHARLES S: Jeweler; b Grand Rapids, Mich Feb 18, 1865; s of Joseph S Clinton-Louise Bliss; ed Mich; m Augusta D Kuesterer Aug 30, 1888 Grand Rapids Mich; s Phillip C; d Irma (Mrs Arthur MeNamara), Hildegarde (Mrs Dean Richardson); 1877 paper carrier, Grand Rapids Mich; 1879 with A Preuser Jewelry Store, Grand Rapids; 1884 with Louie Thoelecke Jewelry Store, North Platte; 1885 rancher near North Platte; 1866 estab Bench, Ivan & Van Doran Men's Furnishing Store, North Platte; 1886- owner jewelry store; past mbr vol fire dept; C of C; past Pres Neb State Jewelers Assn; Neb Assn of Optometrists; past mbr Kiwanis; BPOE; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Shrine; jr warden Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, sports, baseball; res 204 W 4th, North Platte.

   CLOTHIER, HOWARD E: Auto Dealer; b Tryon, Neb, Sept 9, 1901; s of Silas E Clothier-Jennie F Daly; ed North Platte; Tryon; Omaha Central HS; Omaha Tech HS; m Pearle L McConnell Apr 8, 1927 Gandy; d Sharron W; 1921-23 shipping clk Omaha Sch Supply Co; 1925-27 with Gray Cab Co, North Platte; 1927-32 co-owner Valley Motor Co, McCook; 1932-33 in ins bus, North Platte; Aug 1938-Apr 1939 asst mgr J Bowman Auto Co, North Platte; 1939- Pontiac dlr, Clothier Motor Co, North Platte; helped org Pioneer Ad Club, pres & 1st secy; C of C; Lincoln Co Wildlife Club; mgr North Platte Baseball Club, afifilated (sic) with Neb Indep League in 1935-36; AF&AM; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, baseball; off 107 N Jeffers; res 400 E 3rd, North Platte.

   COATES, ELMER: Lumber Dealer; b Excelsior Mills, Wis Dec 17, 1867; s of Henry F Coates-Nancy A Conner; ed Excelsior Mills HS; m Almetta Bowman Dec 25, 1892 Wood River; s Ralph W, Elmer T; d Fern H (Mrs H A Chambers), Wilma L (Mrs George Mullin); 1884 came to Neb & worked on ranch; 1885-87 emp W L McGee Hdw Co, North Platte; 1887-1904 with C F Iddings Lbr Co, North Platte; 1904-10 auditor & mgr Rogers Lbr Co of Minneapolis, located in York; 1910 pur lbr yard in Ohiowa & sold in 1914; pur lbr bus in North Platte with A A Tanner, firm Coates Lbr & Coal Co until 1925; with Walrath-Sherwood Lbr Co until 1930; Mr Hoppe pur int & firm incorporated in 1930 as Coates-Hoppe Lbr Co, now secy-treas & mgr; past dir Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; past pres C of C; 19 years mbr Rotary, past pres & del to Internatl conv 1927 at Ostend Belgium, toured Europe as mbr internatl relations com; BPOE; AF&AM; York Rite; Sesostris Shrine;past patron OES; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening; father born in Toronto Canada, was farmer & lumber dlr; off 301 W Front; res 321 S Sycamore, North Platte.

   COCHRAN, GEORGE BYRON: Cattle Feeder; b Big Spring, Neb Feb 13, 1895; s of George M Cochran-Jennie B Plummer; ed Lewellen; U of N Sch of Agr, Lincoln 1912-16; m Helene Shoup Aug 24, 1917 Chattanooga Tenn; s George; d Beldora, Sue Ann, Jane; 1919-20 emp by Armour & Co, Alliance; 1920 farmer & cattle feeder, Lincoln Co near Sutherland; during World War enl 1917, co C, 6th Neb regiment Camp Cody, Deming N M 10 mos; bayonet instr at Atlanta Ga; Amer Leg post 208; Neb Stockgrowers Assn; AF&AM 299; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Sutherland.

   COHAGEN, CHARLES M: Owner Transfer Firm; b North Platte, Neb July 25, 1898; s of T M Cohagen-Christina Leuthen; ed North Platte; m Zelma Feather Apr 20, 1920 Brady; s Darwin Dale; 1915 with Northwestern Bell Tele Co, North Platte, appr repairman; 1917 carp appr Clyde McMichael, contr; 1921 carp, Cohagen-Barraclough gen contrs; 1925 with father in tsfr & storage bus, estab 1896; 1928 with brother W W, pur int in tsfr & storage co from estate; 1932- owner of firm, pur brother's int; apptd Neb Comml Truckers Assn 1938; C of C; BPOE; Mayflower Warehousemans Assn; LOOM; German Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res 119 S Chestnut, North Platte.

   COKER, WALTER: Merchant; b Montfort, Wis Oct 17, 1871; s of John Coker-Adelaide Calame; ed North Platte HS; m Eva L Peyton Dec 27, 1899 Gordon; s Mainard; d Lucille (Mrs Berton Shoup); 1883 father homesteaded N of Sutherland; 1890-96 worked on John Bratt Ranch; 1896-99 resided in Gordon, delivered cattle to Pine Ridge Indian reservation; 1899-1913 in hay bus, Sutherland; 1913-30 in gen mdse bus with brother Edwin; 1931- mcht, Sutherland; AF&AM 299: Sutherland Comml Club; sch bd; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, stock, horses; res Sutherland.

   COLLETT, WILLIAM O: Bank Cashier; b Luttrell, Tenn July 3, 1890; s of Andrew J Collett-Alice Parker; ed Maynardville Tenn HS; Maynardville Coll; LBC 1914; m Ferne Johnson Sept 10, 1936 Kearney; 1908-12 tchr Woracks Chapel in Cedar Ford Tenn; 1912-15 emp on farm near Bladen; 1915-17 emp in gen store in Bladen; 1917-18 with State Bank of Bladen; enl in USN during World War Feb 6, 1918, disch Mar 1919; in US naval reserve until 1922; Amer Leg; 1919-27 asst cash State Bank of Bladen; 1927-29 special agt for Neb guaranty fund commission, bank receivership div; 1929- cash & exec ofcr Bank of Brady, real est & ins agt; Neb St & Amer Bankers Assns; pres sch bd; treas city coun; past chmn Comml Club; Gothenburg Country Club; Lincoln Co Wildlife Club; AF&AM 319; Scot Rite 32o, Hastings; Tehama Shrine; past patron Bladen OES; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, baseball, hunting, fishing; res Brady.

   COTTERELL, ROY F: Insurance Agent; b Seward, Neb Apr 25, 1869; s of Frederick J Cotterell-Mary Eva Wilcox; ed SD; m Laura Ethel Thorp Dec 1, 1907 Lead S D; 1904 with M J Wertheimer & Brother gen mdse, Deadwood S D; 1905 with Hearst Merc Co, Lead S D; 1908 pur gen store Cottonwood S D, 1910 asst mgr Wilcox Dept Store, North Platte; 1924 pur Wilcox Dept Store, co-owner with W J O'Connor in O'Connor-Cotterell Dry Goods Co; 1926 sold int to O'Connor & lived in Colo 8 mos, later travelled for Chicago firm; 1927 became representative Universal Finance Corporation, in chg branch off in North Platte; 1933- ptr with R D Rasmusson, Cotterell-Rasmusson, pur ins bus of Bratt-Goodman-Buckley firm; Neb Assn of Insurance Agts; Neb Assn of Personal Loan & Finance Cos; past VP C of C; chmn advisory bd SA; Comm Chest dir; past pres Kiwanis; past lt gov Kiwanis; Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing; off Dickey Bldg; res 615 S Pine, North Platte.

   COURSEY, CECIL CALVERT: Architect; b Topeka, Kas July 12, 1898; s of Fred W Coursey-Nellie J Onion; ed Topeka Kas HS; Comml Art Sch Chicago; Amer Sch of Art, Chicago; m Lena Keiser Nov 22, 1921 Alliance; d Betty Jane, Marjorie Ann; 1921 emp in shops of AT&SF RR Topeka Kas; 1915-17 appr draftsman Richard E Schmidt-Carden & Martin, Chicago; 1917-19 draftsman Inland Steel Co, Harborn Ind; 1919-20 locomotive fireman CB&Q RR, Alliance; 1920-22 architectural draftsman Kas state architects off in Topeka; 1922 architectural draftsman inspector AT&SF; draftsman 1 1/2 years W M Bowman Co, Denver; architectural supt 6 mos Masonic temple in Troy Kas; 1924-29 architectural draftsman & supvr, Amarillo Tex; 1929- architect in western Neb with offs in North Platte; designed Paramount Theater, St Marys Hosp, Lincoln Co Courthouse & co jail, Chappell lib, St Josephs Hosp nurses home in Alliance, Maloney Funeral Home, St Patricks Ch in Paxton; designed Alliance Times Bldg & the remodeled Perkins Co HS; 1935- FHA Inspector; during World War in USN; mbr Amer Leg; 40 & 8; Neb Architects Assn; Amer Inst of Architects; exec com UCT; C of C; Rotary; BPOE; AF&AM; hobby, fishing; off Neville Bldg; res 710 E 2nd, North Platte.

   COX, JAMES E: Funeral Director; b Arcadia, Ia Dec 23, 1885; s of Joshua Cox-Ellen Crowell; ed Sutherland HS; Worsham Sch of Embalming & Sanitary Science, Chicago; m Zetta A Perdue Sept 23, 1914 Council Bluffs Ia; 1905-20 railway mail clk Omaha to Cheyenne


in Nebraska


Wyo on UP RR, lived in Council Bluffs; 1920-29 with W R Maloney Co of North Platte, furn & undertaking; 1929- VP, mgr Maloney-Cox & Kuhn's Funeral Chapel; firm is mbr of Natl Selected Morticians; Natl Funeral Dirs Assn; C of C; AF&AM; RAM; Rotary; Pioneer Ad Club; Rep; hobby, fishing; father was farmer in Iowa, settled in Sutherland 1896; off 102 N Dewey; res 102 N Dewey, North Platte.

   CROSBY, MRS. CORA BERKEY: Clubwoman; b Davenport, Neb; d of James M Berkey-Anna Olson; ed Davenport HS; U of N, BA 1908; m Mainard E Crosby Oct 2, 1909 Davenport; s Robert B, Horace E; d Ann; rural sch tchr in Thayer Co before att uni, after graduation was English tchr in Holdrege HS; org first North Platte Camp Fire Girls, guardian of 3 groups, chmn Camp Fire Girls coun which sponsored drive to build lodge; past sponsor of Girl Reserves; addresses groups of HS students; mbr SA bd; mbr ARC bd; mbr Travel & Study Club; lecturer & past pres PTA; past pres PEO; ch mbr Altrusa, past pres; ch mbr & org Federated Womens Club, past pres; org & sponsor 2 years of Jr Womans Club; Presby Ch, SS tchr womens class; hobby, giving book reviews; res 615 W 5th, North Platte.

   CROSBY, MAINARD E: Attorney; b Hastings, Neb Sept 26, 1884; s of Ellery A Crosby-Lucy A Powers; ed Sutherland HS; U of N, BA & LLB 1908; Phi Delta Phi; m Cora M Berkey Oct 2, 1909 Davenport; s Robert B, Horace E; d Ann; 1902-24 tchr in Bayard; 1908 adm to Neb bar, estab prac North Platte; 1913-19 mbr firm Beeler & Crosby; 1919- mbr firm Beeler-Crosby & Baskins; past McPherson Co atty; past mbr North Platte City coun; past city atty; 1923-27 mayor; dir North Platte Mutual B & L Assn; atty Platte Valley Pub Power & Irrigation Dist: Western Neb Dist Bar Assn; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; past dir C of C; past master AF&AM: RAM; BPOE; Country Club; Presby Ch, elder; Rep; hobbies, hunting, golf; off 116 E 5th; res 615 W 5th, North Platte.

   CROSBY, ROBERT B: Attorney; b North Platte, Neb Mar 26, 1911; s of Mainard E Crosby-Cora May Berkey; ed North Platte HS; Hastings Coll; U of Minn, 13A 1931; Harvard Law Coll, LLB 1935: Gamma Gamma Gamma; Phi Kappa Delta; Ely Law Club; m Elizabeth Daisy Ehler Nov 29, 1934 Cambridge Mass; s Robert Mainard; 1936-37 prac with Henry J Beal, Omaha; 1937- prac in North Platte, firm of Beeler, Crosby & Baskins; Western Neb, Lincoln Co, & Neb St Bar Assns; dir C of C; dir Kiwanis; past pres Pioneer Ad Club; pres Lincoln Co Health Assn; Country Club; Tennis Club; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, tennis, fishing, hunting; off 116 E 5th; res 621 W 5th, North Platte.

   CUMMING, WILLIAM W: Dispatcher; b Boone Co, Ia. July 30, 1876; s of William W Cumming-Sarah J Main; ed Boone Co Ia; m Nellie Morgan Dec 6, 1900 Boone Ia; s Wallace Chester; 1893-99 teleg opr C&NW RR, Moingona Ia; 1899 UP RR teleg opr in Sidney, Pine Bluffs Wyo & North Platte; 1906- UP RR train dispatcher, North Platte; Amer Train Dispatchers Assn; dir Mutual B & L Assn since 1917; mbr city coun since 1924; chmn airport commission; IOOF; dir Kiwanis Club; Meth Ch, trustee; Dem; hobby, aviation; res 818 E 5th, North Platte.

   DAVIS, HENDRYX EUGENE: Co-owner Hotel; b Excelsior Springs, Mo Oct 17, 1898; s of Austin E Davis-Cora King; ed Excelsior Springs HS; William Jewell Coll, Liberty Mo; m Elizabeth Black June 30, 1920 Excelsior Springs; s Hendryx E Jr; 1917 clk Elms Hotel, Excelsior Springs; 1922 clk Hill Hotel, Omaha; 1928 asst mgr Hotel Rome, Omaha; 1930 mgr Hotel Capital, Lincoln; 1930 asst mgr Hotel Rome, Omaha; 1932 auditor Hotel Pawnee, North Platte; 1935 acquired half int in Hotel Pawnee thru will of William Jensen, mgr since; past dir C of C; pres Jensen Hotel Co of North Platte; Neb, Northwest & Amer Hotel Assns; BPOE; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, tennis, sports; off & res Hotel Pawnee, North Platte.

   DAVIS, LOWELL CLARKE: Attorney; b Fort Morgan, Colo Feb 27, 1909; s of George C Davis-Clarissa B Brewer; ed Casper Wyo HS; U of N, BA 1931, LLB 1933; Sigma Delta Chi; Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi; m Virginia Pollard Apr 13, 1935 Nehawka; 1933 adm to Neb bar; 1933-35 prac legal dept of New Amsterdam Casualty Co, Omaha; 1935-37 prac with Halligan Beatty & Halligan, North Platte; 1937- prac with firm Beatty, Maupin, Murphy & Davis; Lincoln Co Bar Assn, pres; mbr Western Neb & Neb St Bar Assns; Country Club; Pioneer Ad Club; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, horseback riding; off Beatty Bldg; res 112 N Ash, North Platte.

   DEAKINS, WILLIAM D JR: Attorney; b Paducah, Ky Nov 28, 1909; s of W D Deakins Sr-Dorothy Miller; ed North Platte HS; U of N, LLB; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; 1936 ent prac North Platte; 1937- prac with George B Dent Jr; 1939- with Dent-Deakins law firm; city atty North Platte 2 terms; 1937-38 special asst counsel for Neb atty gen in Neb-Wyo water litigation; Western Neb & Neb St Bar Assns; C of C; leading knight BPOE; Meth Ch; pres Lincoln Co YD Club; hobby, golf; res 618 W 5th, North Platte.

   DEDMORE, C O: Photographer; b Fairmont, Neb Nov 13, 1888; s of Elias D Dedmore-Phoebe Merrell; ed Fairmont; m Ida Hodges July 15, 1912 Joliet Ill; 1908-17 street car opr Joliet Ill; opr studio while emp by street car co; comml photog Joliet Ill, opr studio in Deming N M; 1919- owner & mgr Dedmore Studio, North Platte; mbr vol fire dept; Pioneer Ad Club, dir; MWA; Lincoln County Wildlife Club; North Platte Garden Club; Rep; hobbies, fancy woodwork, fishing, hunting; off 516 Dewey; res 221 S Oak, North Platte.

   DENT, GEORGE B SR: Physician & Surgeon; b St Marys Co, Md Sept 13, 1868; s of Robert M Dent-Catherine Higdon; ed Maryland; George Washington U, Washington D C 1895; Baltimore U Sch of Med, MD 1898: FACS 1921; Tri-St Coll, Angola Ind; m Marie Townsend July 21, 1900 North Platte; s Townsend E; George B Jr; 1885-95 tchr Md schs, prin Hyattsville HS 1 year; 1898- prac North Platte, specialist in surg over 20 years; Lincoln Co phys 15 years; city phys several years; past pres Lincoln Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; mbr staff North Platte Gen Hosp; ch mbr BPOE; ch mbr Country Club; during World War on draft bd; Rep; hobby, reading; off 112 N Dewey; res 315 S Sycamore, North Platte.

   DENT, GEORGE B JR: Attorney; b North Platte, Neb Jan 20, 1905; s of Dr George B Dent-Mary Townsend; ed North Platte 1923; U of N 1923-25; George Washington U, Washington D C 1926-30; Phi Delta Theta; m Marie Applegate Nov 20, 1938 Kimball; 1930- prac, North Platte; 1937- mayor North Platte; 1934-35 pres C of C; exalted ruler BPOE 1935-36; Western, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; Rep; hobby, hunting; off Maloney Bldg; res 216 S Elm, North Platte.

   DICKEY, EDMUND H: Dry Cleaner; b Towanda, Kas Jan 3, 1875; s of John Harvey Dickey-Ella Imogene Keene; ed Eldorado Kas; m Nellie E Covell Nov 17, 1897 North Platte; s Walter Edmund, Robert Covell,, 1894-1906 farmer & rancher, Lincoln Co; 1906-07 coal & feed dlr, North Platte; 1907-11 whol & retail ice cream dlr; baker & confectioner; 1911 opr two motion picture theaters in Kearney; Aug 13, 1912- prop Dickey's Laundry & Dry Cleaners Co; mbr Neb-Ia Laundry Owners Assn; mbr sch bd 10 years, pres 2 years; past dir C of C; past dir Country Club; BPOE; Episc Ch, past mbr vestry; Rep; hobbies, golf, bowling; res 821 E 3rd, North Platte.

   DIEDRICHS, SAMUEL S: Attorney; b Rio Grande, O Sept 7, 1900; s of William Diedrichs-Laura Stephenson; ed Maxwell HS; U of N, LLB 1930; Delta Theta Phi; m Lorine Ericson Dec 6, 1935 Newcastle Wyo; d Deanne, Jeanine; followed harvest & worked for construction firm, did sugar beet work & various jobs until grad from uni; adm to Neb bar 1930; 1931-33 prac law in Lincoln; Sept 1933- prac in North Platte; Jan 1935- Lincoln Co atty; mbr Lincoln Co, Western Neb & Neb St Bar Assns; C of C; Dem; hobbies, hunting, landscape gardening; father homesteaded on ranch near Maxwell 1884, father came to Amer from Germany in 1867; mother's English ancestors settled in Va before Revolutionary War; off Courthouse; res S Jeffers, North Platte.

   DISCOE, HARLEN A: Clerk of District Court; b Lincoln Co, Neb Nov 10, 1904; s of Henry D Discoe-Minnie B Rose; ed Brady; Colo St Tchrs Coll, Greeley; Phi Delta Pi; m Marian E Cross June 2, 1935 Benedict; d Marilyn Kay; 1929-35 farmed in Lincoln Co; June 1935-Oct 1935 field supvr for AAA; Oct 1935-Jan 1936 enumerator in govt survey of bus, North Platte; June 1936-Mar 1938 opr of groc in Brady; Mar 1938- clk of dist court, North Platte; C of C; IOOF, past chaplain, conductor to noble grand; Meth Ch; Dem: hobbies, outdoor life, collecting relies; parents settled on Lincoln Co ranch, once a station on Pony Express route; off Courthouse; res 211 Lincoln Ave, North Platte.



Who's Who

   DIXON, HARRY: Jeweler; b Hooks Point, Ia Apr 2, 1871; s of Bert C Dixon-Janet A Robinson; ed North Platte HS; Needles Optical Coll, Kansas City Mo; m Claire Austin Jan 10, 1893 North Platte; s Charles S (dec); d Harriet (Mrs Frank Conlin); 1886-99 jeweler & optician in North Platte; 1899 estab Dixon Jewelry Co & Dixon Optical Co, pres; watch inspector UP RR since 1900; has complete lens grinding plant; named Master Mcht 1932, selected by bus administration dept U of N, only jeweler in Neb thus named; past pres C of C; Booster Club; past pres Rotary; past treas BPOE; past pres Temple Craft AF&AM; RAM; past comm York Rite; Tangier Shrine; sr warden, mbr vestry Ch of Our Saviour; Rep; hobby, mountain travel, sea shore vacations; off 518 Dewey; res 402 W 5th, North Platte.

   DOLAN, FRANCIS FARRELL: Veterinarian; b Maxwell, Neb Oct 22, 1884; s of Peter Farrell Dolan-Anna G Kelleher; ed Lansing Ia HS; Chicago Veterinary Coll, MDC 1910; Alpha Psi; m Rose Cathleen Conmy Sept 7, 1916 Pembina N D; s Edward Farrell, William Joseph, Peter Francis; d Anna Mary (Mrs Arthur L Wallace), Cathleen Mae; spent boyhood on ranch near Maxwell; 1910-11 asst to pres of Chicago Veterinary Coll; 1911-20 veterinarian in Willow City N D; during World War joined army in Oct 1918 as 2nd lt in veterinary corps,. disch June 1919; past adjt, past comm, past co comm Amer Leg, service ofcr more than 18 years; 1920- veterinarian in Maxwell; 1922-30 opr of farm near Brady; mbr town bd 1937-38; Neb Veterinary Med Assn; contributes articles to veterinary journals, was Maxwell correspondent for North Platte Daily Telegraph several years, now editor Maxwell Telepost dept of Lincoln County Tribune; K C ch mbr; Cath Ch of North Platte; Dem; hobbies, hunting, writing; res Brady.

   DONNELL, MRS UNA W: Owner Dress Shop: b Fairfax, Mo; d of E C Whitford-Emma C Strickler; ed Fairfax Mo HS; Cotner Coll; Baird Coll, Clinton Mo; m Junius S Donnell Jan 30, 1901 Fairfax Mo; s Francis W; d Marian; 1901-04 lived in Craig Mo: 1911-13 resident Kearney Mo until 1931; 1931 owner & mgr Paramount Dress Shop, North Platte; was mbr PEO, Shakespeare Club, Delphian & Womans Club in Kearney Mo; mbr North Platte Altruss Club & PEO; Chris Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; res 314 S Vine, North Platte.

   DRESSLAR, CARY W: Loan Firm Officer; b Martinsville, Ind July 6, 1897; s of Thomas B Dresslar-Sarah J Leachman; ed Kearney Normal HS; KSTC; LaSalle Extn U, Chicago; m Viola E Anderson Nov 8, 1935 North Platte; 1917-22 in gen store, Brule; 1922-26 cash in comml dept & combination man in plant of Northwestern Bell Tele Co, North Platte; 1926-30 asst cash Union State Bank, North Platte; 1928-36 priv acct; 1930- treas & asst secy Mutual B & L Assn; mbr Neb St League of B & L Assns; US B & L League; secy municipal airport bd; C of C; past master AF&AM, treas since 1937; RAM; Meth Ch, auditor & steward; Rep; hobbies, hunting, athletics; res 414 North Poplar, North Platte.

   DROST, E BERNARD: Osteopath; b North Platte, Neb Apr 13, 1909; s of Dr L C Drost-Margaret Feehan; ed North Platte HS; Colo St Tchrs Coll 1927-28, mbr track team; Kirksville Mo Coll of Osteopathy & Surgery, DO 1932; Atlas Club; m Josephine Brown Oct 30, 1930 Kirksville Mo; s Jerry V, Larry A; d Betty Anne; 1932- osteo surg North Platte; 1936- staff mbr Fenner Hosp, prac in North Platte; past secy & treas S W Neb Osteopathic Assn; chmn mbrship com Neb St Osteopathic Assn; C of C; Pioneer Ad Club; grand knight KC, dist dep; Cath Ch; Dem, hobby, athletics; res 516 Lincoln Ave, North Platte.

   DUNN, WILLIAM MARTIN: Editor; b Warren Co Ia Jan 12, 1867; s of James B Dunn-Maria Haitt; ed Greenfield Ia; m Nancy K Wilson Apr 20, 1892 Sheldon Ia; s Frank Jackson, Harold LeRoy, William Martin Jr; d Ethel Marie, Doris M, Lillian Irene; 1880-81 appr in printing shop, Primghar Ia; 1881- 87 newspaper work Sutherland Ia; 1887-89 editor newspaper Hartley Ia; 1889-1894 newspaper work, Bedford Ia; 1894-98 newspaper work, Maryville Mo; 1904-08 editor Ray Co Republican, Richmond Mo; 1908-09 editor Custer Co Republican; 1909-13 editor Courier-Tribune, Callaway; 1913-18 newspaper work, Tryon; 1918- owner & pub newspaper, Sutherland; past grand master IOOF; MWA- Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, flower gardening; res Sutherland.

   DUNN, WILLIAM MARTIN JR: Newspaper Business Manager; b Tryon, Neb Dec 4, 1914; s of William M Dunn-Nancy K Wilson; ed Sutherland HS 1933: 1933- bus mgr Sutherland Courier; NPA; secy Comml Club; secy vol fire dept; secy Lincoln County Legal Newspaper Assn; hobby, sail boating; res Sutherland.

   ELDER, MRS MARY HELEN: Homemaker; b Fort Ripley, Minn Apr 2, 1861; d of William Sweeney-Rohana Fine; ed private schs; St Louis Cath Convent; m Henry Clark Jan 25, 1877 Fort Russell Wyo (dec Oct 10, 1894); s Henry Clark; d Anna (Mrs Louis LaBumbard), Lillian (Mrs ___ Sturgis), Katherine (Mrs Arthur J Salisbury), Inda Mrs ___ Tucker), Henrietta A (Mrs Otto H Thoelecke), Margaret (Mrs ___ Flateroy): m William Elder Jan 5, 1897 (dec Mar 11, 1910); s William C Elder (dec World War); first white child in Fort Ripley Minn, reared among Blackfoot Indians; Mr Clark was first sgt Co L 5th cavalry during Indian uprisings; came to Lincoln Co Oct 19, 1877 & lived in Fort McPherson for 1 year, Fort Washakie Wyo I year, retd to Fort McPherson, made home in North Platte in 1880, husband emp on RR; Mr Elder was clk of dist court & later co judge. Mrs Elder 1st state pres American War Mothers; past sr VP of WRC; first & only woman apptd chmn welfare bd; ARC; past historian DAR; state pres DUV; past pres Womans Protective Assn, chaplain; father regimental bandmaster & US army phys; mother nurse during Civil War; brother William was first band leader of Buffalo Bill's wild west show; res 505 W 6th, North Platte.

   ELDER, WILLIAM J: Abstractor; b North Platte, Neb June 25, 1902; s of O E Elder-Emma Richiger; ed North Platte HS; U of N; m Mildred Oliver June 11, 1930 North Platte; d Marian Mildred; 1923- opr Elder Abstract Co since death of father who came to Lincoln Co in 1880; mbr Neb Title & Amer Title Assns; ch mbr DeMolay, North Platte; secy North Platte Cemetery Assn; past secy Lincoln Fair & Agrl Soc; bd of trustees Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off 416 1/2 Dewey; res 317 Sycamore, North Platte.

   ELLYSON, WILLIAM WALLACE: Store Manager; b Newcastle, Neb Jan 15, 1898; s of A H Ellyson-Doshia Beldin; ed Newcastle HS: m Nada G Addison July 2, 1921 Newcastle; d Nadine G, Geraldine M, Donna Mae; during World War served in SATC at Morningside Coll, Sioux City Ia; Jan 1919-July 1921 with S P Miksell dept store Newcastle; July 1921-23 opr meat mkt & groc in Newcastle; 1923-27 dept mgr Davidson Bros Dept Store, Sioux City Ia; Mar 1927-Dec 1930 salesman & asst mgr J C Penney Co, Columbus; Jan 1931-Mar 1939 mgr J C Penney Co, West Point; Mar 1939- mgr J C Penney Co, North Platte; 1935 secy Lions, 1936 pres C of C, 1937 pres Izaak Waltons in West Point; mbrship com Neb St Izaak Walton League, elected VP 1939; 1937 secy & treas Neb Dead Timber Park Project; C of C; Rotary; Amer Leg; Lincoln Co Wildlife Club; Country Club; AF&AM; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, hunting, fishing, photography, all sports; off J C Penney Co; res 420 S Vine, North Platte.

   EVANS, EVERETT H: Attorney; b Lincoln Co, Neb Apr 1, 1882; s of John E Evans-Marion Hall; ed North Platte HS; U of N 1899-1902; U of Mich, LLB 1906; Delta Chi; 1907-08 prac law in Yerington & Rawhide Nev; 1908- prac in North Platte; 1913-17, 1921-23 mayor North Platte; Lincoln Co, Western Neb & Neb St Bar Assns; dir First Natl Bank; during World War in USN June 1917-Apr 1919; Amer Leg past vice comm of Neb, past comm North Platte post; 40 & 8; VFW; C of C; IOOF; Rep; father came to Lincoln Co in 1868, was an atty & registrar in North Platte land off, also co clk, dep secy of state as well as comm of Neb GAR; P M in North Platte & mbr state legislature; off Keith Theater Bldg; res 102 E 3rd, North Platte.

   EXSTROM, PAUL E: County Superintendent of Schools; b Kearney Co, Neb Oct 6, 1898; s of Swan A Exstrom-Hilda C Gustafson; ed Kearney Co; KSTC, BA 1927; U of N; Xi Phi; m Thurza A Almquist July 3, 1924 Smith Center Kas; s Paul Neil, Donald Leon, Ralph Dean; d Mildred Mardell; 1916-17 rural sch tchr in Kearney Co; May 1919-Sept 1920 salesman William A Berkman Clothing Co, Axtell; 1920- 23 rural sch tchr in Kearney Co; 1925-28 supt of Riverdale schs; 1928-31 supt of schs Brady; 1931-32 att U of N; 1933-34 supt of Wallace schs; Jan 1935- supt of Lincoln Co schs; 1937- mbr reading circle com NSTA, treas dist 4; NEA; secy Lincoln Co Rural


in Nebraska


Sch Bds Assn; during World War enl in U S N Sept 15, 1917, disch Feb 1919, tsfrd to AS, disch as 1st class machinists mate; past comm & past adjt Amer Leg; Natl Rifle Assn; past grand IOOF; chief Patriarch Colfax encampment 23; Cosmopolitan; Luth Ch; hobbies, mechanics, hunting; res 507 E 4th, North Platte.

   FENNER, HAROLD A: Osteopath; b Almond, N Y Jan 6, 1894; s of Andrew J Fenner-Alveretta Barrett; ed Bosnell NY HS; Coll of Osteopathic Phys & Surgs, Los Angeles; Pacific Med Coll, Los Angeles, DO & MD: Denver Post Grad & Polytechnic Coll, MSc 1939; m Lola Swancutt July 6, 1933 Denver; s Harold A Jr, Don Garey; 1916- prac in North Platte; 1917 estab North Platte Osteopathic Hosp & Sanitarium, later named Fenner Hosp, now has 3 story brick bldg containing 65 beds; joined US army July 25, 1918 during World War & served in med corps at Camp Dodge, disch Jan 15, 1919; pres Neb Osteopathic Assn; VP Amer Coll of Osteopathic Surgs; past pres S W Neb Osteopathic Assn; secy Neb Osteopathic Hosp Assn; Amer Osteopathic Assn; C of C; past pres Pioneer Ad Club; mbr com pub relations & com of interclub relations Kiwanis; keeper of records & seals KP; Presby ChRep; hobby, mechanics; off Fenner Hosp; res 715 S Jeffers, North Platte.

   FETTER, EARL WILLIAMS: Physician & Surgeon; b Oakland Ia, Dec 10, 1886; s of William Lawrence Fetter-Millie E German; ed Oakland Ia, HS; U of Mo, BSc 1906; Creighton U, MD 1909; Cornell U; U of Vienna, Austria; grad work Rush Med Coll, Chicago Post Grad Hosp & Hotel Dieu in Parts France; interne St Joseph Hosp Omaha 1909; m Hazel P Ellsworth May 29, 1914 North Platte: d Jeanne B; 1910-16 prac in Brady; 1916- prac in North Platte; past city phys; past co phys; staff mbr North Platte Gen Hosp; staff mbr St Mary's Hosp; past pres Lincoln Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; during World War capt of med corps serving in army Aug 1917-July 1919, O/S 14 mos; Amer Leg; 40 & 8; VFW; C of C; BPOE; Rep; off 112 Dewey; res 1204 E 4th, North Platte.

   FORBES, MILTON J: Funeral Director; b Nora Springs, Ia Dec 23, 1875; s of Fletcher Forbes-Lora Henry; ed Nora Springs Ia HS; Nora Springs Seminary, BA 1895; Barnes Sch of Embalming 1903; m Mae Bitterman Nov 2, 1898 (dec); m Agnes Van Butsel May 8, 1930 Lexington; d Trulie (Mrs Darwin Elder), Madeline; 1896-1900 teleg opr CMStP&RI RR; 1900-03 embalmer for Worsham Bros of Chicago, also with Postlewaite Undertaking establishment; 1903-04 in furn & undertaking bus in Nora Springs Ia; 1905-07 mgr of Wallace-Birdwood Ranch in Lincoln Co, owned by Wallace's Farmer of Des Moines; 1907-08 salesman for Workman & Derryberry Hdw Furn & Impl; 1908 sales mgr Lincoln Impl & Transfer Co, Lincoln; 1909-25 secy & gen mgr Derryberry & Forbes Hdw, furn & Impls, 1912 added undertaking bus; 1925- owner Forbes Funeral Home, North Platte; 1935- owner Wonder Insulation Mfg Co; pres dist 5 Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; Natl Funeral Dirs Assn; 1915- dir of Mutual B & L Assn; secy & custodian Temple Craft AF&AM 20 years; RAM; York Rite; Tehama Shrine; MWA; IOOF; Kiwanis; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; off & res 422 W 6th, North Platte.

   FREDRICK, DAVID J: Signalman; b Fayette Co, Ia, Aug 10, 1881; s of Chris Fredrick-Millie C Price; ed Strawberry Point Ia, HS; m Lillian V Addie Oct 22, 1906 West Union Ia; s Lynn H, David Jr; 1902- 03 pipe fitter C&GW RR Oelwein Ia, Walter P Chrysler later supt of shops; 1904-05 wireman UP RR in Cheyenne Wyo; 1905-06 foreman in signal dept, Omaha; 1906-07 signal man Bitter Creek Wyo; 1907-08 signal man Sidney; 1908- asst signal supvr UP RR North Platte; supervising ofcr signal work Lexington to Sidney, including branch lines; dir C of C; past pres UP Old Timers Club; past mbr UP Athletic Club; past master AF&AM; past high priest RAM: past comm York Rite: past patron OES; Chris Ch; Dem; hobbies, gardening, flowers, woodwork; off UP Depot; res 812 E 5th, North Platte.

   GENTLEMAN, GERALD: Power District General Manager; b Platte Center, Neb Nov 14, 1894; s of N J Gentleman-Katherine Carrig; ed Kearney HS; m Aileen J Harrity May 10, 1922 Minneapolis; 1911-21 buyer & window trimmer Kaufmann & Wernert, Kearney; during World War in field arty OTS, Camp Taylor Ky; 1921-25 with D W Reuter Ladies Ready-to-Wear Store, York; 1925-33 mgr O'Connor's Dept Store, North Platte; 1933-34 dep collector of internal devenue (sic); Jan 1934 apptd secy Platte Valley Public Power & Irrigation Dist; 1937 apptd acting gen mgr & secy; 1939- gen mgr & secy; C of C; Amer Leg; past grand knight KC; Cath Ch; Dem; father emp by city of Kearney, formerly in livestock bus; off 517 1/2 Dewey; res 805 W 3rd, North Platte.

   GEORGE, GWENDOLYN JONES: Homemaker; b Gove, Kas Sept 6, 1895; d of Greeley Albert Jones-Esther Royer; ed Kansas City Kas HS; Normal Sch, Kansas City; U of N; m Henry George Oct 6, 1920 Denver; d Gwendolyn Jane, Marcia Jean; prin in Vesper Kas schs 3 years; Brady HS prin 1 year; supt of schs Lewellen 1 year; past noble grand Rebekah; DAR; Woman's Benefit Assn; past co chmn of Extn Clubs; past pres Lincoln Co Fedn of Womens Clubs; Federated Womens Club of North Platte, 2nd VP, chmn Amer home dept, only woman to hold both offices; Chris Ch, SS tchr, active in ch music circles; mbr Rep Co Central Com; hobbies; collecting paintings, music; father was banker & landowner in Kas; res Brady.

   GEORGE, HENRY: Rancher; b Crete, Neb Dec 4, 1886; s of Frederick George-Mary Prachel; ed Brady HS; m Gwendolyn Jones Oct 6, 1920 Denver; d Gwendolyn Jane, Marcia Jean; 1912- rancher on land known as Chester Island S of Brady; specializes in Hereford cattle, one of most extensive land holders in co; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, hunting; father came to Lincoln Co early 1880's, pur land in Platte Valley near Brady, helped estab churches in Brady; res Brady.

   GILFOYL, ELIZABETH KAAR: Voice Instructor; b Princeton, Ill; d of Ira J Kaar-Erma Wolfersberger; ed Havelock HS; Neb Wes, Conservatory of Music, BMus; Chicago Musical Coll; New York City, various instrs; m M Henry Gilfoyl Jan 10, 1918 Lincoln: s Maurice C Langston (by former marriage): pioneer tchr of voice in Great Plains area; came to Kearney 1907, moved to North Platte 1918; pupils have won recognition in state HS contests, several awarded scholarships; instr in correction of defective speech; has toured Europe, British Isles, Canada, Alaska, Cuba & retd recently from trip to Colombia SA, has flown over Andes Mountains; gives travel lectures before local clubs & study groups, addressed Spanish classes in Jefferson HS in Portland Ore on native Colombian life; contralto soloist & choir dir in Meth Ch, Kearney 3 years, in First Presby Ch of North Platte 10 years & Luth Ch 6 years; Monday Musicale; Columbia Co-op Concert Assn of North Platte, chmn artists com; Altrusa Club, past pres, publicity chmn & press correspondent; article entitled Andean Woman published in Altrusa Club magazine; name included in Who's Who column of Altrusa Internatl; Neb Writers Guild; studio & res 108 W 3rd, North Platte.

   HALL, STANLEY M: Insurance Agent; b Bladen, Neb Aug 29, 1890 a of Vaughn S Hall-Nettie B Arnold, ed Blue Hill HS; Neb Wes; m Orice M Gaudreault Aug 2, 1911 (dec); s Stanley M Jr, Allan F; d Eileen M, Mary Jane; m Gladys V Snodgrass June 11, 1929 Glenwood Springs Colo; 1910-16 asst cash & cash Exchange Bank in Bladen; 1916-18 Neb state bank examiner, hdqrs in Hastings; 1918-28 pres state bank in Maywood; 1930- gen agt Kansas City Life Ins Co, North Platte; past pres North Platte LifeUnderwriters Assn; past secy Maywood sch bd; C of C; Country Club; BPOE; KC; Cath Ch; 1934-36 chmn Lincoln Co Dem Central Com: hobby, golf; off Western Union Bldg; res 422 S Chestnut, North Platte.

   HALLIGAN, VICTOR H: Attorney; b Omaha, Neb Nov 22, 1892; s of John J Halligan-Carrie Swenson; ed North Platte HS; U of N, BA 1915, LLB 1917; mbr U of N football team, capt 1914, All-Amer tackle; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; m Louise Ottenstein May 19, 1920 North Platte; d Marcia Ann, Jean Lucile; 1919 adm to Neb bar; 1919-37 prac with Halligan, Beatty & Halligan in North Platte, 1937 sr ptr Halligan, McIntosh & Halligan; capt field arty during World War; Amer Leg; atty Mutual B & L Assn; mbr Western Neb & Neb St Bar Assns; Country Club; BPOE, past exalted ruler; Dem; hobbies, golf, hunting, football: res 804 W 3rd, North Platte.

   HANSEN, ANNA MARIE: Teacher & Artist; b Esbjerg, Denmark June 16, 1877; d of Rasmus Hansen- Agnethe. Marie Jensen; 1879 came to Amer with parents; ed HS; La Verne Coll, grad in expression 1907; Los Angeles Coll of Fine Arts 1903-05; grad work Columbia Coll of Expression 1913; Chicago Art Inst 1913; U of N 1934; 1902-07 art tchr La Verne Coll; 1907-08 opr priv studio, Curtis; 1908-12



Who's Who

chr expression & art, Franklin Acad; 1912-13 in priv studio, Curtis; 1913-15 head of expression & art dept, also phys edn, Bridgewater Coll; 1915-16 special instr of art, expression & phys edn Georgiana HS; 1916-18 tchr of English, phys edn & lib, Chandler Normal Sch; 1918-20 head of English dept, also librarian Tillotson Coll; 1920-22 tchr of English & phys edn, Chandler Normal Sch; 1922-23 tchr English, Straight Coll, head of speech & arts dept 1927-35; 1923-26 mission worker, English tchr, Mexico; 1926-27 tchr English & dramatics, Ballard Normal Sch; 1935- acting librarian, Tougaloo Coll, Miss; Amer Missionary Soc, tchr & worker 16 years; special instr in art, writing, human social & mission work; writer of early hist of western Neb & articles on the country & people when traveling or working; Congl Ch; hobby, collecting antiques & Indian relics for museum; res near Curtis.

   HANSEN, HENRY PETER: Rancher & Stockman; b Lincoln Co, Neb Sept 28, 1887; s of Hans J Hansen-Anna F Jensen; ed North Platte HS 1907; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha 1908; m Gertrude Minshall Nov 6, 1914 North Platte; s Wesley Frederick; d Katherine (Mrs Paul Loomis), Helen Laurine; 1908 rancher, Lincoln Co, ranch of 18000 A in Lincoln & Keith Cos includes original homestead of mother filed in 1881, runs 1200 cattle; In recent years has won several prizes on feeder cattle & baby beef at Ak-Sar-Ben and Internatl Livestock Exposition, Chicago; 1925-32 & 1935-37 mbr state legislature; pres Neb Stockgrowers Assn; AF&AM 32o, Scot Rite, Hastings, York Rite, Tangier Shrine; BPOE; IOOF; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; res RFD 3, North Platte.

   HARSHFIELD, JOHN: Rancher; b Osage Mission, Kas May 4, 1875; s of John Harshfield-Caroline Shoptaw; ed Coffeyville Kas; m Etta Carrico Apr 11, 1898 North Platte; s Walter Theodore, Alva Perry, Wilbert Edward; d Olive May (dec), Gladys Velma (Mrs Merle Bruce); 1877 came to Sutherland with parents; 1877-98 with father on homestead; 1892-94 emp as horse wrangler for Western Union Beef Co, Cheyenne; 1896 cow puncher with Fiddle Back ranch in Wyo; 1897 cow puncher with Standard Cattle Co, also cow puncher with Bar FS&T 7 ranch, both in Wyo; 1898- owner & opr 30,000 acres N of Sutherland, running 2,500 cattle under Diamond X brand; 1937 discovered & tapped underground stream on ranch, apparently unlimited supply, is working with govt to use water for irrigation in Neb; 1908- dir dist sch; backed construction of Birdwood Bridge over Platte N of Sutherland; induced UP RR to build stockyards at Coker Station, also to build stockmans holdout station 20 mi N of Sutherland; Neb Stockgrowers Assn; IOOF; hobbies, historical reading, writing; grandfather came to Kentucky with Daniel Boone; father born in Ind & came to Kas in 1866; res RFD, Sutherland.

   HARTMAN, NELL: Principal of School; b Glens Falls, N Y Apr 20, 1877; d of Sanford Hartman-Ella Murray; ed North Platte HS; 1898- tchr in North Platte pub schs, except 2 years as bkkpr for Brook's Photographic Studio; 1923- prin Washington sch, North Platte; has taught all grades, kindergarten thru seventh; past pres dist 4 NSTA, past treas; pres lib bd; B&PW; past SS tchr Meth Ch; hobby, flowers. Parents came to Neb in 1880, father RR man in Grand Island; res 310 W 6th, North Platte.

   HEIDER, CHARLES FRANK: Physician & Surgeon; b Elm Creek, Neb Aug 17, 1894; s of Joseph Heider-Anna Streit; ed Elm Creek HS; KSTC; U of N, BSc & MD; Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; m Ronnie Crane Aug 26, 1922 Ogallala; s Charles Frank Jr; 1921-27 prac in Sutherland; 1928- prac in North Platte; staff mbr Gen Hosp; pres 11th Dist Med Soc; mbr Neb St & AMA; C of C; Rotary; trustee Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off 516 1/2 Dewey; res 1207 W 4th, North Platte.

   HENDY, MAUDE MOLYNEAUX: Homemaker; b Sutton, Neb May 20, 1880; d of John T Molyneaux-Margaret Allen; ed Sutton HS; PSTC, U of N; m William J Hendy Jan 1, 1913 North Platte; s William J Jr, Frederick Charles; d Katherine Louise; 1900-04 tchr, Sutton; 1904-05 tchr, Gandy; 1906-13 kindergarten tchr, North Platte; DAR; past state pres PEO, past chmn ednl loan fund; mbr AAUW; Luth Ch; hobby, gardening; father born in Ky, mother in Canada; 1879 came to Sutton, father pioneer in hotel bus; res 215 Bryan, North Platte.

   HENDY, WILLIAM J: Retired; b Fort McPherson, Neb July 11, 1873; s of Charles Hendy-Katie Janette; ed North Platte HS; m Maude Molyneaux Jan 1, 1913 North Platte; s William J, Fredrick C; d Katherine L; 1891-95 with UP RR; 1895-1900 machinist with UP & D&RG RR at Cheyenne Wyo, Sidney Neb, Salida & Leadville Colo; 1900-02 UP RR roundhouse foreman North Platte; 1902-11 opr ranch, Maxwell; 1911-38 opr Ford Agcy, North Platte; 1912-38 pres Hendy-Ogier Auto Co; has land & real est in North Platte & Lincoln Co; dir North Platte Mutual B & L Assn; past pres C of C; past mbr coun Lincoln Highway Assn; past pres sch bd: pres Lincoln Co Hist Soc; AF&AM; RAM; Country Club; IOOF; Rotary, past pres; UCT; past councilman Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; res 219 Bryan, North Platte.

   HICKMAN, IRL WRIGHT: Lumber Dealer; b Marquette, Neb Feb 8, 1894; s of A W Hickman-Hattie Eichelberger; ed Aurora HS; U of N; Kappa Sigma; m Mae Youngquest Dec 21, 1922 Wahoo; s Arthur Wright II; d Helen Mae; 1915 with CB&Q RR; 1916 clk First Natl Bank, Aurora; 1919 clk Eichelberger Lbr Co, Norfolk; 1923- owner & mgr Hickman Lbr Co, North Platte; during World War enl 1917 in 34th div sch of gas defense at Camp Cody N W; O/S 8 mos, disch June 12, 1919; past mbr 40 & 8; Amer Leg; VFW; dir C of C; dir Neb Lbr Merchants Assn; past mbr Kiwanis; BPOE; AF&AM; York Rite; Tehama Shrine; Prot; hobbies, sports, hunting, fishing; res 502 W 3rd, North Platte.

   HINMAN, YORK A JR: Gasoline Dealer; b North Platte, Neb Jan 9, 1903; s of York A Hinman Sr-Daisy C Crusen; ed North Platte HS; U of N, BA; Phi Gamma Delta; m Helen Wurl Sept 10, 1932 Plattsmouth; s Robert York; d H Diane, Clara E; 1926 tool dresser, producers-refiners, Parco Wyo; 1928 substation mgr Natl Refiners Co, North Platte; 1930- owner & mgr Mobilgas Service Station; dir C of C; past pres & past mbr Kiwanis; AF&AM; RAM; BPOE, Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; off 301 E 4th; res 814 W 2nd, North Platte.

   HOAGLAND, HATTIE SINGLETON: Homemaker; b Allegheny, Penn Feb 10, 1872; d of John Henry Singleton-Tillie Scott; ed North Platte HS; m Walter Van Fleete Hoaglund Aug 17, 1898 North Platte; s Robert Van Fleete; d Hazel Marie (dec); Eva; 1879 came to North Platte, father emp by UP RR: during World War active in ARC work; past pres Rebekah assembly IOOF, chaplain; Neb representative to Internatl Assn of Rebekah Assemblies; VP Internatl Assn of Ladies aux to Patriarchs Militant IOOF, att 22 consecutive sessions Sovereign Grand Lodge; PEO; WRC; past pres North Platte Fed Womens Clubs; UP Old Timers Club aux; 1911 org Ladies Legislative League of Neb; pres ladies aid soc 6 terms Presby Ch, church historian; hobby, fancy work, linens; res 1202 W 5th, North Platte.

   HOAGLAND, ROBERT V: Attorney; b North Platte, Neb May 7, 1905; s of Walter V Hoagland-Hattie Singleton; ed North Platte HS; U of N, BA 1927; Innocents & Kosmet Club, publications bd; Harvard Law Sch, LLB 1930; Acacia; m Nellie Lee Brecht Aug 19, 1934 Falls City; 1930 adm to Neb bar; 1930 prac law in North Platte with Hoagland, Carr & Hoagland; 1931-35 referee in bankruptcy in North Platte div US dist court; Lincoln Co, Western Neb & Neb State Bar Assns; C of C; past exalted ruler BPOE; IOOF; AF&AM; Country Club; Uni Club, Lincoln; Presby Ch; mbr state exec com Rep State Central Com; hobbies, golf, fishing, hunting; off 508 1/2 Dewey; res 617 S Chestnut, North Platte.

   HOAGLAND, WALTER V: Attorney; b Ridgley, Ill Nov 30, 1870; s of Joseph S Hoagland-Maria L Waples; ed North Platte HS; U of N, BA 1895, LLB 1896; m Hattie S Singleton Aug 17, 1898 North Platte; s Robert B; d Marie (dec), Eva; 1896 adm Neb bar, prac in North Platte with father Joseph S until 1920; 1920-30 Hoagland & Carr; 1930 son entered firm & it became Hoagland, Carr & Hoagland; 1911-15 & 1917-21 state senator from western Neb; 1898-1933 referee in bankruptcy, fed dist court for western Neb; maintains farm & ranch interests in western Neb; past pres Western Neb Bar Assn; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; C of C; life mbr BPOE; Sons of Veterans; past grand master of state IOOF, past dept comm Patriarchs Militant in IOOF, since 1918 grand representative to Sovereign Grand lodge; past chmn bd of trustees Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, farms & ranches; off 608 1/2 Dewey; res 1202 W 5th, North Platte.

   HOLLMAN, JOHN CARL: Attorney; b North Platte, Neb Sept 15, 1887; s of John D Hollman-Hattle M Welch; ed Ia, City HS; U of Ia, BA